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Please Pray For Me

Please Pray For Me

img Adventure
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Because of the misunderstanding in the past, Tu Tu Feng found all kinds of ways to torment Phuong Phu Cam. Until he knew the truth, it was time for her to leave.

Chapter 1 Break up

The rain came unannounced. The morning city was suddenly covered in a cold fog. Phuong Phu Cam rushed to the porch of a nearby store to escape the rain.

Today she was given a day off from studying the piano, so she quickly went to her boyfriend. Phuong Phu Cam wanted to give Tu Tu Phong a happy ending.

So she got on the bus with a happy mood to go to the familiar address. Until the last bus stop, the rain stopped falling. The sky was bright again, still the seven vibrant colors of the rainbow above became the focus of everyone's attention.

Phuong Phu Cam stopped by a nearby supermarket to buy some things, maybe she will stay with Tu Tu Phong for another day. Buy a little more.

At the turn, Phuong Phu Cam stepped up in a hurry. Behind this wall, she will see the son she loves passionately. But as soon as her footsteps reached the foot of the wall, Phuong Phu Cam suddenly stopped.

The bag fell and the furniture in it burst. Phuong Phu Cam's whole body trembled. Because in front of her was a picture of a boy carrying a girl, when he stopped to let the girl down, she kissed him on the cheek.

Phuong Phu Cam suddenly saw on his lips full of salty taste. That boy... Is that your lover?

Quietly wiping away tears, Phuong Phu Cu took the phone to call. From Tu Phong quickly picked up the phone:

Phong, can I come to see you today? What are you doing?

Looking at Chu Shu Ye who was laughing happily in front of him, he was somewhat embarrassed:

- Can I have another day, now I'm busy working on the project and preparing for the exam, afraid that I don't have time with you. Or will I come to find you after the exam?

Phuong Fu Cam couldn't believe what Tu Tu Feng said in pain. He was clearly lying to her. Making a project? Preparing for the exam? Haha, it was all a lie.

Phuong Phu Cun laughed at herself. It turned out that she was stupid. Loved him so much, but she received this. She poured out her heart for that evil man. Phuong Phu Cu grabbed her hair, took a deep breath and then definitely turned her back.

Xu Zufeng didn't get her answer, and she was nervous. He really didn't want to deceive Fang Fu Cam. It was just that, Zhou Shuiep was asked by his mother to help him, and his mother told him to take care of her. Don't let her get angry.

His family is short of the Zhou family a large amount of money, can not help but accept. Mr. Zhou Huanh said, if you can make his daughter happy, he will forgive his parents a few months of interest.

Although this may seem unreasonably forced, Xu had no choice. Who said his family was so poor? How could he see his parents being pushed to the end?

Tu Tu Feng thought that after settling Chu Thuy Diep will come to Phuong Phu Cam and tell her later, only a little more to be able to see off the other Chu Thuy Diep, but that afternoon, Tu Tu Feng received a farewell message from Phuong Phu Cam.

Tu Tu Phong's heart tightened. He called her hundreds of times but Phuong Phu Cam did not receive it. Sending messages, chats, Zalo or Facebook was still not answered. And was blocked by the enemy.

From Self-Feng to mess up in his heart to complete the task. At night, he despite the distance ran to find the girl he loved.

Phuong Phu Cam looked sad from the moment he returned home. Father Phuong could not bear to look at his daughter unhappy and comforted:

- Phu Phu, we will go to the supermarket to buy clothes tonight. I see that there is a store in it selling many beautiful things, which suit you very well.

Phuong Phu Cam did not want to see his father disappointed, so he prepared a little and then went out together. The father and son went to the supermarket, saw the familiar scene, Phuong Phu Cam even more heartbroken. This is where he and she used to go.

Father Phuong dragged his daughter to a beautiful dress:

- Take this, I see you'll look good in it.

Fang Fu Cam nodded. You have to try it. At this time Xu Zifeng opened the door and entered. I couldn't find you in the inn, nor could I call you. I immediately went to this place.

However, when Tu Tu Feng went deeper, he saw a scathing scene, Fang Fu Cam ran out of the fitting room and hugged a man. His face was full of joy.

That man's every behavior and gesture to her was full of love. He even kissed Phuong Phu Cam's hair.

Xu did not know what his feelings were now. He had known Phuong Phu Cam for two years, and knew that her family was not well off. But tonight he saw her wearing many precious jewelry.

- Phuong Phu Cam.

From the Self-Feng could not restrain himself but ran to him.

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