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His Tribrid Mate

His Tribrid Mate

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Iris, a 21- year old girl whose true powers are unknown thus mistaken for an omega (a weak werewolf) is forcefully given away to the Alpha of Blue Moon pack, Miles Carta. He brings her to his home and switches between loving her and hating her despite the fact that she is his true mate because he is already married. A moment that is supposed to be the happiest of her life turns into the saddest. But along the line, she begins to unravel so many things about who she really is with the help of Trevon (The beta). Soon, she figures out she has the ability to help cure his ailment.

Chapter 1 Meeting HIM…


The morning I dreaded finally arrived, even quicker than I expected. A sudden wave of anxiety enveloped me as I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I knew they would come to call me sooner or later and I had to get ready before they did.

I had my bath quicker than usual. My red dress was already prepared for me, all I had to do was wear it over my slender body. I stood there looking at my reflection in the mirror.

The red dress sat well on lithe curves and slender body and my rapunzel esque hair flowed prettily down my back. People usually made fun of my hair and referred to me as an albino but I loved it, I saw it as a special gift.

My mind ran back to that day in the woods by the small fountain. I was picking snails when I felt a tingly feeling clutching my fingertips. I felt woozy for a bit but ignored it and went back to picking my snails. An unseen thorn pricked my forefinger, I yelped and jumped up in pain.

My senses become heightened and a scent I had never come across before took over my nostrils. I turned around anxiously scanning my surroundings to see where it came from but everything looked normal so I returned to my snail picking.

“Isn’t it too risky to be out here alone?” A deep masculine voice said behind me causing me to squeal in panic. My wolf surfaced through my eyes and I jumped up immediately to see who it was.

He was beautiful with hazel eyes and well-trimmed black hair. His facial features contrasted well with his light toned face. I could get lost in his eyes if I stared long enough. A smile crept in at the corner of his lips and softened his facial features, it also added to his pure attractiveness.

He had strong arms and broad shoulders even with the clothing on his body, those manly features still found a way to make themselves evident.

“Who…who are you?” My eyes flickered and I stammered. Why wouldn’t I? I had never thought I’d ever find an attractive guy like him.

“I am someone you will never forget.” He said with a sly smile on his face and piercing gaze. He made me feel heat and a tingly feeling in between my legs.

“I am sure of that,” I looked up at him.

He moved closer and fondled my hair. His eyes sparkled with excitement and darkness making it hard to understand the meaning of his gaze. “Mate.” He muttered.

I glared at him in fright and pushed him away from me.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked him.

“You are my mate.” He said out loud. He was just as surprised as I was.

“No…it can’t be…I can’t be your mate.” I ran away leaving him and my snails there.

On reaching home, my parents were already waiting for me with unexpected news.

“Get ready Iris, he is coming to get you tomorrow.” My father sternly stated. I stared at him and shook my head vigorously in disapproval.

“I don’t want to go with him.” I begged.

“You have to, child, you know who you are, an omega…we should be thankful to the moon goddess for giving you a mate like him.” My father added.

“What do you mean by a mate like him, Father?” I asked in confusion.

“He’s the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack.” The words hit me like a rock, an alpha? How could I be mated with an Alpha?” I thought within myself. I fell to the ground and began to cry profusely.

I fought back the tears of frustration from down my cheeks as I remembered the events of two days ago. I heard footsteps approaching and I knew it was time.

“Iris…everybody is ready.” One of the servants called out.

The tears I fought to hold in finally fell down my cheeks. I turned to look back at the mirror before heading out.

“Get it together, Iris, he’s your mate, he won’t hurt you and he won’t mind if you are a weak one, he will love and cherish you, that’s what mates do right?” I tried to give myself some encouraging words before stepping out to my biggest fear.

He came with a man I had never seen before, he looked just as handsome but he looked better. He had a serious expression all the while and his friend did most of the talking. After what seemed to be forever with my parents, we got into the car and we were ready to leave.

I waved my family goodbye as I sadly entered the car. The drive to his home was quiet, there was tension in the air too. He neither spared me a glance nor said a word to me. He looked out the window the whole time. The man who was driving looked at me from time to time through the rearview mirror.

“You okay, Iris?” He asked.

“I guess…” I shrugged and looked at the man who sat beside me like ice.

“We’ll be there soon. Just relax okay?” The man said again and I nodded.

“Thank you Sir.” I said to him and he smiled.

“Trevon…Call me Trevon.” He said.

“Alright Mr. Trevon.” I said, trying to remain polite.

“Just Trevon Princess.” Princess? He just called me Princess. My cheeks blushed at the cute name he just referred to me as. I loved it but I wished it came from Mr. Ice.

He shot Trevon a cold glare and he immediately focused on his driving and didn’t say a word to me till we pulled over at a very large and impressive residence on a delightful landscape.

The compound was large and adorned with beautiful flowers and the people who I believed to be maids moved about with baskets and other house equipment.

The men dressed in black ran over to us and opened the car door for him. He stepped down and without even me sparing me a look walked away into the house. Trevon walked over and opened the door for me and I stepped down. My eyes scanned the beautiful environment before me.

“Let’s go.” Trevon held my hand and ushered me in.

“My box…”

“Don’t worry, they will bring it to your room.”

Trevon noticed my calm or rather sad countenance. “He will come around, don’t worry.” He said trying to make me feel better.

“I heard he’s a kind person and the people love him, how come he’s been nothing but cold to me?”

“It’s a rough time for him but he will come around.” He spoke as we walked into the house. There was a hallway that led straight to the room I was given. My box was already there before I got in.

“Call me if you need anything…and enjoy your stay.” Trevon said and walked away.

The room was comfortable and well-furnished, you could see the main house from looking out through the window. I jumped on my bed immediately Trevon left, this was my new life now and there was no turning back. I got up and took slow strides to the mirror.

My mind once again drifted to that moment when I met him in the woods. I felt this heat that threatened to break through my legs. The sound of swords against each other and men shouting piqued my interest so I moved away from the mirror to the window to get a clearer view of the scene. I pushed the thick lemon green curtains aside and leaned my head on the burglary.

The shirtless men were strong and muscular, a clear example of six packs. I loved the way their bodies flexed as they swayed from side to side. I was ogling at their well-crafted bodies and wondering how it would feel to have me underneath them. Trevon was also there, he looked up briefly and upon seeing me, he waved and smiled at me and I returned the gesture.

The door was thrown wide open and he walked in with a stern face that screamed rage. I snapped and turned to look at him. He stared at me with so much resentment in his eyes making me wonder what I did, I barely just got here and I have gotten on his nerves already?

“What were you looking at?” He asked. That was the first time I was hearing his voice again after the time in the woods. His question took me aback a little and I didn’t know how to answer it, “We were ogling at shirtless men, duhh!” Kira said inside of me and I immediately told her to keep quiet. He moved closer to me and cupped my face with his hand and asked.

“Have you ever been touched down there before?” My mouth hung open at his straightforwardness, I didn’t expect a question of that sort.

“No…no one has.”

“I see.” He said, sounding surprised. “Would you want to be touched then?” Another unexpected question. He looked down at my body and I subconsciously licked my lips. I pressed my thighs tightly against each because his gentle gaze was making the heat in between my legs skyrocket.

“Lay down there and spread your legs for me.” I furrowed my brows in confusion, “What is trying to do?” Kira eagerly asked.

“Why? I promise no man has touched me, I have stayed away from them my entire life.” He continued to stare at me.

“I believe you.” He said and turned to leave when I blurted, causing him to stop in his steps.

“I want to be touched.” The words went flying out of my mouth. He stopped and turned to look back at me.

I don’t know how the courage came but it did. I pulled the dress down and away from my body while he stood intently watching me. His piercing gaze made my body ache the more and it shuddered at the thought of what was going to happen next.

His face lightened up a bit at the sight of my body. My breasts were well cupped in the bra and my coochie was also covered with the white panties. I looked at him shyly and walked to the soft and comfortable bed and laid on it. I looked at him then I slightly parted my legs waiting for him.

My heart was beating so fast against my chest in a rather anxious yet excited way. He walked to bed and sat in between my legs. His fingertips gently traced my bare flesh and I quivered out of fright. His fingers moved around the edges of my panties as his masculine body hovered over mine. His sly glare sent shivers down my spine as he slowly pushed my panties to one side.

His fingers ran through my entrance and I winced and wondered what he was up to. Anticipation ran through my mind as he moved down. A strong wave of pleasure exploded through my body as his warm fingers parted the lips of coochie. My stomach was tightly knit with pleasure as his fingers ran over my coochie through and through. I held back the moan that almost escaped my lips. He was teasing me and it was clearly working. My eyes were closed but I could still feel his gaze on my face.

My body was going to blow-up with pleasure and desire, the moan I was struggling so hard to hold on finally came out and I instantly covered my mouth. His index finger rubbed my clit and I flinched out of surprise, it felt so good. He made steady strokes and moved in circular motions around it. “That feels so good.” Kira cried out.

He became more intense with rubbing my clit and a scream slipped past my lips as excitement built up inside of me. After a couple of minutes, he stopped and pushed the panties back to its original position. I opened my eyes to meet his intense gaze and immediately our eyes met, he moved away from my body.

“The only shirtless man you are allowed to gawk at is me.” He stated. He saw that?” Kira asked again.

“You are not to leave this room until you are asked to.” My eyebrows furrowed in confusion at his words.

“Am I a prisoner?” I asked and he turned to look at me.

“You are nothing.” The words came with a hint of repulsion causing me to flinch. He just had his way with me and now I am nothing? Tears began to roll down my cheeks. He took one last look at me and walked out leaving me to handle my breakdown alone.

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