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His Rejected Wife

His Rejected Wife

img Romance
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“I want you inside of me” she whispered sending hot shivers down his body, his brain instantly went cold and he lost it for a minute. “You don’t mean that” he answered but deep down he wanted her to mean every single word she said. “I want you Matteo” she muttered again and his eyes flashed for a second filled with lust. “I want every inch of you deep inside of me” she said and he completely lost it. He kissed her fiercely prying her mouth with his tongue, he dominated the kiss but yet he wanted more. *** Selene was a beautiful young lady who had everything at her feet being the girlfriend of the rich billionaire in Athen but all that changed when she decided to propose to him and he rejected her. Instead he got married to her cousin breaking her heart further. Her family rejected her and forced her to beg him to take him back but instead she was given off as a wife to his cold and domineering brother who hates her. Matteo was bitter child from childhood who hated his parents for the cold treatment they gave him until one day he was given the ex-girlfriend of his brother as a wife who had always hated. Would Matteo be able to look beyond his hatred and fall in love with his wife or would Selene be able to ever fall in love again?

Chapter 1 Proposal

The sun peaked right up in the sky giving the morning a youthful exuberance, the streets were crowded with people going about their daily lives hoping to have a fruitful day.

In a beautiful green house situated in brooks street, a young lady was seated in front of a mirror combing through her hair when her mother walked in.

“Hi mom” Selene, the beautiful young lady with blue eyes, thick lashes, long black hair and a perfect body turned to her.

“How are you doing Selene” Mary asked taking the comb from her and brushing through her hair.

“I’m fine” she answered.

Mary stared at her beautiful child through the mirror who had always been a sourced her happiness,

“You know I have always been grateful for the moment you came into my life my dear child, you brought so much joy to me and your father that we couldn’t wish for anything more” Mary expressed with a face full of joy.

“What is it Mom?” Selene could read through her expression that she had something to say to her and that was why she was sweet talking her, she was already used to her pattern.

“Okay fine you got me” Mary said and dragged a seat closer to her.

“You have been together with Dante for four years now, don’t you think it is time for you two to tie the knot. Dante may be slow about it but you aren’t, you can’t let him sleep away from you” Mary stated holding her hand.

It had been a dream of hers to have her daughter married off to a rich man and Dante, her current boyfriend was the perfect match.

He was the son of the richest man in Paris and he ended up falling in love with her daughter.

“But mom, Dante hasn’t said anything about marriage to me, I don’t think he is ready for it” Selene objected.

“He loves you right” she asked,

“Yes he does”

“Then it wouldn’t hurt if you were the one to propose to him.

You see my child, we are barely living off the money that we have, your father’s company isn’t that stable and might soon crumble but if you end up marrying Dante then our family would be well taken care of.

Who wouldn’t want to do business with the in-laws of the Shedrach family” Mary blurted out, she saw her daughter relationship as a reason to live a better life.

“You can do this much for your family right?” She asked her daughter with puffy eyes.

“Ofcourse mom, I will do something about it” Selene reluctantly answered.

“I trust that he wouldn’t be able to refuse you, I can already picture him accepting the proposal” Mary pictured the thought in her head.

“You think so mom, I am bit scared about it” She expressed her fear, she wasn’t scared about proposing to him but she was more scared about If he would accept her.

“You don’t need to be scared my dear, I am rooting for you.

I have seen how much Dante loves you and I am certain he would accept it” Mary encouraged her.

“I will try my best” Selene answered and her mom left.

Selene was just a lady in her twenties living a normal life with her family and taking care of them with the average job she had but all that changed when she met Dante a few years ago, he promised to take care of her family which he willingly did but in return she had to quit her job.

He claimed he didn’t want his girlfriend to be working when he could give her everything she ever wanted, her family began asking for more and she had more friends than she could ever imagine.

Her life suddenly became perfect with Dante and she lacked nothing all because she was with him, he had always shown her that he loved her even in the smallest way possible and it was right to say she depended solely on him to feed her family.

She picked up her phone and dailed the only man who made her heart beat.

“Hello” his husky voice spoke through the phone and a smile lit up on her face, her heart began beating faster and she couldn’t breathe properly, he always had that effect on her despite how many years they had been in a relationship together.

“Hi Dante” she said playing with her hair.

“Is anything wrong?” He asked, Selene could tell that he was worried about her by his tone.

“No, just that I miss you.

I wish you were here” she stated holding her thumping heart.

“I’m sorry dear, I wish I could be there for you too but right now I have to work and would probably return home late” Dante answered.

“It’s alright, I don’t wish to bother you” she answered.

Dante had always had a busy schedule almost never having time for her but he never neglected her or snubbed her calls, he made her feel loved even though their relationship was not as perfect as it should be.

“Alright dear, I will call you when I am back home” he said.

“Uhhmm Dante” she called his name and he immediately replied her.


“Could you free up your schedule tomorrow evening so we could have dinner” she requested.

“I will see what I can do” he replied and then disconnected the call immediately.

Selene believed he was pretty much occupied so she didn’t bother about it besides he was a busy man and taking a minute off work to talk to her was something meaningful to her.

She spent the rest of the day picking the time and the venue, she was already excited about meeting him but what she wasn’t sure about was how he would react when she proposed to him.

Just like her mother had said, Dante had always been slow and she had to make few important decisions in the relationship, most times he would forget her birthday and their anniversary but she never for once got mad about it.

She needed him more than he needed so she played the understanding girlfriend without thinking twice about it.

She sent out invitations to create a surprise party for him because she knew how much he loved surprises, she went ahead to buy a ring and a beautiful dress for herself.

Tomorrow was a big day for her and She was eager about it, she wished the next night could come faster so that she could see Him.

It had always been her dream to be his woman, to be called Mrs Dante and introduced to his family.


The evening of the next day finally arrived and Selene’s surprise party was moving smoothly, Dante had informed her that he was on the way and she made all the guest hide once they heard a car pull up thinking it was him.

A young lady walked in with her head held her staring at Selene who was waiting at the center,

“What are you doing here Cassandra” Selene asked her cousin dressed in a white dress which looked similar to hers.

Cassandra had always been in a competition with her prying into her life to know her every move.

“Can’t I be at your engagement party, oh wait, you haven’t proposed yet so it’s just a regular party” Cassandra smirked with a smug look on her face.

“I know you are just here to watch me fail but that would not happen” Selene stood her ground against her.

“We will see” she said taking a seat not caring about the fact that everyone was hiding, she crossed her leg and took a sip from a glass of wine in front of her waiting for Dante to arrive.

Another car pulled up and Dante walked in in a black suit, he looked so neat from his black curly hair to his dark brown eyes.

Once Selene saw him, she stood there in a daze stricken by his handsomeness that she had almost forgotten what was to do next.

He strode towards her waking her up from her thoughts,

“Selene, I am so sorry I am late” he said.

“It’s okay, I am glad that you are here” she answered rather too quickly.

“Surprise” a dozen voice yelled and the crowd came out of their hiding, Dante was confused.

“What’s going on?” He asked,

before he knew it Selene was down on one knee pulling out a ring from a box.

“Dante, will you marry me?” She asked as all the lights came on shining brightly on them.

Dante took a while staring at her before he could finally answer.


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