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Hate To Love You, My Alpha

Hate To Love You, My Alpha

img Werewolf
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When the forests burn down by their enemies-the witches, the werewolf tribe of Terra is forced to go to Persus tribe for help. As a peace offering between the two, Princess Aurora is to be used as a treaty. She is to marry prince Marcus of Terra, however on the day of their wedding she found out that she was to marry his outcast brother instead-Prince Lucian. The dark haired evil brother was known by everyone as being cunning and an outcast. Aurora already hated him from her experiences with him. As she began to draw close to him and even liked him, the truth of Lucian's birth comes to light and his deceptive nature cause a crack in the relationship. However, bigger threats loom and Nightmares and hallucinations cloud Aurora's mind, she is left grappling with reality and in fear from an unknown villain. In a triangle of deception and affection between the brothers, there blooms jealousy. Aurora is left to cling onto Lucian, who she also hates, in a bid to stay safe. However, the threat finally strikes and Lucian must face his dark past to help save Aurora's life. With no support from their families and opposition all around, Lucian grapples with dark forces to save his wife and claim his place as king. Will Aurora be able to get past Lucian's secrets and lies and sit by him as a queen, or will she succumb to the danger that looms over her life. Is her Alpha truly evil, or just a wounded man with no one in his corner?

Chapter 1 Terra is on Fire

“And that is how the tribe of Persus and the tribe of Terra were separated!” The lady explained calmly.

“Will they ever get back together again?” The boy on her lap asked, his eyes wide with wonder.

“The kings are trying and maybe one day they will.” His mother assures him and kisses his forehead, “Why don’t you go to bed? It's getting a little past your bedtime isn't it my little wolf.”

“I’m not a little wolf. I’m a big strong wolf!” The boy exclaimed causing his mother to chuckle.

“And I shall see my big strong wolf tomorrow morning. Goodnig-“


Screams erupted through the forest the very ground shook as wolves began to run through the forest.

The mother scooped her child up in her arms and shape-shifted into a wolf, joining her husband, who ran out and began running with the crowd.

“What is happening!?” She asked as her child clung onto her neck.


The largest forest on earth-Terra was on fire and the wolves were being hunted by its flames.

“Where do we go!?”


The wolves ran as fast as they could, their feet burning as it touched the hot earth, but they did not care they wanted to save their lives and get away from the fire. It didn’t even matter that they were entering Persus which was considered an opposing city.

It had all began decades ago. During a large storm, many species including the human species was wiped out and all that were left were the werewolves, the witches and warlocks and vampires. The werewolves and vampires seldom crossed paths but the witches were their sworn enemies.

The Entire population of werewolves once lived together in the forest until a civil war which split them to the desert and the forest wolves. They used to be enemies, but now they had an icy relationship at best. However, when Terra was engulfed in flames, Persus opened its door and let them in.

Persus was in the lap of the desert unlike Terra. As werewolves of Terra settled into the city, the king and his family made their way to the palace.

The Queen of Persus- Queen Livea stood in the courtyard with her timid daughter almost hiding behind her-Princess Aurora. They awaited the royal family. The sky was cloudy and red with the ashes of the forest that once used to be Terra.

“They’ll be weak enough and have to form an alliance with us now.” Queen Livea smirked to her advisor who grinned in return.

“Poor Terra.” Aurora whispered, staring up at the bloodred sky. Her white hair was tied back into a low bun, and she was still in her sleeping clothes that were mostly a white robe covered by a shawl.

“Another word and I’ll cut your tongue off.” Queen Livea hissed causing the girl to cower back.

The doors swung open and the King of Terra- King Medus and his wife Queen Jane walked in, in their wolf form.

Large and black, they were almost double the size of the wolves in Persus. Following behind them were their sons- -Marcus and Lucian.

Marcus was a gorgeous black wolf with striking yellow eyes and a frame that was strong and bold. However, Aurora’s eye was caught onto a man who walked in beside them. Tall and thin with long black hair framing Lucian's green eyes that almost bore into her. He had soot on his face and his clothes seemed burned in a few places.

“King Medus. I am so sorry for the tragedy that has befallen you.” Queen Livea said with more empathy than she was capable of.

“Thank you for your kindness in opening your doors for us Queen Livea.” The king and queen bowed. Aurora could make out a smirk on the face of Lucian who seemed to size up the place and even her.

“Of course. Do not mention it. I have prepared your rooms with everything that you will need. This is Aurora, my only daughter, she will show you to your rooms.”

Aurora smiled and bowed slightly before walking ahead with them.

They followed her, slowly, seemingly tired.

“I am so sorry about whatever happened. I wish we could do more.” Aurora smiled as she led them up white marble stairs onto a floor with guards, A large room was opened and Aurora led them in.

“This is your room, King Medus and Queen Jane. Do tell me if there is anything that you need. The guards will be around if there is anything.” She smiled and bid them goodbye before leaving.

“You’re a pretty girl.” Marcus remarked when he was alone with the girl and his brother.

“Thank you.” She blushed. Lucian rolled his eyes but said nothing. Aurora introduced him to his room and bid him goodbye before turning to Lucian.

A shiver ran up her spine as she stared into his green eyes.

“Uh your room… is at the end… of the corridor.” She whispered out. The man was taller than her and, although he looked lanky he looked strong and almost sinister, “It’s a smaller room I hope you don’t mind. I am In the room on the opposite wing to yours if I am needed.”

“If you’re needed?” Lucian asked, and she was shocked by how thick and deep his voice was. He was nothing like his family, and it was almost strange.

“Y… yes.” She nodded and stared up at him.

“Show me around the room.” He asked, and she gulped before nodding and going in.

The lanterns around the room gave just enough light for Lucian to see her as she tried to light more lanterns.

“The bed... is here.” She pointed at a large round bed with red silk linen that was bright against the white bedding and white and gold marble flooring.

“And the bath is there.” She pointed and turned to see him, finding him a step away from her. Suppressing a gasp, the girl backed away.

“Uhm, the closet is there. I should go.”

“You know me from somewhere?” Lucian asked, and Aurora stopped in her tracks.

“N… no. Why would you think I did.” She said, and before he could respond, she ran out the room, feeling suffocated being so close to the man she knew was responsible for the death of her best friend. She almost doubted him till he spoke.

Unbeknownst to her, the queen Jane had a thought and was expressing it to her husband at that very minute.

“What do you think?” She asked, loosening her gold hair.

“Uniting the nations by marrying our son off to Aurora? It’s a good decision, our land is gone and this may be the only way for us to survive as a tribe. But it will mean that Terra…”

“There is no Terra without the forest. I am sure that the witches and warlocks caused this and, we will get to them but Terra? I think that Terra is a dream gone by.” His wife sat beside him.

“You think they did it as revenge for him?”

“I don't know.” She replied truthfully, “Which son should marry Aurora?”

“I don't care. As long as one of them does.”

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