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Perfect bloodline

Perfect bloodline

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Williams a 23 year old man died in car accident because of a break up with his girlfriend. A man who in is past life was a coward, weak-willed and irresponsible. Now that he has a chance at a new life, would he grab the chance and live a new life with 199 women in his established harem or would he keep on the useless lifestyle of his past life? Let's follow Williams or should I say Yukiharu on his journey in his new life.

Chapter 1 Reincarnation



“Is this how I die? Even though I’m not drunk, okay maybe a little but…” he sighed.

Flashes of my life started flashing through my mind. My mother’s sweet voice calling my name, my father tough front even though I didn’t get to know him well and my cute sister always following me. “Now that I think about it, I should have listened to her if I did I won’t be here now” Williams muttered and sighed again.

All this happened because of a break up I had with my girlfriend, Eloise. “Williams, I’m tired of our relationship and I think we should break up” she said in a straight forward manner just like any other typical break up out there, though her words are influenced by her straight forward character. Till now I still don’t know why she decided to call the relationship quit, just kidding I think it’s because of my cowardice and lack of concentration in my career having a record of receiving about 20 sack letters in my jobs in different industries. My sister always said I should have ended the relationship now I see her point, sigh…

Back to the present, I’m currently involved in a car accident with another drunkard like me even though his current state is worse than mine and there are people I don’t recognize surrounding us perhaps the people attracted to the car crash of the drunkard and my bicycle. I know you’re wondering how did the accident ever happen, well we’re both drunk.

“Well I hope I get reincarnated into a lovely harem centered world as the mc with 199 women” I sighed… “ Sister, Mother, Father live well” I muttered in my mind.

Shit, I’m starting to lose consciousness. “I wonder how many times I sighed” my last thought even though it’s very stupid. “Integration complete. Host has sighed four times before reincarnation” I heard before I died. Huh???

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