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img img Romance img My Wife is an Aloof Beauty
My Wife is an Aloof Beauty

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty

img Romance
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"You're my wife in name only, on paper only. My heart and love will never be yours." Edward made it clear to Daisy that she was nothing to him. They were both victims of family greed -- the marriage was arranged for them. Six years passed. She remained quiet, gaining a reputation in the army as a tough-as-nails colonel. When she walked into his life again, Edward fell in love with this woman, unlike any he had known. She surprised and delighted him. But will Daisy take him back? Can their son keep them together? Can the rift between them be healed? Pick this one up and find out!

Chapter 1 Until We Meet Again

FX International Group, a leading company in S City, had a number of businesses from many sectors; from hotel chains, construction industry, large department stores, entertainment firms to amusement parks. People who lived in S City might not know their mayor, but they had surely heard of Edward Mu, the leader of his big family businesses and one of the most sought-after business giants. Mr. Mu was not only successful and rich, but he was also an absolutely fascinating man who looked more gorgeous than most women. It sounds unreal, but one should see him to say this was true.

In addition, he was so smart and intelligent that he could defeat his competitors without them noticing. People tagged him as a "playboy" because he appeared in many various magazines. Not many knew about his secrets but rumors had it that Jessica Lin is Mr. Mu's favorite girl.

The hall of FX International Group was lavishly furnished with statues, colorful inlaid marble, and a gilded bronze ceiling. A female officer with a five-year-old boy stood at the front desk. The woman with good features looked very cold and serious. She wanted to meet the CEO without an appointment. The company had a regulation that no one could meet the CEO without an appointment. This situation had never happened before and this caused the staff member serious trouble because the female officer insisted on meeting the CEO at once. After she convinced the visitor about their policy, the staff member finally called the CEO's secretary on the 88th floor for help.

"Mr. Qiao, there is a female officer who wants to see our boss. May I let her in?" The staff member said.

"What? A female officer?" Aaron Qiao quipped to his surprise. 'Oh God, What's going on? I know boss has a lot of girlfriends, but when did he have a girlfriend that worked for the military? It's too hard to be an assistant. Why should I be responsible for both the daily work and the private life of my boss?' He complained silently. Although hesitant, Mr. Qiao still walked into the CEO's office to ask his boss.

"Boss, there is a female officer who wants to see you urgently, but she hasn't got an appointment. Do you want to see her or not?" Aaron Qiao smiled. His bright eyes were brilliant with delight.

"A female officer?" Edward Mu raised his head from the papers he was reading. He could not seem to remember any female officer in his past. "What does she want here?" He said as he focused on the papers again.

"She didn't say anything but she wants to see you immediately." Aaron Qiao grinned at his boss teasingly.

"Really? She must be very confident to demand to see me with such short notice. Let her come in." Edward Mu started to become curious about this woman.

The female officer whose name is Daisy Ouyang, was actually a little nervous as she tried to pacify herself. She was not sure whether Edward Mu still remembered her or not. She was already nervously rubbing her palms together as she waited for the CEO. Nervous as she was, Daisy never forgot the words that he shouted to her on their wedding night.

"You won't have me even if you married me. You are just my wife as stated on a piece of paper. My heart and my love will never belong to you. You drugged me in order to have sex with me. How dare you! I promise I'll never let such a thing happen again!" The man said angrily.

He left with the sound of slamming doors. Daisy Ouyang felt completely lost and embarrassed at the same time as she didn't know anything about giving drugs. She just remembered that she slept in his arms without any clothes, body aching. The man accused her of these things she knew nothing about. What happened then was unclear in her thoughts.

What happened that night was too blurry for her. She could only remember feeling hot and helpless, unable to move. Maybe she was drugged too. Over the past six years, Daisy Ouyang had to deal with hearing gossips and rumors about Edward Mu including his affairs with his many girlfriends and female stars. Worst, she would hear from the news whom he was dating or sleeping with.

Despite all these, she never contacted him. His words were forever stuck in her head, she could not forget when Edward said that she was only a nominal wife. Whatever happened to him was none of her business. Actually, it seemed as if he had already forgotten her for a long time. She would not find him if there was no unexpected situation like this one. Both of them were victims of their family interests. It seemed that this marriage had a price to pay.

"Mommy, you're hurting me." The little boy interrupted his mommy's thoughts as he tried to squirm out from the tight grip of his mommy's hand. Daisy Ouyang got lost in her thoughts for a while and didn't realize she held her boy's hand too tightly.

"I'm sorry, Justin. I was thinking about something that happened before." Daisy squatted in front of the boy and whispered to him. This little boy was her son. She never thought that she would get pregnant after that night. Thanks to his genes and excellent skills, she now had this charming baby boy. Justin was Daisy's life and she would not know what to do if she ever lost this boy.

"It's all right, I'm fine, mommy. What's wrong? Is it my Daddy? Did he refuse to meet us?" Justin asked with a soft voice. He looked at his mommy with bright eyes.

"No, honey, your daddy is a little busy so we will wait here until he is ready." She explained patiently. She hid nothing from her son about his father. Although he always asked why daddy does not live with them, he never really asked his mommy to find him.

"Madam, our boss is waiting for you." The staff member treated her with respect. She thought that there was something so familiar with the boy. But she couldn't remember whether she had seen him before.

"OK, thank you!" Daisy Ouyang politely replied. Then she quietly left. Daisy looked very serious and stern wearing army uniform but she also looked even more charming in it.

She could hardly hold back her excitement. Over the past six years, she tried to pacify her feelings and gave up on this relationship, however, she still felt nervous whenever she would see Edward.

Daisy was getting everyone's attention because people had never seen a female officer in this building. Dressy celebrities and famous female stars were regulars.

"Madam, this way please." Edward Mu's secretary ushered her in. Daisy was evidently nervous as little beads of sweat formed on her forehead. She clenched her hands tightly while she held his son's hand. Justin felt her mommy's emotions, he didn't remind her although he felt the pain as his mommy tightly held on his tiny hand. He had the same feeling as his mommy. He was not sure if his daddy, the man he always saw on the Internet, loved him too.

The secretary knocked on the door and a deep voice answered, "Come in." Daisy Ouyang initially thought that she would panic if she heard this deep, familiar voice. Much to her disbelief, she was unexpectedly calm but she still tried her best to not look intimidated by the man in front of her. Edward looked at her with a straight face. He thought that Daisy looked stiff and pale but definitely looked every inch a charming lady.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but I can't find better ways. Please take care of my son for 3 months. I will pick him up as soon as I finish my mission." Daisy Ouyang said as a matter of fact. She uttered these words without looking at him.

"Wait a minute, Who are you? What are you talking about?" Edward Mu was so confused thinking why he would take care of a little boy whom he did not even know. He noticed the woman in front of him could not look him in the eye. Edward was still so confused.

Although Daisy didn't really expect him to remember her, she was still hurt that Edward did not even have a clue. She remained still and handed him a marriage license.

"I will answer all your questions when I come back, but I'm in a hurry right now." She explained. Before she left, her mobile phone rang with a loud military song that echoed throughout the big office.

She picked up the phone quickly. "Hello, Mark. I know. I will be back soon. You can contact the army to get their location." She hung up the phone. Her words were firm and clear as much as her feelings.

Edward Mu froze for an instant. 'Why? Why was this woman ignoring me? No one can resist my charm, am I not that attractive?' he thought to himself.

"Justin, I should go now. Please behave and do not give your daddy a hard time." Daisy gently touched her son's face. Her son's nanny resigned at a time when she needed to go for her military training at the army. She could not find someone to look after her son in a short time. Otherwise, she would not have sent the boy to his daddy.

Justin looked at his mommy and wanted to say something to comfort her. "Mommy, don't worry! I will be a good boy." He replied with a sweet smile. But Justin was up to something. He already made a plan to teach his daddy how to be a good husband.

After saying goodbye to her son. Daisy ran out quickly without even waiting for Edward to even respond. Edward Mu still was not able to recover from the fact that the boy was his son. Edward only stared at the marriage license on the table.

"Daisy Ouyang," he murmured. She was the woman who was married to him for six years. She was the wife that he never missed. She came and went, just like the wind, leaving the little boy with him.

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