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Just when the Ammie thought she had found the one,she discovers dark secrets surrounding her lover and uncovers new stories about Westham.

Chapter 1 New Moon


Dan screamed as he swam back up from the ocean.A look of pity swept through his face as he watched his younger brother battle with the decision of jumping over the cliff or staying to fight.

"Vick, please,don't act brave.They're a full pack"he pleaded.

Vick,his younger brother stood at the edge of the cliff, contemplating his next action.He could hear the leaves rustle behind him,and just in time,he felt a figure emerge behind him.

"I'm sorry Dan" Vick said, looking at the moon,which was at full strength.His eye switched from dark brown to gold,the hairs on his sides blowing up quickly.

He was beginning to morph,when a spade pierced through his heart.Dan screamed from his distance, watching the spade get pulled out,and his brother falling flat on the cliff.

"Get him"he heard the alpha mutter to a member of the pack.Dan knew he had to act quickly.He hurriedly swam out of the ocean, grabbed the scroll which lay on shore and turned to run.

Only that there was no place to run to.He was surrounded.

"Hand the scroll over"the thick male voice said.He walked out,into the light of the moon, bringing his features into visibility.His eyes were blood red,hair a bit rough.One would assume he had rolled through the dirt as his body was covered in mud aswell.

"You killed your brother"

""the male interrupted Dan."Look, little man,just hand over the scroll,and we'll let you live"

"When have you ever kept your words Scott?How do you expect me to believe you when you killed the only family I have left!"Dan yelled, tightening his grip on the scroll.

He could sense their rage grow.The wolves began moving in circles, gnarling fiercely.

Dan's grip on the scroll grew tighter by every passing second.For some reasons,the creatures stopped moving.There was a minute of silence, giving Dan the opportunity to focus his senses on the environment.

"Rare scent"he muttered, after getting the scent of the someone lurking around in the bushes.He could notice Scott's uneasiness grow.Ofcourse he sensed it too.

Scott's gnarl could be heard building up from within.His gaze was fixed at the woods.There was yet no sign of any one.

"Stop playing games Dan!"Scott yelled at Dan.

"I'm not doing a...."Dan's speech got interrupted as Scott got flung off his feet and thrown against a tree.

The leaves were only seen rustling,and in no time,every other wolf was flung against a tree.

"You're welcome"Dan heard a voice whisper in his ear.He quickly turned around.


"Run!"Steph ordered him.Scott's pack were already re-assembling.She took in a very deep breath,then exhaled with a smile."You'll are making a mistake, trust me"she warned, letting her claws out aggressively.

*** *** ***


"Might return late today, detention, remember"I told my mum who had just given me a list of 'after school duty".For some reasons I was happy I got a detention for default of class rules.My mum has always looked for ways she would monitor my activities....with boys especially.

I slammed the door and proceeded into the school premises.There was a queue,which happens to be the usual in Standford High ever since the incidence of eagles dropping dead In their numbers in the school field.Rumour has it that my alma mater is a base for supernaturals,or rather the bridge between two worlds,or more.

"Hey, whatsup"I asked Emily,my best friend as I tried seeing through the lines.

"It's probably a serious matter, principal Hessey has refused to let any of the students in on any case"Emily said still focused on her phone.She finally looked up and scoffed."so no detention for you little miss runaway away from home"

"Don't do that you know how difficult it is with my mum"I replied her.Every student's phone began to beep,and just as I guessed..a message from 'standfords anonymous'.

"A murder case!"a student screamed from the front row.She happened to be the first to have seen the anonymous message.

The crowd was thrown into chaos as students began yelling at the school authorities,parents who just dropped their kids off requested they returned to the car, people spreading the rumours already on the socials.Luckily and fortunately,my mum was gone.

"Standford records it's first death case. #shutdown Standford"Emily read out a post from Dianne the socialite,as she loved to parade herself."This girl really thinks she's the bitch"

"Well she has 50k followers on IG"I stated, getting an awkward look from Emily."What..I'm not trying to support her".

"Good day dearest students of Standford High"Principal Hessey's voice echoed in the halls and corners of the school.There was dead silence,as everyone anticipated his speech.

"I believe you've all heard the rumours of what is currently being dealt with in the school's premises"he resumed."I urge everyone to remain calm and avoid spreading rumour which would affect the dignity of our esteemed college.In the mean time, everyone is requested to vacate the school premises till further notice"he concluded.The crowd went back to it's former state,before the principal's voice was heard once again."Emily Stowart,Daniel Hunt,Ammie Jones,Dianne the socialite"the principal sounded unsure when calling Dianne."and Clinton,report to the principal's office.

From the names mentioned,I already knew it was my detention friends...not really friends per se but Emily?"how did your name get there?" I asked her.She shrugged,saying nothing as we proceeded into the school hallway and we're led to the principal's office.Somehow,I stole a look at a section of the hall demarcated with a yellow tape.

"Have a seat"Hessey's stern but smooth voice ordered us, sending chills down my spine.

*** *** ***


I felt my body get cold by every growing second as my uncle paced the room.Half of the room was already in pieces, expensive drawings torn,his shelf broken in two.My uncle's anger was one of the very moments in life which I do my very best to avoid.Never should anyone want to see him angry and I guess I inherited his toughness,and anger issues.

I stood still, feeling the sweat from my curly hair tear down my nose.My uncle had stopped pacing around, leaning in the remainings of his desk.

"We've had that scroll as an heirloom"he sounded like he was repressing his rage.I could

feel his anger boiling from within."And the very day it's handed to you,you loose it"

"I'm sorry, uncle Von"I immediately apologized.I guess he scoffed,cause I he wasn't facing my direction."I promise to..."I couldn't complete my statement as I dodged the object which he threw my way."

"You piece of sh*t"he yelled as he charged at me.

"Uncle"I called as I got my defence ready,but he was too quick.

I landed in the wall,but regained myself immediately for his next attack."Uncle please"

I stopped his attack aiming for my chin and pushed him away.He still seemed furious, coming back at me with his full strength.

"Fine!"I yelled.I got hit several times on my torso,before getting flung into his half damaged wall.I didn't bother defending myself anymore.This is the man who taught me every battle skill I know,every technique,how to morph, ofcourse I wasn't gonna pick a fight with him over a scroll. "Hit me all you want"I managed to say amidst receiving blows on the face."Go on!"I added."But that won't change the fact that your favourite nephew is a traitor to the pack!"I said,which happened to do the trick.He was about hitting me with a part of the shelf before I made the statement.He let the object fall and burst into tears, retracing his steps back to the position where his desk once stood.

I used that opportunity to get on my feet and pulled out the objects which he stabbed my thighs with."You can hit me all you want uncle!Atleast I deserve the honours of having found out that Dan was a traitor,along side his brother!and there's nothing you can do to change the fact that he was a traitor leaving under you and learning from you.You taught us everything we know!You made us what we are!"I yelled, groaning a little,as I felt a sharp pain in my torso.

"You killed Vick"

"He was weak,and there's no room for weakness"I defended myself.

"You should have let him leave"my uncle said amidst sorrow.I could feel his pain.

Vick wasn't his favourite nephew,but he had the last born love and advantage.He was my least sibling, probably because he was weak,and hadn't harnessed his full potentials.

I did envy Dan,not just because he was my uncle's favourite,but because the pack referred to him as "Redeemer".A Redeemer who could barely control his wolf.Only equipped with basic fighting techniques.

I did all the work,fought every battle successfully,but yet he gets all the honour,all because of a Stupid prophecy!.

"The information that scroll contains is one which the outside world shouldn't be exposed to.You've put the entire wolf line in danger"Uncle Von finally spoke.

"I'll have the scroll returned uncle"

"Ofcourse you will"he replied almost immediately."Daniel attends a school for Normal humans.You must retrieve that scroll without causing any danger to the outside world.we've remained hidden for years and can't risk exposure now"

I looked at almost seemed as though he was sending me on another mission and dishing out advices,even in his state.My uncle might be mean,brutal, wicked..but he believes in the ways of the gods.Balance must be maintained between worlds to ensure survival of supernatural creatures.

"I won't let you down"I said to him before heading out of his office.

*** *** ***


"And how do I know you're telling the truth"Principal Hessey asked, dishing out his very stern look, directing his gaze to my eye,to see if I'ld probably stutter or change my statement.

"I have no reason to lie to you,or anyone"

I replied him.The rest of the team sat at the other end of the office, watching principal Hessey and the officer interrogate me.

I saw the officer nod, signalling me that they were done.i stood and joined the rest where they were.Principal Hessey walked up to us,his glasses looking like the were being worn by his nose.His suit was well ironed,making him look elegant in a weird way.

"What you'll see trying to say is that you all checked out at the same time?"

"Yes"we all chorused.The officer tapped him and signalled him to follow him outside the office.

"No one leaves"he ordered before stepping out.

There was a minute of silence between us,my detention friends,as we usually called ourselves ever since out first day of breaking out of detention to watch a movie,before someone broke it.

"Who do you think it is?"Dianne the socialite asked.She had a look of anxiety written all over her face.

"Why? so you can tell your 'instafam' "Emily asked,making the last word sound weird-ish.

"Urmm...yeahhhh..I mean...not really..but who cares.They have to stay updated"

"You're just being selfish"Emily attacked.

"Ohh really,if I am being selfish then you'd have told the principal we all skipped detention yesterday"

And just that way,a heated argument began.The ladies argued , throwing direct shades at each other"

"Guys!"I heard Ammie interrupt them.Ofcourse I could tell without looking to know.She had a peculiar voice which would make you spot her in a crowd."Someone died and all you could do is argue "

"I only wanted to know who died?"Dianne defended.

"Brendan"I muttered.I noticed I had drawn their attention.I looked at their faces,doubt written all over.


"Brendan,the school's web developer"I detailed.Awe was written all over Ammie's face.

"Clinton had an argument with him yesterday"Dianne turned to Clinton who had been silent all along.

"Wha....and?it was just an can't say you're suspecting I killed Brendan"Clinton quickly defended himself.He wasn't lying,I could tell.

"Noo..but it's a good reason and places you in the position of a suspect"Dianne added.

"F**k you"Clinton cursed and proceeded to the window.i fixed my gaze on him till he got to the window.That was when I noticed it was getting dark.The principal walked back into the office hurriedly.He went for his keys in his locker.

"Do we get to go home?"Emily asked"

"There's been a call from the hospital.He's alive"he said and stormed out.He walked back in and pointed a finger at them"noone leaves the school premises.Finish up your work in my office and wait till my return"then he left.

"Cool,so we're stuck"Clinton suclked.

We all found a comfortable place to stay.I chose the window.It allowed the light from the moon reflect into the office,like it was delivering a message directly to me.

I reached for my back pocket,pulled out the brown scroll and headed for the empty chair,away from the rest.I opened it gently,only to see there was nothing on the pages.

There were about 10 pages.10 empty pages.

"A gift?"a feminine voice said from behind.i quickly rolled it up and turned around.

"Who gives blank pages of paper as a gift"I said after realizing it was Ammie.She smiled at me and walked closer to me.She sat on the step beside the chair,took the scroll from my hand and opened it.

"Could be a puzzle.or probably containing information which can only be read under a candle light"I sensed the sarcasm in her voice.I only starred at her."don't tell me you don't watch all those movies where there's a secret written in a paper,they only get to read it under a light....blahh blahhh"she chuckled.

For some reasons,she made sense.I grabbed the scroll from her and headed to the principal's desk.

He had a small reading lamp on it.I opened the scroll and placed it under the lamp.No results.I looked at her with disappointment,only to see a smile tear through her cheek.

"I was kidding"the smile grew into a faint laughter. The Moon's light caught my attention one more time. It looked more endearing this time. I picked the scroll, walked back to the window and slowly opened it.'words','drawings',' markings' ,I began seeing all these one after the other.I stole a glance at Ammie to ensure she hadn't noticed.

Just as my interest grew in the discovery,we heard a loud came from the hallway.

"What was that?"Dianne already looked frightened as she grabbed her phone.

"Sounded so much like metal"Clinton walked towards the principal door and looked through the glass.

"Guys,we've lost network connection"Emily announced.Ammie grabbed her phone to confirm.I looked into it,and ofcourse,the network was gone.

"I guess we should check it out then"Emily suggested.

"Yeah,i'm in. it's probably someone sneaking into the school to carry out his rebellious what better way to spend detention together"Dianne said ,bringing out her phone and began recording.

Clinton unlocked the door and was about opening it,when I interrupted.

"I think that's a bad idea"

The group looked back at me, probably waiting to know my reasons.

"Why don't we stay in here,and let whatever or whoever is out there do their.."

"Whatever?"Dianne interrupted."ohh this getting fun"she forcefully opened the door, leading them out with her camera.

I have a bad feeling about this.

*** *** ***


The hallway was totally silent, reeking of suspense as we walked down.We got to the center and stopped.

"What?"Dianne asked.She had be recording everything and didn't realize we had stopped,because Dan did.

"This is a bad idea we should leave the school now"Dan sounded serious and it came like a warning.

"But Hessey said we shouldn't leave school till he's back"I said.He gave me a look which made me question why he was so sure we were in danger.

The lights went off almost immediately.The school was in total black out.We all turned on our phone lights to aid vision.

"I'll go check on the power house"Clinton offered.Dianne tagged along,and ofcourse,we were about to wait for them till forever.

Emily and I say by the lockers,Emily on her phone,and me watching Dan pace silently in the hallway.He stopped at some point and looked towards the direction Clinton and Dianne had gone towards.

"How far have they gone?"

"Quite far by now,why?"I asked.He ran towards the door at the end and pulled it,but it was locked.That was strange because those two just went through there.I stood immediately and that must have alerted Emily.

"Dan what's wrong"

"We need to get to Dianne and Clinton"Dan said hurrying to the door at the other end of the hall.It was locked at well.

"Okay you're scaring me.What's happening Danny"Emily,as she fondly calls him asked.

He walked back to us, panting like he just completed a race.

"We're not alone"

*** *** ***

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