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His Contracted Love

His Contracted Love

img Adventure
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Synopsis "And now you may kiss the bride," her eyes widens as wide as it could and her heart beats with loudest scream. "You won't kiss me, will you? You told we would do everything in limits," she mumbles in a low voice. "I understand my rules better," he said and pecked her in her cheeks. It is just a peck but she becomes all red and flushed in it. Violet remembers the day, she was married to the richest billionaire of her state when his lips are unexpectedly pressed on hers and his hands roams around her body. "We promised. We promised that we won't be crossing out limits. I am your employee and you are my employer. We aren't supposed to do this," she says. He lifts his head towards her and looks at her with his darker shades of eyes full of lust which seems to fade away. "I... I am sorry," he apologizes. She feels the worst when he apologizes and she pulls him towards her. "I am sorry too but I want you to be inside me right now!" she whispers.

Chapter 1 You Deserve It

Chapter 1

**Xen Black's POV**

"Mr. Black, we have already informed you two years ago, without getting married you can't get the remaining seventy five percent shares of your property. Your parents have clearly written on your legal documents, a year after your marriage you will be handed the remaining shares of your parents property," my long termed family lawyer proclaims.

I have been hearing the same script from these so-called legal advisors since some years and this has been infuriating me every time I hear that.

"I need a shortcut for this. I don't like marriages. I fucking hate that stupid ceremony where one gets sacrificed and others enjoy being others sacrificed," I growl.

"If so then, you have to take the risk of losing almost more than half of your property which will be directly passed down to the charity organization as per your parents's wish," the lawyer warns.

I scratch the tip of my nose in agitation. The legal meetings had never been so much romantic journey for me. They have always been a complete horror movie for me.

I get up quickly from my seat and arrange my tuxedo.

"Sir, where are you going on the middle of the meeting? We are still to proceed with the meeting," the lawyer suggests.

"To search my bride. I need the my property to be mine by next year," I grunt and saunter away from there.

"Back to the mansion. I need to meet my old folks and have a little discussion with them," I say as I hand over my bags to my assistant.

"Yes, sir," he clasps my bag and drives me back to my huge mansion.

I quickly get out of the car and run towards the main centre hall of the house in which the large picture of my parents is decorated at the centre wall of the corridor.

"Old folks why are you so stubborn? You know I don't want to be with stupid ladies. I loathe them completely. Why don't you understand? The women out there are only hungry for my money. They don't love me they just love my fucking money and my huge dick. They are just good to lay with and nothing more. I don't want to get married. You old folks are playing such a foul game with me, aren't you," I say as I tower in front of them.

I hate them. I hate women. They suck. Each and everyone of them is so much selfish. That want fame and money and nothing else from me.

The huge grin on my dad's face seems so solemn and my mom's smile is more than just the smile. He looks so gorgeous and she looks so beautiful in the picture. I wish I could feel the warmth of their hands on my cheeks right now. I wish they were here right now with me.

"Still talking with them. That's for your own good," an old lady's voice comes from behind.

"Grandma! You too! Aren't you all trying to make me crazy with this illogical things called wedding and all," I say without any interest.

"Marriage is beautiful. Don't you see how happy your parents look in the picture with each other. You just have to give yourself a chance. I have got a picture of a girl. She is the only daughter of Marbles and Co. I heard she is super beautiful. She will give me beautiful great-grandchildren, I suppose," she squeaks happily and pass me the picture.

"Grandma! You want to start again after knowing all about me. I don't have any interest in women and you know the reason," I scowl.

"I have less days to live. I lost my son and daughter in law when they were young and took care of you all my life. Don't you think I deserve to see your family before I die. At least you and your wife. I don't know how long I might live. I am like a setting sun which may light out at any moment," she says boldly.

The only relative and the only person, I love in the whole world is my grandma.

After the death of my parents, in that car accident she has been my everything. My friend, my guardian, my parents, my everything.

I was twenty when I lost them and it's been almost eight years after that incident.

I really love them but the circumstance they are puttng in front of me is more than just a heart attack for me.

And after hearing the blackmails of my grandma, I am kinda unhappy cause somewhere in my heart I know that she is getting old and she could close her eyes at anytime.

"Grandma why would you say that? You know I love you so much," I say as I embrace her old, feeble and wrinkled hands. Those hands which taught me so many things in my life.

"Not so much that you will get married for me," she says.

"Women are betrayers grandma,"I growl lowly.

" Not all of them," she said. But I knew that all of them are like that.

"What if I die so soon?" she says.

"Fine, let me just meet her. But grandma, I have right to reject her if I don't like her," I walk to my room as I say that and take a shower.

I wrap the towel on my lower torso and pick up the picture from the desk.

She looks hot and young and beautiful. I will not deny the fact that she is extremely beautiful but she looks younger than me.

I am notified with the date and place to meet her at the dinner. My grandma could sometime be faster than any internet service of the whole world. I knew how fast the communication system of past times could be just by seeing my grandma.

After dinner, I directly go to my room and check some documents from the company. My company really needs the remaining seventy five percent of my property. It's on it's high peak right now and I cannot back up at this moment. I cannot just give up on it.

So, I decided to meet this girl for two reasons. One is for the happiness of my grandma and the another one is I need my property. I can't just let go of it to some charity organisations.

I can't let ZB group of companies just to go in vain after all these years effort.

The picture is still on the desk. She is beautiful but she doesn't interests me.

The next day, I am supposed to meet her. But before I meet her, I wanted to do a cross check on her.

Melina, 18 years old, first year in college and a single daughter of Marble and co. Her father is one of the main marble merchant in the whole state and he remains one of the richest person among the top ten businessman in the city.

" What should I arrange for your schedule sir for today?" my assistant asks me.

"A way to get back my property and grandma's happiness," I say but he doesn't understand for a while.

"We're going to Florida College to cross check on someone," I say and he stands in awe.

"Yes, sir on my way," he starts the car towards the college.

When I reach the college, it is their lunchtime.

"Give me a mask," I ask a black mask from him as I don't want to be discovered by anyone of them.

It is a huge college and I don't know where to search for her. So, I just enquired about her from one of the student and got to know that she is somewhere near the college for her lunch.

"Search for the nearest cafe and look for her," I say to my assistant as I hand over the picture to him.

He returns after few minutes with the news that he found her. He guides me towards the cafe and motioned me silently towards her.

Yes! I gotcha!

She is just some tables away from me. I walk to her and get a seat opposite of her.

She is good. She has perfect figure with quite large boobs than her body and huge hips. She is extremely sexy despite of her young age. I could feel my erection hardened just by looking at her.

"What do you think of her Mr.Brad?" I ask my assistant as I crossed my legs.

He looks confused with my question.

"Come on! I just want to know," I ask.

"She is good,"he says.

" Mel! She is coming. Is everything ready?" one of her friends says and her voice is quite loud that I can hear it so clear.

I look at the direction she is pointing. A lanky girl who might be of same age as them, dressed in waitress outfit came with a tray of coffee in her hands. She walked towards the table.

And in some minutes, she falls bad on the floor right in front of me and the hot coffee is spilled on her body.

"You deserve it, bitch," she growls.

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