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img img Fantasy img Reborn in The World Stories: Unleashing Extraordinary Power
Reborn in The World Stories: Unleashing Extraordinary Power

Reborn in The World Stories: Unleashing Extraordinary Power

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In the virtual world, a young gamer finds himself stranded after dying while immersed in a game. He is reborn in the story world as a spirit. Realizing that his power lies in imagination, he can create anything in this world. Taking on a humanoid form, Seir explores the forest, crafting humanoid monsters as travel companions. They journey through the story world, seeking experiences and simply alleviating Seir's boredom. However, due to the immense strength of his powers, he only uses a small fraction, even granting his created monsters abilities nearly similar to his own.

Chapter 1 Someone who comes from afar.

Seir felt the fresh air of the forest caressing his pale face. Sunlight pierced through the lush foliage, creating dancing shadows on the ground. This forest was once a virtual world in a game he played, but now Seir experienced it as vividly real.

He stood near a tree, contemplating the profound changes he had undergone. Moments ago, he was toiling away in an office; now, he relished life among towering trees.

"Wow, this is truly real," Seir murmured, stepping deeper into the forest.

Glancing around, he accidentally noticed his feet. "What?! My feet are transparent! What is this? Let me touch it."

"Wait? Transparent! Hold on, calm down. It seems I don't have a physical body—more like a spirit," Seir puzzled.

"Never mind. I better explore," he muttered.

Each step sent vibrations through the soft ground, and the natural aroma of the forest filled the air. Along the way, Seir encountered strange creatures he used to battle in the game.

"Wait, this is a game world. Does that mean it's a real world too?" Seir thought as he strolled.

"If that's the case, I'll try something!" Seir exclaimed joyfully.

He imagined, and suddenly, a humanoid monster with curious eyes appeared. "Hi, I'm Gala, a deity monster devouring planets of your creation. Welcome, Lord Seir!" the monster greeted with a gentle voice.

"Wow, it worked! It seems I can create something with my imagination. Even its appearance is exactly as I envisioned – long, wavy, purple and red-black patterned hair, attire resembling a vampire castle maiden, and the unlimited magical power I sense."

While looking at his new form, he mused, "Wow, even the physique is impressive. Is that a large chest?!" Seir spoke excitedly in his mind.

"Does this use magical energy? As far as I know from the game, there's something called magic." Seir spoke cautiously in his mind with amazement.

Seir smiled and greeted, "Thank you, Gala. I'm still trying to make sense of all this."

Gala became Seir's guide, explaining that his power lay in imagination. "Every thought of yours can create things in this world. Try imagining something," Gala urged enthusiastically.

Seir closed his eyes, imagining his human form. When he opened his eyes, he saw himself clothed in light. "It worked!" he exclaimed.

With his new human form and Gala, Seir ventured deeper into the forest. They crossed clear rivers, passed through colorful flower thickets, and wandered through corridors of tall trees.

After a while, the forest opened up, revealing a charming city in the distance named Zonis. Neatly clustered wooden houses lined the streets, filled with the daily lives of its inhabitants. Seir and Gala meandered through winding paths, creating new stories with each step.

As they approached Zonis, the city's atmosphere became more palpable. City dwellers walked with friendly smiles on their faces. Seir and Gala were warmly welcomed by a kind-looking city gatekeeper.

"Welcome to Zonis! I am the Gatekeeper of this city. What brings you here?" he asked with a broad smile.

Seir explained that he got lost in the forest and somehow ended up in the city. The gatekeeper listened eagerly and, without hesitation, offered temporary shelter at his home. "You can stay here until you find a suitable place. Come, I'll take you to my house," said the Gatekeeper as he led them further into the city.

Zonis unfolded with beauty and hospitality, offering new adventures for Seir. Despite his lingering past, he eagerly faced whatever came in this new world alongside Gala.

After passing through the magnificent city gate, Seir and Gala were led by the Gatekeeper to his home in the heart of Zonis. The warm wooden house with a flower garden around it created a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.

"Come in, you can stay here as long as you need," the Gatekeeper said, opening the door to his house. Seir and Gala entered, feeling the warmth of the room filled with simple wooden furniture.

"Thank you so much, Gatekeeper. We are very grateful for your help," Seir expressed his gratitude.

Shortly after, the Gatekeeper invited them to the living room, where his family gathered. The familial atmosphere was strong, with the joyful laughter of children echoing in the room.

"Please, have a seat. You can call me Yulf. We are glad to help," Yulf said, offering seats near a small fireplace that provided warmth on the chilly evening.

Seir and Gala sat down, feeling warmly welcomed by this family. They chatted about the city of Zonis, daily life, and everything that might interest Seir and Gala.

"I heard you come from the northern forest, the Great Forest. What brings you here?" Mrs. Yulf, the mother of the family, inquired.

Seir told his story, fabricating details. Gala added how he was created and met Seir, leading to their shared adventures.

"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Seir, and this is my friend Gala," Seir waved to Gala.

"I experienced amnesia while battling a monster there. Gala, who happened to witness it, defeated the monster and healed me," Seir explained with a smile.

"Exactly. I'm Gala, living in that forest. We spent a few days together and decided to embark on this adventure, filling the void in Lord Seir's memory," Gala added with respect.

"Thank you, Gala. You understand what I'm thinking," Seir spoke telepathically.

"Don't worry, Lord Seir. You gave me this power yourself, so I should use it wisely," Gala replied with a gentle smile.

The Yulf family listened attentively, occasionally laughing and nodding in understanding. "We're glad you came here. Zonis is indeed a beautiful place, full of diverse people—some good, some bad, but mostly just trying to survive," Yulf said with a smile.

That night, Seir and Gala felt comfortable in the Yulf family's home. They slept peacefully in a well-prepared guest room. The next morning, the sun shone brightly, and the fragrant aroma of coffee filled the air as they gathered in the dining room for breakfast.

"So, what are your plans next, Seir?" Yulf asked while spooning soup into his bowl.

Seir pondered the question for a moment before answering, "I want to embark on adventures, learn more about this world, and perhaps find a new purpose here. Of course, with this woman, Gala."

Gala, sitting beside him, added, "And, of course, to see what else I can do for Seir."

Mr. Yulf smiled, "You are always welcome in Zonis. Don't hesitate to ask or seek help if you need anything. This city is full of kindness and adventures."

"Yes. Thank you, I'll definitely come back," Seir said with a smile.

After breakfast, Seir and Gala decided to explore the city of Zonis. They strolled through bustling streets, admiring various shops and beautiful buildings. Some city dwellers greeted them warmly, while others seemed indifferent, but the city's atmosphere was lively and cheerful.

Seir and Gala visited the traditional market in the city center, where various goods were displayed in vibrant colors. They mingled with the city residents, interacted with merchants, and experienced daily life in Zonis.

"This city is truly amazing," Seir remarked, looking around in awe.

Gala added, "And every corner is filled with the potential for new wonders that we can create."

"Gala, calm down. We mustn't casually display our powers here. We might attract the attention of a nation." Seir whispered to Gala.

"Lord Seir is too... close!?" Gala spoke in her mind.

"What's wrong, Gala? Are you sick? I'm not sure if you can get sick." Seir said, slightly puzzled.

"N-no, Lord Seir. It's just your feelings..." Gala turned her face away.

"Hmph... if that happens, both I and Lord Seir can easily destroy it. Even this world can be at our mercy." Gala continued, still turning away.

"I think the potential of these powers is more than that. But still, don't use them indiscriminately. We won't be able to enjoy our lives later." Seir said, touching Gala's shoulder.

The adventure of Seir and Gala in Zonis has just begun, and they are about to register at the adventurer's guild.

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