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My Powerful CEO Husband

My Powerful CEO Husband

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Lita married a monster. According to the rumors, the monster was a disfigured, dying man who even couldn't let her conceive a baby. But after she was abandoned by her family, she had to marry that man! On the first night of marriage, that ugly man was waiting for her in bed, showing how dominant and strong he was! She's totally confused! Until that day, she found his secret... He's not ugly, but an incomparably handsome and powerful CEO! From that moment on, she realized that she had indeed married a monster. Not a scary, ugly one, but a handsome and strong monster who treated her as his body antidote!

Chapter 1 1

A man stood near the window.

His lonely and tall figure was like a night eagle.

His naked upper body was like Finn, a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created by Michael. The imposing figure with a muscular physique vividly presented the beauty of men's strength.

His eagle-like eyes were almost completely engorged with hatred.

Alex Selmy woke up from a nightmare.

This nightmare troubled him for three months.

There's the blazing fire mixed with the sound of glass bursting out of the heat. The air was filled with the pungent smell of burnt wooden products, electrical plastic cables, and even human beings!

Someone must stay and open the escape gate by hand.

"Ben, take Alex away! Leave me alone!

If you two don't go now, we all will be trapped here. Go!"

"Alex, remember that I am alive if you are alive!"

Three months later, it was still vivid in his mind.

Now, Alex had long been the president of a multinational group. He owned countless real estate properties and controlled more than half of the economic lifeline of Lisbon! However, endless money and power still couldn't restore his brother Ethan Selmy to health!

The man slowly closed his hateful eyes and separated the hatred in his eyes from the noisy world. At the same time, he concealed the nightmare back into the depths of his soul.

Alex put on pajamas and walked vigorously out of his room.

A long dark corridor made the dark night even weirder. He stopped in front of a closed door.

The door opened from the inside and a middle-aged doctor came out. As he walked out, there was a pungent smell of disinfectants.

"Did my brother sleep?" Alex asked in a low voice.

"I just gave Eldest Young Master a bed bath, and the smell of disinfectants in the room is still strong. Second Young Master, you are allergic to disinfectants, so you'd better not go in for the time being..."

"I won't die!" Alex snorted and walked ardently into the pungent dark room.

In the dusk-dark room, a person lying on the bed was faintly visible.

Alex went straight to the person on the bed, squatted down, and carefully held one of his hands in the palms of his hands.

It was a scarred hand that had been burned to be deformed. It couldn't hold tight or stretch.

From the stiff hand, you looked upward and would see a face that was burnt to be unrecognizable. The criss-cross scars, which almost twisted the man's facial features, destroyed the original handsome face completely.

It was a twisted face. But in Alex eyes, it was still handsome and amiable.

The man lying on the bed was called Ethan Selmy, the eldest brother of Alex. The brother was willing to sacrifice his life for him.

God was merciful to Ethan Selmy. He was rescued by the rescue team, but the body was burnt to be unrecognizable!

"Alex... Did you have a nightmare again?" Part of Ethan's vocal cords had been damaged permanently from the fire so that he could not speak clearly. But Alex could understand it clearly.

"No!" Alex held the deformed hand in his palms more tightly. "I just want you to stay with me for a little longer."

Ethan clearly realized that the more life-and death things they experienced, the more inseparable they were from each other.

But the more things happened like this, the more worried Ethan was. He didn't have much time left. If he left one day, his younger brother, Alex, would live in the abyss of hatred forever, and he would be ruined by hatred!

So before he died, he must find his younger brother, Alex, a woman!

Ethan Selmy had begun to use the ventilator. These days, he felt more and more difficult to breathe on his own.

"Chloe, are my complications serious?" He asked Chloe Owen, the full-time doctor who was handling the ventilator. "Not serious. There's just a little inflammation in the lungs," Chloe said vaguely.

"All right, Chloe. You don't have to hide it from me. In fact, death is more of a relief for me."

As Ethan's full-time doctor, Chloe could more understand the pain that Ethan endured every day. He was not living for himself, but for his younger brother Alex Selmy.

Chloe sighed and said, "It's not just about your lungs. Your liver, the hematopoietic organ, has begun to have some problems and your kidney has been not working properly with regard to excretion."

"Just say it directly. How many days left to me?" Faced with death, Ethan asked in an unexpectedly calm voice.

"If there's only conservative treatment every day, you only have three months left at most," Chloe answered truthfully.

"Three months... three months... If I die like this, Alex will be even more lonely, and he will hate other people of Selmy Family more! I really don't want him to live with hatred in the future. That will ruin his whole life. I want to find him a good woman to take good care of him after my death!"

"It's easier said than done! With the temperament of Second Young Master, how could he be willing to marry a woman at this moment?" Chloe shook his head and sighed.

"No matter what, I must have a try."

Alex gave Ethan medicine every day. No matter how busy he was, he would put down his work and come back.

This time, Ethan turned his head to one side and refused to drink, "Alex, when can you take my sister-in-law home?"

The talk was no more than a platitude. Alex knew his brother's intention. He wanted someone to take care of him after he died!

"You, my eldest brother, haven't married yet. Why should I, your younger brother, be in such a hurry?" Alex passed the buck.

"I look like this, which is like neither a human nor a ghost. How can I have a woman who is willing to marry me? Obviously, I'm gonna be a burden on her. Besides, it's enough for me to have!" Ethan said calmly.

It was completely true. However, although the one who said it might not mind it, the one who listened to it minded it.

Alex used his lips to touch the medicine in the spoon a little to test the temperature, and then sent it to Ethan's mouth again.

"You don't listen to me. I'm in a bad mood. I don't want to drink it!"

Ethan used the tactic when he was a child.

But at that time, mostly he used it to coax Alex to drink medicine.

He could feel that his younger brother, Alex, had more and more hatred in his eyes. He was afraid that Alex would really be ruined by hatred after his death. Except for revenge, there was no one else that Alex could miss.

But if he had a family with a wife and a son/girl, things would be different!

Alex slowly put the spoon back into the bowl and said blandly, "How about doing in this way, I look for a woman for marriage in the name of Ethan Selmy? If any woman is willing to accept the marriage, I will marry her! What do you think?"

Ethan was stunned. He didn't expect that Alex would agree. More unexpectedly, he would put forward such a condition.

"Look for someone to marriage in the name of me? Aren't you deliberately put the woman in a dilemma?"

"I know you are afraid that am lonely. But if this woman is not benevolent enough, her soul is not pure enough, and her purpose is not simple enough, how can you rest assured to trust her with your brother's life?"

Alex was confident that there would be no woman with a pure soul coming to marry him. Even if there was, it must be out of other purposes.

Of course, Ethan did not rest assured! But he seemed to think that the method proposed by Alex was not total nonsense. It's true that a woman with a dirty soul and an impure purpose couldn't take good care of his younger brother.

What's more, she couldn't warm up Alex lonely and hateful heart!

But was there such a great woman in this world?

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