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Player who gets played

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"Arms up baby, let me play with you. Have you ever been played, Allen?" Her voice was raspy, her breath fanned my ear. Her tits were flat to my chest making me groan. I had never wanted to be fuck so bad in my thirty-five years of living. She took my wrists and wrapped my silk tie on it, she was straddling me. Her pink perky nipples teased my face, making me let out another moan. "Lou baby, just do me alre..." she shut me up by kissing me hard. ***** Coastal Romance: 1. Coastal Love 2. Player who gets played Nothing prepared him for the one forsaken night he decides to go out clubbing with his buddies. It was the night that he met her, he didn't realize that he had fallen for her right then and there. Allen is a young, successful, filthy rich world champion surfer with a face to match. Louise is a smart young business owner, with a group of sassy sidekicks. Can opposites attract? Can their best friends strengthen their feelings? *Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*

Chapter 1 A Night Out

"Come on dude, we should celebrate and you should forget about that fancy debutante of yours. You know I smell trouble the first time mom tried to introduce you to her. She looked too damn happy."

My younger brother Winston kept on nagging me, to come to Players tonight. I was actually looking forward to relax and drown myself in pity.

"Okay...Winnie, but just for a couple of hours okay? I got to go to the beach house tomorrow and air out the house. I need to start my training for my next championship." I said as I start getting my fresh shirt from the walk-in closet.

"Damn work too hard. Being an athlete is hard work. I don't get why you're not retiring already? You got your houses and modeling thing already. Why are you so money hungry bro?"

He was asking while he types on his phone, confirming our meet with the rest of the guys.

"I happen to like my job brother. Come we better get going, and get Sam to drive us I'm not risking an accident so close to my championship date."

It was half an hour later when we finally arrived at Players. Our buddy Jack is the bartender there, so it's a given.

"Shane is a cool boss for letting you off the hook every time we're here." Grady starts sitting down in our VIP lounge, while his twin brother Percy was busy buttering up to a woman by the bar.

"'s because you guys always spend shit loads of money every time that you're here. I'm actually like his whore who assured all of you would spend more money, by accompanying you guys on the VIP lounge."

We all laughed at Jack's explanation and raises our glass then start cheering to the said whore.

Percy joined us moments later. Saying he had hooked us up with a bunch of girls, I groaned to his words.

"I thought we're here to help me get over a woman?"

"Exactly, now...what better way to forget a woman than being with another woman?" my cheeky brother Winston said eagerly.

"Come on...there are five of them too. Usually, me and Graddy have to share one just because we're twins. Now, we can each have one." Percy chimed in.

"Damn it Percy you're talking about sharing woman like you're sharing your lunch with your brother. Okay...we're doing this. Just because tonight will be the last night before my training starts, and I'll be moving to the beach house."

"Okay then...let's go..." Winston was eagerly getting up joining Percy.

"Wait...why don't you get them here to our VIP lounge. Surely we will talk more comfortable here." I said already regretting my words, cause my lazy ass seemed to attach cozily to the sofa.

"Man, they're in the VVIP lounge, more space there dude. I think one of the chicks is loaded, is either that or Shane hooked them up...." Percy said while drinking his bourbon.

Winston finally took my hand and tugged me up.

"Jeez brother, hold down on the excitement will ya. You really don't want to appear like a dog in heat in front of them." I muttered as finally follow them to the VVIP section. Jack draped his arm onto my shoulder.

"Just stick with me man, we'll get this over and done with. And send you home with the sexiest one."

I laughed at him. Jack is a true bartender, he can always make my mood lighten up again.

We reached the women moments later. And in seconds, I already knew which one I wanted to spend the rest of the night with.

She has the most curvaceous body that my hands were itching to touch. Her hair was dark, long and up in a high ponytail. I could already imagine tugging it harshly, while I have her from behind.

I could hear her laughter, as we were greeted by one of her friends. It was a very nice sound that made me turn her way and at the same time, she look at me raising an eyebrow.


"So ladies, this is Winston, and his brother Allen, and this is Jack and lastly my twin brother Grady."

"Hei Jack, you're the bartender right? I'm Lucie...girls I got dibs on him..." she was the first one, who bravely approached our so-called pack.

She traced her hand on his shirt sexily, and wink at him making Jack laughed at her.

"See Jack, I've been checking you out from the bar..." she said seductively, while her friends were cheering and giggling from her back.

"Vodka martini with a lemon twist...yeah I remembered how you suck and lick that lemon from your sexy lips." Jack started flirting back with her already.

Damn this night is going to end very fast for some of us.

Both were quickly disappearing to the dance floor, while Grady and Percy cozily seated between two women. Winston was quickly chatting up with a woman named Cora.

"So, I guess that leaves you and me? I'm Allen by the way." I scooted over to the ponytailed sexy bombshell.

She gave me the sweetest smile, as her hand drop to my thigh. Wow...hotdamn.

"Mm...hmm...I'm Louise. You can scream Lou when I decided that we should get to know each other better." She whispered her words seductively in my ear, her hot breath fans the crook of my neck making goosebumps on my back.

For the first time in my thirty years of living, I had no comebacks for a woman's flirtation.

I was still silent when she slowly gets up, teasing me with her body inches from my face. I was trying my hardest to keep myself calm, then she tugged my hand and lead me to the dance floor.

"Your brother is so going to be thoroughly fuck by Louise." I distinctively heard one of her girlfriends said to Winston, as he let out a laugh and took another sip of his drink.

"Ehh...I don't dance..." I finally spoke out.

" don't have to gorgeous... just put your hand here and here..." she put my hands on her lower waist. I could feel her skin from the thin material of her dress that she wasn't wearing any underwear. My fucking God.

She smirked looking at me, her hands rested on my chest as she smiles seductively at me.

"So, what do you do for a living Allen?" she trailed her hands up slowly to the back of my neck and sway her body with mine, we weren't dancing to the music we were swaying sensually slow to our own pace.

"I'm a model, " I said while clearing my throat, her fingers were playing with the ends of my hair giving me a very hard on.


I had never been aroused this hard in my life before. But she was easily making me wish that she would fuck me already, just by the small touches and sexy teases.

This is going to be a very long night!

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