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Marry Prince Charming

Marry Prince Charming

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"Leonard Bryant is a man of the hour in Sea City. He has won the Pritzker Prize at a young age, which is considered as Nobel Prize in the architecture field. An architectural drawing of his can be auctioned to hundreds of millions yuan. Everyone takes him as an architectural design talent. But everyone also thinks he is gay because of his frequent refusal of women. Ashley Powell has been taking Leonard as her idol and loving Leonard for several years. For him, Ashley chooses to learn architectural design during university. As the saying goes, “when there is a will, there is a way”, she finally gets the chance to work in Bryant Group after her graduation. At the graduation ceremony, Ashley was coaxed by her classmates to test if Leonard is gay. A little drunk Ashley came to Leonard’s room, then .... ‘Who says this man is gay? He is not gay but a beast!’ Ashley thinks."

Chapter 1 She Slept with Her Idol

Outside a presidential suite of the Supreme Hotel in Sea City, Ashley Powell had been standing, frowning and hesitating, for five minutes. And her palm had even sweated the room card in her hand.

Half an hour ago, she was at her college graduation dinner.

"Ashley, people say that Leonard is gay. Why don't you go and test if he is really not interested in women?" At dinner, Leonard Bryant, a famous, rich bachelor and talented architect in Sea City, naturally became the object of discussion at the table.

"What a pity that such a rich, handsome man turns out to be gay..."

"Ashley, isn't Leonard your idol? Don't you want to test and verify it for him?"

"I've learned that Leonard will stay at the presidential suite on the top floor of this hotel tonight. Here is the room card. Good luck."

Leonard, 28 years old, was the president of the Bryant Group, a position with superior status, power, and wealth. He was a talented architect who won international honors for his designs at 18 and a rare, excellent bachelor in all women's eyes. However, he was rumored to be gay.

But all those good or bad labels and comments attached to Leonard by the outside world would not affect Ashley's worship of him. As a student of architectural design, Ashley knew well that Leonard was indeed a genius in this regard.

Ashley put the room card on the sensor, and the door then opened.

The room was pitch black, and it was so quiet that only her own breathing could be heard. Ashley stepped on the heavy carpet and walked into it slowly, her heart pounding as violently as if it could jump out of her chest at any time.

The room was large, and the air had a faint smell of cologne. Ashley continued walking, breathing quietly.

"Ouch..." In the darkness, Ashley ran into something all of a sudden, and she screamed in pain after the abrupt noise she made.

"Who are you?" In the darkness, an angry, cold male voice sounded.

Although Ashley was not a timid girl, she panicked at this moment. She tried to escape but stumbled and fell backward. However, instead of falling to the ground, she actually fell into a sturdy chest.

Ashley drank a lot at the party, so her body was full of the smell of alcohol plus a unique fragrance she originally had, which made the man frown slightly. He pushed the woman away, saying, "Damned woman. How dare you come into my room!"

Then, the room light was turned on to illuminate the entire room.

Only then did Ashley see the situation in the room clearly. Leonard, her idol, was standing not far from her at the moment. His dark hair was dripping with water, his facial contour was smooth, clear-cut, and his facial features were like those of a carefully carved statue. Besides, there were tiny waterdrops on his firm abs, which was particularly attractive under the room light.

Ashley was stunned, staring at the man.

Leonard stared at the bold woman before him, the look in his eyes getting colder and colder. However, the man, who had never reacted to women in any way, had a physiological reaction to the woman because of the touch just now.

"Who sent you here?" Leonard felt a flame rushing up deep in his heart and clenched his hands tightly to force himself to stay calm.

Ashley stared at Leonard. She was 22 years old, and this was her first time to witness a male body. She swallowed and thought to herself, "Well. Didn't expect my idol to have such a gorgeous figure. No wonder he is the ideal man in the eyes of so many women!"

The obsessed look in Ashley's eyes disgusted Leonard. There were so many women who were eager to climb into his bed. He stepped forward and asked, "You fancy dying, don't you?"

The frosty vibe the man gave off made Ashley shiver all over and realize that he was scarier than she expected.

In a flash of inspiration, Ashley abruptly reached out to encircle Leonard's neck with her hands and kissed him in the cheek boldly. "You look like my idol. Do you know who my idol is? Leonard Bryant, an architectural design genius. Everyone says he is gay. How is it possible? I don't believe it at all. How can my idol be gay?"

Leonard frowned slightly. The woman pressed against him tightly. Not only did he not feel repulsive, but he even liked it a little bit.

"You are not Leonard. How could you be my idol? I should be drunk." With her arms placed around Leonard's neck, Ashley looked at him with a smile and pretended to be clueless. "Leonard is way more handsome than you. When he smiles, his eyes are as stunning as stars."

Leonard had been a clean freak since he was a child, and no woman could approach him. Not only those people outside his life said that he was gay, but also his family and friends suspected so. They even tried to send women to his bed, but Leonard refused all of them.

However, Leonard was the only male in his generation of his family. His grandfather, the older master of the Bryant Family, looked for doctors worldwide to cure the problem of repelling women for his grandson, but it did not help in the end.

The faint perfume smell on Leonard made Ashley's heart beat faster. Although she drank alcohol, her mind was still clear. However, at this moment, she could not act soberly.

Ashley lifted her face to look at the man before her eyes and mustered the courage to kiss him on the lips. "I must be dreaming. It must be so."

In fact, Ashley was scared, nervous, and pleasantly surprised. After all, the man in front of her was an idol she had liked for many years.

"Woman, do you know what you are doing?" Leonard's eyes were full of anger as the woman had almost destroyed his self-control and sanity.

Faced with Leonard's fierce and murderous eyes, Ashley giggled and then took the initiative to kiss his chin. "Leonard, are you really gay? Oh, no, you are not Leonard. How could you be Leonard?"

Ashley thought her acting skill was good enough to play a minor role in a TV series or something.

Leonard frowned, and all his self-control and sanity collapsed in an instant. Then, he hugged Ashley in his arms, "Woman, try me if I am gay or not."

Recently, there was more and more news saying that Leonard was gay. Those shareholders of the Bryant Group were also talking about this matter and even wanted Leonard to step down. Also, he had to face pressure from his grandfather. Although he could deal with all of them on his own, it would be nice if he could use this woman to help him cope with those rumors.

Ashley was not drunk. At Leonard's words, she was shocked.

"What? Are you scared?" Leonard's dark eyes fixed on Ashley. "Don't you come over to test me? I thought you're a brave woman."

Ashley was an inexperienced young woman, no matter how. Therefore, she was still a little flustered, trying to step backward, but Leonard cornered her between the wall and his chest.

Leonard used to have zero desire for women. This day, however, he acted like a demon. The woman before him made his heart covered by waves of lust.

"I'm not scared," Ashley replied courageously, her heart pounding violently.

"Really?" Leonard sniffed Ashley's unique maiden breathing and pinched her slender waist with his hands. "Since you took the initiative to enter my room, don't blame me for not being polite."

Before Ashley could react, her lips were kissed upon by the man, and she felt the sky and earth were spinning around.

In less than a minute, Ashley realized that she was thrown into bed. She looked at Leonard in horror. If he was really gay as it was rumored. How come he could undress a woman so skillfully?

No matter how bold she was, she did not want to lose her virginity like this.

Leonard's eyes were bloodshot, and the smell of Ashley made his body become hotter and hotter. He wanted to fuck the woman, and that was the only idea in his mind at this moment.

"I regret it." At the moment of emergency, Ashley flinched. Even though the man was her idol, she was unwilling to lose her virginity to test if he was gay or not.

Although Leonard had never touched a woman, his self-control was strong. However, he was out of control at this moment. Smelling the attractive scent on Ashley, he frowned as he realized that it was an aphrodisiac perfume.

"How dare you calculate me?" Leonard flew into a rage and reached out to grab Ashley's neck. "You want to get into my bed so badly that you have to use aphrodisiac perfume shamelessly?"

Ashley was shocked, and due to the man's grip on her neck, she could not breathe smoothly. "What? Aphrodisiac perfume? I don't know what you are talking about."

"You don't know?" Leonard stared at the woman with his bloodshot eyes and even had the urge to kill her. "Stop acting. Don't you want to sleep with me? Then I'll fulfill your wish."

"I am not..." Before Ashley could finish her words, a sharp pain sobered her up completely.

That night, Leonard was entirely out of control. He got addicted to the woman and had sex with her time and time again.

Ashley woke up in exhaustion and fell asleep again in exhaustion.


When Ashley woke up the next morning, it was ten o'clock. Looking at the bloodstains on the messy sheet and those reddish spots on her body, Ashley became panicked. She was soberly aware that the man she slept with last night was Leonard, a man she had idolized for four or five years.

The sound of washing came from the bathroom. With a butterfly in her stomach, Ashley hurried to get out of bed. As her legs softened suddenly, she almost fell.

She was quite bold last night due to the alcohol she drank. At this moment, however, she was utterly sober. Learning that she slept with her idol, she got a palpitation and immediately decided to get out of the place.

Ashley got dressed in a panic. As she opened the room door, an older man in black and a group of doctors in white uniforms showed up in the doorway.

Ashley was stunned and did not know what to do for a moment.

Upon seeing the hickeys on Ashley's neck, the doctor-in-charge standing behind the older man said with a smile, "Mr. Bryant, it seems that your grandson needs no treatment now."

Learning that his grandson was not interested in women, Leonard's grandfather, the older master of the Bryant Family, invited a bunch of experts from overseas to treat Leonard. Unexpectedly, he ran into Ashley in front of the hotel room.

"Young woman, are you Leonard's girlfriend?" The Elder Master stared at the woman who had cured his grandson and felt relieved with a kind look in his eyes.

"No, I am not." Ashley hurried to wave her hand. The ambiguous smiles on those people's faces made her face blush all over. "I am not."

Just then, Leonard finished his shower and walked out of the bathroom in a white bathrobe. Seeing his grandfather and the doctor group, he furrowed his brows slightly and walked over to grab Ashley by her shoulder. "Grandpa, you don't have to invite these doctors for me. There is nothing special about my sexual orientation."

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