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Luna Eclipse

Luna Eclipse

img Werewolf
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img Rebecca Bruce
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Once a forgotten Omega, now the next Luna of the Blood Moon pack-Lydia must uncover the secrets of her heritage while unraveling the reason her new Alpha mate is keeping her at arm's length. Part 1 of Luna Eclipse *** Rescued from a wolf pack who abused and bullied her, orphaned Lydia must relearn what it means to be part of a family-and that she, too, is worth fighting for. Finding it within herself with the help of new friends, Lydia grows stronger and braver than ever before. But danger lurks along the pack borders and she must navigate this all new relationship with her mate along the way! ***

Chapter 1 Unhappy

I sneakily found my way down the vast hallway, keeping my back pressed against the wall. I could hear them in the kitchen and I had a fairly large open doorway ahead, so if I was to get by unnoticed, I would have to time it right.

Peering around the corner, I noticed the group of teenagers facing away from me. So, taking a deep breath, I braced myself before leaping across the two-meter gap. Catching myself from stumbling, I internally cursed when the clothes I wore rustled as I staggered. I held my breath in anticipation and just as I thought I had gotten away with it, a pair of black shoes came into my eye-line.

Gulping, I looked up to find the snooty grimace of Ruth. She slicked her dark red hair back against her head into a straightened ponytail, gray eyes sneered down at me as she chewed on the gum in her mouth. Her curvaceous hip was poised, arms folded with her phone loosely in her grip. She was stunning, an accurate picture of everything a werewolf woman should be and the future "mate" to the Alpha. But she hated me, with every single passion. The two girls and three random guys behind her had the same feelings towards me, too.

"Oh my gosh, it's you." She squealed. "What are you doing? Think you can sneak around, huh?"

Her voice was sultry as her lipstick-encased lips parted in a chuckle. "Well?"

I stayed where I was on the floor, looking away from her eyes to stare at the floor. "I-I... I just wanted t-t-to go to my room."

"I-I-I just wanted t-t-t- what? I'm sorry I couldn't hear you through that rubbish." Her current best friend, Delia, chortled.

Ruth pouted at her, an action that may seem innocent to others, but I knew different.

"Aw, Delia, don't be like that. It's not Lydia's fault that she was never taught proper English after being abandoned."

They all laughed in unison before Ruth grasped me by my blonde hair. I winced as a few hairs snagged in her grip but chewed on my lip, knowing if I made a sound, I would get hell from her group. I stood in time with her, her gum smacking against her tongue as she tilted her head at me.

"Now... I just got my makeup and nails done all pretty, so why don't you run along and go hide in your room for the rest of the day?"

I nodded, my green eyes meeting hers warily. "Oh-okay."

Her hand tightened on my roots before she dropped me. I turned to scamper off when a well-manicured foot encased in Louis Vuitton darted out beneath me. I tripped, smacking into the floor with a groan. They all burst out laughing and I glanced behind me to see Ruth just smirking at me as she examined her nails, walking away.

"Oh, my gosh, did you see the way she stuttered?" Her other follower, Freya, giggled.

Tears brimmed as I hurried my way into my room. Slamming the door shut behind me, I collapsed into my bed, crying once more for the people who constantly made my life miserable. Today I got off well, but who knows what is coming later?

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