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Three set of twins were born in fay fay land. A land know to be full of magic. They all grew up to become beautiful ladies, two twins were close while they both ignored the third twin. At the age of 18 they all were supposed to get their third power but the two twins elsa and ella didn't get their third power only flair the third twins did. Just so that he two sisters shouldn't feel left out she decided to keep her powers a secret. What happens when flair learnt to use her powers and began to develop hatred for her sisters. With the ability to control her preys mind, flair decided to take revenge for her sisters for shutting her out and making her life a hell.

Chapter 1 Epilogue

Hi guys!

Am Jiddah this is my first book so if there is anything wrong with my grammar or typing error, feel free to correct me in the comment box. And your opinions about the story matters a lot to me.


Once in a world when werewolves, vampires, shifters, and the gifted lived among humans.

They lived a kingdom known for their strong and powerful gifts to control all elements of nature and other interesting powers too.

The kingdom was blessed with magical gifts years ago when the ancestors sacrificed their lives to free the kingdom from the hands of the evil creatures.

The gifted beings all possesses their power depending on their nature of birth. Where a single child possess only a single power, twins or more possesses two or more powers.

Every twins get their first or more powers from birth but the last power can only be obtained when they clock 18.

In Fay fay land (Savage) all twins were born holding hands to give them the twin connection required. This kept going on for years until the birth of a set of triplet changed everything.

And for that reason one among the triplet was ignored.

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