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Rebirth Of An Omega

Rebirth Of An Omega

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**EXCERPT FROM THE STORY** "As the new Alpha of vengeful eyed pack,I thereby pass my first judgment on Ciara Acacia Jones,You are therefore demoted to a omega,,"He said with so much hatred,anger and rage using his alpha tone. I felt my wolf,Tavia,whimper and cowered back in fear under his voice. ______________________________ Kill her....kill her... "Wait,can i see you privately?I said to Alpha Xander. ____________________________ "No,you cannot mark her,I am your mate,,,What will happen to me if you mark her,"I said while crying. "You cannot do this to me,please!!!."i said begging him. "I have to do it for my pack......our pack."He said before leaving. Being born an omega is different from being made an omega. Meet Ciara Acacia Jones,a beta's daughter who was demoted to an omega and was blamed because of a tragic incident that claimed lots of lives. Will she survive the pain? Will the truth be revealed? When she meets her mate,will he accept or reject her? Will she ever find happiness?-Does she deserve it? Find out in this thrilling story

Chapter 1 No.1


Hey… kick… will… punch… you… slap… get… kick… up.

I was woken up by the severe pain from the beating of the pack members. They saw that I already woken up and yet they decided to keep beating me until I began to see black dots… I fell unconscious again.



I opened my eyes sharply immediately I felt the sting of hot water on the injuries on my body. I opened them to see a pair of green eyes piercing into my blue eyes as if they were trying to find something in it. I instantly knew who those pair of eyes belonged to ; Beta Lucas, I saw him holding a bucket in his hands.

‘Wait, how did I get here?’

I was at my house, well, more of a small room.

The pack members must have brought me to the pack house but where are they now?.

‘None of my business'

I rose up to my feet quickly knowing I would receive another round of beating if I was not quick and then I met anger written all over the Alpha Xander's face.

‘Ah!, I’m in so much trouble’

"I already woken up, I was beaten to the state of unconsciousness by the pack members." I thought as if they would listen to me

"Gr-greetings t-to you, Alpha a-and Beta sir." I said bowing my head immediately. They scoffed at me in disgust.

“Why did you wake up so late when you know that you should be cleaning, washing and most importantly cooking?." The Alpha yelled at me raising voice into his Alpha tone, knowing fully well how scared I can be with the tone.

My head was still faced downwards.

" I… I… I ." I kept stuttering because of the huge colored injury I obtained on my cheek from all the beatings which did not let me open my mouth completely.

“Will you talk?” The Beta shouted at me.

I fell on my knees immediately.

Ouch! Urgh! That hurts.

I forgot I was injured there.

" I… I.. I kind of slept late last night and I forgot to set my alarm." I replied with fear in my voice.

Speaking of alarm, it was given to me by the beta, to make sure I don't have excuse for waking up late.

" For that you are not going to school today and also your work is tripled." Alpha Xander said and left.

Not like the school favors me. All they do is beat me up or even pick on my things. I don’t have many things that they can use to bully me but they have got a reason. Yes. A reason.

Beta Lucas followed immediately after giving me look of disgust and irritation.


After I was done with my punishment, actually it was not so much of a work because I already did most of it before going to bed the previous day. I slept 1:45 AM the previous night and they were expecting me to be awake by 6:30 AM to cook for the pack members.

It is not an easy job and that is how I have been doing for the past ten years.

I am so hardworking, like really hardworking, all thanks to them.

I don't get enough sleep, food and run for my wolf. I sighed.

"Run! Yeah, run." I thought.

I pulled off my clothes and shape shifted into my wolf. I picked up my clothes and held them in between my teeth and took off.

"Woah! This is superb." My wolf, Octavia yelled in my head.

"Hey, be careful and stopped yelling, I'm in here." I said.

So, so refreshing.

I felt the gentle breeze on my fur as I sped across the woods. This is so perfect.

I felt out of the world. I felt so free.

Oops, where are my manners?

I forgot to introduce my humble self. I was so busy rambling on the things I'm going through that I forgot.

Okay, I go by the name Ciara Acacia Jones. Daughter of the former Beta male of vengeful eyed pack, late Arnold David Jones , and mother ; late Clara Halona Jones.

I'm 19 years of age. I'm not tall and not short either, you know that kind of height. I have a pale body filled with injuries. There is no part of my body that does not have a spot or an injury there.

I have got a pair of blue eyes. My wolf's name is Octavia. She has a fur of hazel brown with some cream color on it. Well, she has a pair of blue eyes. And before I forget to mention it, she has been thinking about her mate a lot.

Mate… speaking of mate, I don't think he would want us. I mean I'm not beautiful. I am just some omega who wears tattered clothes. My hair is not very well combed, I just use my hands to detangle them.

"Hey, keep quiet, don't talk about mate like that, we have not met him yet, so do not think of rejecting him yet." She reprimanded me.

My wolf, Tavia, has always wanted a mate who would care, love, respect and protect her.

"Look at us, would he even recognize us?." I said to her.

"He would not want to acknowledge us because we are not as beautiful as other girls." I said to her.

"Well, we were made like this by vengeful eyed pack, blamed for what we knew nothing about." Tavia added.

"Just take a look at our disgusting face" I said.

"Hey, you are the one with the disgusting face not me." Tavia said rolling her eyes.

"Really ?" I asked her.

But got no reply.

I kept running until stopped by a lake. I stared at my reflection in the water. I shifted back to my human form. Although I was naked, I did not care because I was thinking about how and when I turned out to be like this.

I was made an orphan, yet nobody thought about it, instead they kept thinking about how their family were killed, Each and every one of them has a sibling or the other still alive. But I, nobody thought about the fact that my mum was carrying my younger sibling. That I was alone in the world.

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