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Meant to be

Meant to be

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I looked at her amused. I got up from my seat and stood infront of her. Not too close, not yet. ''You imagine too much Ms. Vitale. I can assure you that I'm not plotting anything, although I did plan something different". I whispered the last part. ''W-what?'' She asked looking confused. Cute. ''I'm sorry for what happened that day. You are right, I shouldn't have kissed you without your consent.'' I said taking a step forward. ''You are sorry?'' She asked looking surprised. I chuckled. ''Yes'' I said taking another step. She leaned back slightly, it's almost unnoticeable, but didn't move from her place. Trying to look brave huh? ''T-Then why are you doing all this?'' She asked in low voice. I took one last step. We are finally too close. I can feel the heat radiating from her body. I started trailing my fingers from her arm to collarbone, she shuddered and goosebumps erupted on her skin. I leaned down, brushing her earlobe with my lips, making her breath uneven. ''Are you in a relationship Ms. Vitale?'' ''N-No'' Her words came out in a whisper. ''Good.''



My temples pulsed with a throbbing ache as I navigated through the bustling airport with my two energetic kids in tow. Jay, the mischievous nine-year-old, bounded ahead, his eyes filled with wonder at the vast expanse of the terminal. Vicky, my seven-year-old son trailed behind, his eyes alight with curiosity.

As we made our way to the departure gate, My headache intensified. I desperately needed a moment of respite from the constant clamor surrounding me. However, my hope for a peaceful moment evaporated when I noticed Vicky engrossed in a flirtatious exchange with a little girl around Jay's age.

Vicky had always been precocious, his charm radiating effortlessly. It wasn't uncommon for him to capture the attention of those around him But this time, his innocent attempts at flirting seemed to irk the girl's father, who stood nearby, his brows furrowed in mild irritation.

I quickened my pace, gently coaxing Vicky away from his newfound friend. "Come on, sweetheart. Let's not bother them," I whispered, trying to divert Vicky's attention. Vicky, however, was determined to make his presence known, flashing a toothy grin.

Feeling a surge of concern, I approached the father and apologized, my voice tinged with exhaustion. "I'm sorry if Vicky is bothering your daughter. He's just a bit playful today."

The man's stern expression softened as he glanced down at Vicky, who now clung to my leg. "No harm done," he replied, a faint smile breaking through. "Kids will be kids."

Relieved by his understanding, I mustered a smile of gratitude. I took Jay and Vicky by the hand and steered them towards a quiet corner. But Vicky immediately went back to the little from before and started to flirt again.

"Jay!" I desperately called my little man of the house, who is now playing with my phone like it is the most interesting thing in the world.

"What mom?" He rolled his eyes.

JASON don't roll your eyes at your mom. I want to say that out loud but my headache didn't allow me to.

"Stop him" I said pointing to his brother.

That busy guy signed nodding his head.

"Vicky! Its your turn. You can take the phone"

"Really!?" Vicky's eyes sparkled and gave a quick kiss to the little girl's cheek and started running towards us.

I rolled my eyes and chuckled.

We are currently at the New York airport. My role as the General Manager of Orlando Pvt Ltd has brought me here on a critical mission.

Six months prior, the esteemed founder of Orlando Pvt Ltd, Stefano Orlando, passed away, leaving behind a legacy of success and a void that proved challenging to fill. His son, Samuel Orlando, assumed the role of CEO, but his lack of responsibility and questionable decision-making had thrown the company into disarray.

The main branch is at Rome. I'm joining there as a financial manager to take care of his mess. Let's just hope that son of a burger didn't mess up totally.

I don't know why they selected me for this, but I'm glad.

I'm not pro but when our branch had some problem with our financial manager a few years ago, I took his place for a week and settled everything. Maybe that's the reason? Who knows. I just shrugged it off.

I came out of my lala land when the noisy airport became quite. I frowned and took a look at surroundings.

I saw all women and men are looking at something curiously. I followed there gaze and stilled

My heart skipped a beat when I saw him walking like he own this place. He is on his phone talking furiously, but I couldn't hear him. The side of his neck and ears are red with anger. He walked towards us and took a seat which is two rows infront of me.

Looking at him close, a wave of admiration surged through me, just like it did for every other person around. Their gazes were fixed upon him, captivated by his sheer handsomeness. He is huge. Not bulky or anything, but he is so tall, probably more than 6'2 and muscular enough to compliment his height.

His shoulders are broad, I can see outlines of his muscles when he clenched his phone and started typing something furiously. Poor thing, I hope it survives.

The air seemed to buzz with whispers and stolen glances, all sharing the same sentiment of admiration. My thoughts raced, trying to comprehend the magnetism exuded by this stranger. I found myself drawn to his confident stride and chiseled features, feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness.

No no no no. I shouldn't be doing this. Boys are immature jerks.

But he is a man. A grown fine ass man!

Nope! Still no. Control your hormones Lucy, don't act like a freaking teen.

I shook my head clearing my thoughts. I need coffee. ''Guys don't wander off to god knows where and wait here until I come back. Okay?'' I said looking at Vicky and Jay, who nodded their heads that are almost inside that damn phone.

Did they even hear me? I rolled my eyes and went to buy myself a Coffee.

I walked into the bustling café and joined the line, eagerly anticipating the sweet aroma and warm embrace of the beverage.

As I approached the counter, I placed my order with a smile. The waitress, however, seemed distracted, her attention drawn to someone behind me. In a moment of clumsiness, she fumbled with the bill and change, and it slipped from her hands, scattering across the floor.

"Oh my god! I so sorry'' she winced when she noticed what she did.

''It's ok, no problem'' I smiled at her and bent down to took my change.

'' *Whistle* Damn. Wish I could smack that ass'' I snapped my head back and my eyes landed on the Hottie from earlier who is still looking at my ass.

Man my foot.

I went past through him shotting him a glare. ''Pervert''

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