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His To Claim!!!

His To Claim!!!

img Romance
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Erotica, Dark Romance ___ Left with no other choice, former heiress, Carla Dawson must work as a stripper in Velvet Steam. She doesn’t wish to fall lower by selling her body to the highest bidder-until his icy finger slid into her pussy. Carla wants to feel his fingers roaming the virgin walls of her cunt - his massive cock in her aching and dripping wet pussy. The only problem is that he isn’t ready to satisfy the feisty little fox. At least, not yet. Not until she begs and shows him how much she craves his cock. Only then would he accept this temptress and make her his exclusive pet. How long would Carla survive beside Don Angelo, when he has a row of bitches lined up just to suck his cock and have him ravage their pussies at any time? When she thinks she needs to escape his world, she witnesses something that can never be unseen. Now, she can only remain at his side as an obedient slave, even when her mind screams danger!!! ******* “This pussy is now mine, little fox. You will be punished if anyone else touches my property. Do I make myself clear?” “Yes, master.”

Chapter 1 New reality


I’m so glad it’s the last day of the month, and not just that, tomorrow is the new year. I’ll finally kiss goodbye to the toughest year of my life.

I hope and pray that everything changes in the coming year. Soon, I’ll be twenty-two and getting closer to realizing my dreams.


I hear someone call out to me in the distance, but I have no plans to respond. Without a doubt, I know it’s Eleven. She has hated me since the first day I stepped through the doors of Velvet Steam.

She doesn’t stop to remind me she hates my guts, but she has always been the least of my worries. I wonder what she wants now.

I don’t blame her, though. After all, it’s not every day that a Harvard-trained lawyer loses her licence and gets banned from ever operating as a lawyer in any court of jurisdiction on planet Earth.

Thinking about this brings up bitter memories I don’t wish to remember. However, my mind won’t listen.

Standing on the balcony of the ladies’ dressing room, I look into the distance, pondering on my new life. I feel the chilly night wind seep into my bones, but I stay put. I need the peace to clear my head. My skimpy clothes do nothing to shield me from the cold, anyway.

At a glance, anyone can tell that I’m as good as naked- save for the short excuse of a dress that covers only from my breasts to my pussy. Every other part of my body is visible.

As a pole dancer in Velvet Steam, I’m one of the most desired, but I never lose myself or allow the lecherous males to get under my pants.

I am only a dancer here, unlike some others like Eleven. After dancing every night, they offer themselves to the highest bidder and never stop bragging about the loads of money they make.

I guess Eleven hates me because I’m only a dancer but still very popular among the patrons.

Velvet Steam is the most organised, secured, and prestigious strip club in the country. Many rich patrons frequent here. Even politicians are not scarce and they will pay anything to have the star girl for themselves.

It’s enough that I’m a stripper, but I will not go lower than this. I still long to find my prince charming and settle down someday after all.

Everyone thinks they’ve seen the last of me, but I will bounce back. Fleeing to the only country that isn’t bound by silly international laws is my plan. A country where money rules and the rich can buy everything, including the police.

My law certificate will be meaningless there, but my younger brother will finally stand a chance to get a cure for the strange ailment that no doctor can diagnose in this country.

“Seven!” the bitch shouts at a higher pitch, jolting me from my thoughts. She’s finally standing behind me, and I can’t ignore her further.

“You know what? Keep mute for all I care. I’ll just tell the boss you bailed on everyone.”

The mention of the boss puts my senses on high alert. The man is as scary as the reaper. His connections and influence scared me since the first day I got this job.

He is the only person who doesn’t give a fuck about my step-mother’s influence. That’s the only reason I even have a job here.

The disappearance of a Velvet Steam stripper makes me walk on ice around here. She disappeared because she refused to sleep with a client after ving paid to spend the night with him. Rumour has it that someone discovered her dismembered body in a gutter downtown.

Since that day, I have taken my time to read the rule book back to back. I don’t have the luxury to offend such an entity.

“Tsk! So, you still fear something, after all.” Eleven taunts as she sees me looking as pale as a ghost, rushing after her in my high heels.

I will never piss the boss off - not even if I have a death wish. But what does he want with me?

As I reach the conference room, I feel my nose assaulted by various perfumes, both cheap and pricey. I remain at the entrance, hoping to hide myself.

Guess the heavens have a unique plan for tonight because as soon as I try to blend in, I hear my code name…


Oh, my freaking goodness! The… The boss? Is he angry because I’m late?

I don’t know how I did it, but I’m already in front of the crowd of strippers, trying hard to avert the boss’ gaze.

“Seven,” the boss calls once more.

“B…boss…” I can only lift my head and glance at him briefly before looking away once more. For some reason, the floor looks extra appealing tonight.

“You will head to the VIP room. We have a very important guest in the house.”

As I suddenly gaze at him, stupefied, he adds, “I am in no position to cause him the slightest discomfort. Hope you understand me.”

What! If the boss of Velvet Steam cannot piss this person off, then who am I? Wh…what if… what if he wants an escort after the dance?

My eyes fly to the boss, and as if he can read my mind, he adds, “You don’t need to do anything you do not want to.” I hear the jeers of my colleagues as he says this.

Before I can release a breath of relief, he yanks the black mask off my face. My smooth and flawless face is fully displayed for all.

The envious gasps and jeers from my fellow strippers register in my mind, and I know they believe I’m faking it, but I want nothing to do with any patron aside from dancing.

Not to brag, but I have the face of a goddess, and the body of a fairy. I’m curvy at all the right places, with a round bottom and firm breasts that can cause any functional male to cum at the mere sight of me dancing.

Even I cannot tell how I’m so beautiful. What will the man do when he sees me like this- all alone in a room?

I feel so helpless, but I can never say no to the boss.

I watch him put his hand to his ear, and it’s at that moment that I notice the Bluetooth device.

“Change of plans, Seven. The client wants a lap dance now.”

As he speaks, he motions for me to follow him, and I can only oblige like a zombie. I know we are moving, but I’m too dazed to know where.

“Boss… do I need to go? I mean…” He looks at me intimidatingly, but I dare to put up one last fight.

What if the client…

“Seven…” He calls my code name in an icy tone, and I shudder.

Wait, do I see a smirk on his face? Maybe I’m mistaken. Why would he smile at me?

I’m on the verge of tears, but I can only give this one last shot. Any man who is powerful enough to be served by the boss of Velvet Steam is not someone I can mess with.

“Boss, Eleven would kill for this opportunity. How about…”

I clam up as soon as I notice him squinting dangerously.

I’m not usually a coward, but all the courage has flown out of my body.

Since I’m quiet, he leads me to the rooftop- to the most prestigious private room of Velvet Steam.

I have never been here before, and I don’t think any of the other girls have either. I only know it’s where powerful people stay. Not just the rich, but the rich and powerful.

Lost in thought, I suddenly bump into the boss, hitting my nose against his toned body.

It kinda hurt, a little, but I won’t dare cry in front of the person who gives me nightmares in my adult life.

“Seven…” He calls me for the umpteenth time- his good looks failing to calm my chaotic heart.

When I raise my head, looking disoriented, he motions to the lone door ahead and speaks, not giving me a choice,

“You either move to the room or get the fuck out of my establishment.”

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