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Mr CEO, Please Be Gentle

Mr CEO, Please Be Gentle

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“Go after her! don't let her out of your sight!" “We can't afford to let her slip out of our hands this time, she needs to die, we need to make sure she does!" The voice rang out through her mind as she runs for her dear life in the middle of the night. she ran as fast as she could but they soon caught up with her with one swift move. without wasting more time, the leader of the gang shoots at her and she fell, bleeding heavily. “Miss Samantha! the job is done, the princess is dead! the man said. when she heard the name of the person who ordered her to be put to death, her heart tweaks. in the next splitting second, she was pushed down the cliff. Five Years Later, She is back With only one goal; Befriend the enemies and revenge

Chapter 1 1

The hotness of the sunlight peeked in, through the window. Which is slightly open. And a ray of sunlight fell on the milky skin of the woman, the hotness of the sun penetrated her skin, and she woke up. Kneading her eyes gently to get rid of the sleep, she took her phone from the table. Glaring at the time, she was startled. Her gaze quickly darted to the curtains, peeking through them, she could see how bright the outside world is. It's already 10: am in the morning, it's a good thing, it's the weekend otherwise she would have been late.

Stroking the other side of the bed which is still warm and fuzzy, the memories of the activities of the night before came crashing on her. A warm smile appeared on her face when the image of passion flashed across her mind. This might not be her first night but this is special to her, hence the smile. She stood up from the bed, and looking around for her sleeping robes, she found them lying on the ground beside the bed. She bent over and picked them up, then slides them through her head and left the room, dragging her groggy body along. Descending the stair with her hands on the railing, they are dark circles on her face, but she still looks pretty with them. When the maid, who was sweeping the floor with the vacuum, Ms. Sue, saw her approaching, she dropped the stick vacuum and rushed over to meet up with her. “Good morning, ma'am Giselle, sir has left for work and he asked that you should prepare some food for the evening! She conveyed, wiping her hands on her clothes. After listening to her message, Giselle nodded her head in affirmation. “Ma'am, you can go freshen up while I prepare the table for breakfast for so long! ” Giselle flashed a smile at her when she heard her suggestion, then she swerves around to leave for her room. Just then Ms. Sue called her attention back again. “Happy third anniversary to you and sir ” She greeted, then she walked away leaving Giselle to gaze after her. Yeah, it's her third marriage anniversary today but she still feels like a stranger in Zayn's life. Despite being married for so long, he has never treated her as his wife. She was more like a stranger living under the same roof with him, she has done everything to make this relationship between the two work but, he kept distancing himself from her. Although their relationship is a result of a compromise, she has always been in love with him, but he on the other hand loves her cousin Danica Medina instead of her. On this day, three years ago, her grandparents and grandpa Meyer had initiated the marriage between them. The family has been friends for a very long time, even before the two were born, during that time grandpa Medina, had done a favor to grandpa Meyer, and when grandpa Medina wanted to find a suitable match for his orphaned granddaughter Giselle, grandpa Meyer had come with the solution of getting Giselle and Zayn married to each other. Grandpa Medina had always wanted to leave half of his inheritance to Giselle since she is the ablest and hard-working among them. He knew that leaving the family wealth in her care would be a great choice, but she won't be able to manage everything on her own, therefore they needed to get her married, to provide support for her when he is no longer here to help. Then Grandpa Meyer forced Zayn to get married to Giselle at that time, Zayn was very much against getting married to Giselle since he was in love with another woman. Also, he always says that Giselle was not his type, she was too plain and ugly to be called his wife. He wanted to get married to Danica Medina, who is his ideal woman, and the one whom he believed he had always loved all his life. Danica Medina is the city's top beauty, she has the body of a goddess and the face of the world. Her beauty is one of her many prowess. Unfortunately, she couldn't make it to the list of an ideal granddaughter of the Medinas nor an ideal woman worthy of being in the league of the Meyers. Grandpa Meyer detests the relationship between Zayn and Danica, he always wanted Giselle to be his daughter in law and that is why he came up with the idea of forcing Zayn to marry her, otherwise, he would face his life being turned upside down when grandpa finishes with his punishment for the humiliation caused. With a grievous heart, Zayn and Giselle got married, and now it's been three years of the time. It's been three years of spending the night all alone. Three years of eating breakfast and dinner alone. Three years of being accompanied by the maids. The past three years have been so hard on her, she thought she had finally been reunited with her love when the marriage proposal came for her but unfortunately, she ended up making livestock out of herself. She is more of a home appliance since they are all she's got to spend the time with when ms sue is out of town. The man rarely came home to her, and whenever he does, he spends the entire night ravishing her body and left before the morning, not without a stern warning to take care of her body to avoid pregnancy. In the last three years, he had warned her severally about getting pregnant with his child, he doesn't want to have a child with a woman like her. She has always done everything to please the man and now, she is getting tired of everything. Never she has thought that the man, she spent her entire childhood dreaming about could one day shatter her dreams and fantasy. The love she has for him began years before he came to know Danica, maybe he forgot that she was the one, he wanted to love. Looking back now, she wished she had refused her grandfather's orders to get married to this heartless man, who had treated her nothing less than a piece of trash. All that doesn't matter anymore, since she has decided to end everything and go away from their lives. Giselle jerked back to reality when she hit her head against the wall while walking back to her room. “What am I even doing? She asked kneading the affected area to ease the pain, then she walked into her room. When she was about to leave for the bathroom, her phone vibrated. “Hello, aunt! “Grandpa wants you to come back to the house for lunch!” The voice said and immediately the call got disconnected. “Strange!! “Why would aunt give me such an attitude? Have I done something wrong? Giselle asked staring at the walls. Strange things seem to be happening to her today, Firstly, Zayn asked her to prepare food for him, which is so impossible And now, her aunt gave her a nonchalant attitude, which is something she never thought would happen. Aunt Samantha has always been her backbone, she has been taking care of her since her parents passed away in a car accident, she raised her with the help of granny Medina and now? What is wrong with her? Samantha might be the birth mother of Danica but she has been more of a mother to Giselle, but then again! There seems to be more than what meets the eyes. After giving it quite a thought, Giselle rushed into the bathroom for a quick shower. Within a couple of minutes, she came out of the bathroom with a towel draped around her waist. Moving towards the closet, she opened the closet as swiftly as she could, trying to beat the time frame. Immediately after the closet was opened, something fell from the closet. She bent down and picked it up, looking at the handkerchief in her hands. A tear dropped from the right corner of her eye, she held the object close to her chest and hugged it tightly, then slowly she moved it to her lips and kissed it. The Cologne of the man was split all over the handkerchief and she couldn't resist the urge to smell it. She smelt it for a while, then a smile appeared on her face. This man is rightfully hers, his smell is all she wanted to have on her but he rather shares it with another woman than her. Loving him is complicated but she can't help it. The only time she gets to spend time with him is during their night exercise and in the morning he vanishes into a bight air. He has only come home about six times in the past three years, therefore she rarely gets in contact with clothes that has his smell on them. What's more, the smell is on the handkerchief that she had given him. If he has this with him, then does that mean that he has something? “ Such silly thoughts are not good for me! She snuggled her mind away from that thought, then she resumed hugging it. Zayn would never love a woman like me, he must have been forced to keep this handkerchief as well as me. She walked back slowly to sit on the bed with her hand stroking the place where the man had his mark as her husband. The warmth on the bed before had disappeared, all it has now is coldness. The coldness sends several shivers down her spine in a Fricker of the moment, leaving her to yearn for comfort. With her hand wrapped around the object, she stood up from the bed and went back to the dressing room. She has a lot of things to take care of, moreover, she has to prepare some good and have it sent over to the office since Zayn wanted her to cook his food today, she might as well do it now and go for the lunch meeting later. While picking out a top, her mind wanders around striving to guess why Zayn of a people would ask for his food to be prepared by her. Whatever it is, it's a good thing in all essence. She quickly looks for a suitable out and slides through her mind, then she left the dressing headed toward the mirror. Sitting in the dressing mirror, she brought out a concealer and applied it to the dark circles under her eyes and then the hickeys on her neck. She had a satisfied look on her face when the marks were no longer visible, She stared at her reflection in the mirror, she looks sad and still beautiful. Although, nobody has ever considered her to be beautiful except her grandparents and her aunt Samantha. Giselle has come to terms with the fact that nobody would ever think of her like a queen. Applying light makeup on her face, Giselle smacked her lips together to spray the liquid crystal on both lips, after that, she left the room, slamming the door behind her. She was startled upon stepping out of the room and saw the maid standing right in front of the door with a tray of food in her hands. “What are you doing Ms. Sue, you almost scared me to death! She said with a gentle tone, while her hand dangled on her chest. She looked startled due to how she is twitching. “You didn't have to bother yourself with that, I could have come to eat downstairs, you know! “I know you would have, but this is different Giselle, I made this, especially for you. You have not been keeping well for the past couple of days, so I thought of making this for you. I promise you will get better as soon you have it! Ms. Sue said with an assured tone, seeing the love in her eyes for Giselle. She felt extremely overwhelmed by it. How could someone love and care about her so much, while the other person hates her so much as well? What an irony! The one she wants doesn't want her, and the one she has never done anything to help her out is here for her. She bites her lips repeatedly. “Thank You so much, Ms. Sue, but I have to do something else before I have food, you can leave it on the table I will have it later when I'm done preparing food for Zayn! “food! Now? “Yes! “Okay ma'am, I will leave it on the table then, will help you in the kitchen too! She walked out of the door fully. Giselle got to the kitchen and went over to pick up the apron. Sliding it down her neck, she went over to the chopping board and started cooking. Ms. Sue walked in, bearing some vegetables with her. She set them down on the table and took over the chopping of the vegetables, while Giselle takes care of the cooking. Ms sue has been the one cooking for them since they got married, she has been with Zayn even before their marriage. When she got to know that her boss is in love with Danica instead of Giselle, she felt so bad about it. Danica might be one of the beauties of the city but she is a vicious witch that doesn't deserve anything good other than pain. Zayn might have failed to see through her sneaky ways but Ms. Sue has got to know about her dirty dealing during her stay in the house. She doesn't love Zayn Meyer, instead, she came for his wealth. Knowing how much he loves her, she planned to use that as a tool to get the entire Medina's wealth transferred to her name. The only obstacle in her way is Giselle, who owns 70 percent of the Family's wealth. The duo continues to cook in silence without anyone raising a question or demanding an answer from the other person. When Giselle needs something, Ms. Sue would hand it over before she could ask, it continued that way until they were done with the cooking. Setting the food in a lunch box, Giselle brought out the customized box and dished it out into it Ms. Sue. watched on as they got the food neatly dished. “Giselle, why don't you go for a check-up after this, you look very sick to me! Ms sue said, looking her all over. “I will go, aunt, after lunch with grandpa. I have already booked the appointment for the afternoon! So! “oh! That's great then After that, Giselle finished with the packaging, she took the food to the living room, and got Sue to go call the driver while she got ready for lunch with her family. It's been months since she last went back to her maternal home. Being the CEO of such a big company, it isn't easy to balance both responsibilities but she tried her best. The Medina Cooperation might be the second-largest company in the world, but they are a lot of things at stake. Giselle had never thought that she would end up handling such a huge responsibility, moreover, she had never had any interest in the company but her grandpa woke up one day, forced her to get married, and then took over everything. According to her grandpa, everything the Medinas have now was solely built by her later father, while her uncle Nicholas had wasted the family's investment on gambling.

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