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God of War of the East

God of War of the East

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Ethan Hunt was one a poor beggar, but now he has returned as the powerful God of War of the East! He has vowed to repay the kindness of a girl who showed kindness to him years ago...

Chapter 1 Ch. 1

The city of Greencliff, International Airport.

“Hurry up!”


A few dozen men in black suits rushed out of the exits, each one with a serious face, as if they were going against a formidable enemy.

All the passengers in the airport quickly made way for them, not knowing who could have caused such a commotion.

The leader of the men in suits frowned deeply, then suddenly turned and left as if he had suddenly thought of something.

Soon they reached the pavement outside the airport.

Ethan Hunt was sitting on a long bench, slowly blowing cigarette smoke out from his mouth.

“Master hopes you can go back, he misses you very much,” the leader respectfully addressed Ethan as he stood about five steps behind him.

In front of other people, this leader was of high standing, and nobody dared to go against him.

But in front of this young man, he felt extremely lowly!

“He misses me?”

Ethan turned slightly and there was a smirk on his face. “Does he miss my influence? Or my money?”

If someone else had said something like that, this leader would have despised him. How could the rich and powerful Hunt family from Makrin City ever covet anybody else’s power and money?

But the man in front of him was different.

He was the sole heir of the Hunt family!

What made this leader even more shocked was that he was known as the God of War of the East, with immense capabilities and jaw dropping wealth!

“When he chased me out of the family and married that vixen fifteen years ago, Ethan had died.”

Ethan exhaled his last mouthful of smoke, “Ethan Hunt now has nothing to do with that Hunt family back in Makrin City.”

He got up to leave.

“Don’t send people after me anymore. Otherwise I’ll kill each one you send!”

His terrifying murderous aura immediately wrapped itself round the leader.

The leader was only able to relax his clenched fists after he saw Ethan disappear into the distance.

His back was already all wet with perspiration.

He was actually nervous in front of Ethan.

There was a car ready at the airport carpark.

Ethan hopped in and immediately made a call.

“Winston, have you arranged everything already?”

A voice came through from the other side.

“Give me the address.”

Ethan immediately hung up. He held a crinkled sweet wrapper in his hand and his thoughts floated back to fifteen years ago.

He was fifteen, chased out of the Hunt house and roamed the streets.

He was cold and hungry when a simply dressed little girl gave her only sweet to Ethan.

After that he was taken away by a mysterious person.

When he first appeared, the entire world trembled!

Three years later, he was given the name, God of War of the East. He was only eighteen years old at that time!

Now another twelve years have passed. He had the power of a god and could shock the world, but Ethan had chosen to return quietly.

He would never forget that little girl.

He couldn’t forget those pure eyes.

He couldn’t forget that kind face.

Ethan kept the sweets wrapper away carefully and took a deep breath.

If someone he knew saw this, they would get a shock. The great God of War could feel nervous too?

“I’m back.”

The car sped out of the carpark.

Meanwhile, at Fairmont Hotel in Greencliff!

It was really lively in here.

The famous Palmer family of Greencliff was receiving applications from men to find the best man to marry their granddaughter, DianePalmer, and this attracted a lot of attention.

Diane was seated in one of the function rooms, clenching her little pink fists, her eyes bloodshot and feeling utterly bullied.

Her mother, April, was standing on one side, her face redder from anger.

“William, they’re obviously up to no good! If you’re still a man, go and reject your father!”

She shrieked, “You mean you’re going to watch them destroy your daughter’s happiness?”

What crap was this about finding a good husband? Bullshit!

April didn’t believe they were so kind.

The Palmers started as a small shop, and within fifteen years, they had expanded and became a third tier wealthy family in Greencliff. The head of the Palmer family, Gerald, became an example of a successful entrepreneur who started from nothing.

Gerald had three sons: Steven, Nicolas and William.

Steven had taken over most of the Palmer family’s business, Nicolas was in charge of expanding the business in a different city. But William had lost the use of both legs in an accident, so he could only rest at home and was looked down upon.

Steven and Nicolas had ganged up to persuade Gerald to agree to find a husband for William’s daughter, and they even guaranteed to find an excellent man for Diane.

And in the end?

Never mind that all the candidates were nobodies. One of them was even older than Diane by ten years, and had a history of mental illness!

This wasn’t finding a good husband for Diane at all. This was destroying her!

William’s face was also all red. He was as angry as his wife, but he didn’t dare to go against his father’s wishes.

He knew Gerald’s temperament – he always made the final decision. There was nobody in the Palmer family who could go against what he wanted to do.

“He’s Diane’s grandfather, so he won’t do anything bad to her.”

After taking such a long time to think, William embarrassedly squeezed these words out of his mouth.

April was going to faint from anger soon. She pointed a finger at William, crying as she shouted, “How did I marry a weakling like you!”

She knew that William was a filial son and was always very obedient to Gerald. After becoming handicapped, he became even weaker and dared not go against Gerald at all.

But regardless of which man he chose for Diane as a husband to marry into the family, this matter would still ruin Diane!

Their family was going to become the laughingstock of Greencliff!

April sobbed miserably as she shouted at William, Diane cried quietly, while William could only grip his numb thigh, showing how much he blamed himself and how helpless he was in this situation.

“Mum, don’t shout at Dad anymore.”

Diane managed to squeeze a smile out, but there were tearstains on her beautiful face.

“Perhaps, Grandpa might find me a really nice man?”

Of course she knew this was the ploy of her two uncles.

After graduating from university, she started working for the Palmer Group and had stellar results in a short span of two years, overtaking their children easily.

They were worried that she might fight for control over the business, so they instigated her grandfather to find some man willing to marry into the family for her. This way, she would lose her eligibility to take over the business.

She knew this, her parents knew this too, but none of them were able to fight back.

In the Palmer family, nobody could go against what Grandpa had decided. Nobody.

The chime of the clock rang and Diane got up.

“Let’s go. If we keep Grandpa waiting he’s going to scold us again.”

William felt bitterness and helpless when he saw Diane trembling slightly. He dared not look at his wife’s begrudging face.

He knew that it was hard on them to stay in the family, but at least they didn’t have to worry about their living expenses. If they got chased out, what were they going to do?

In the main hall of the hotel, the place was brightly lit and all the guests had arrived.

Gerald was seated right in front, dressed in an exquisitely made tang suit, holding onto a walking stick and his face was glowing.

“Congratulations, Mister Palmer!”

“Congratulations, Mister Palmer! You’ve gained an excellent grandson-in-law!”

All the guests were taking turns to congratulate Gerald.

“Dad, it’s about time to make the announcement.”

Steven was standing next to him, his large and burly figure looked imposing.

He looked over at Diane who was not seated too far away, and announced in a loud voice, “We have the results here, and we have chosen the most promising young man among the applicants.”

The most promising young man?

Pfft, he knew in his heart that the wonderful son-in-law they had chosen was the worst among all the applicants. This one apparently had some hidden illnesses!

But as long as Diane married him, then she would have nothing to do with the family business.

Gerald would definitely never allow anything that belonged to the Palmer family to land in the hands of someone with a different surname.


Gerald stood up. Everyone looked over the moment he spoke. “Today I would like to formally announce the man we have chosen for my granddaughter, Diane!”

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