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After years of loving someone who turns out to be a cheat who had only been using her for his own gain. Roseline finds herself crushed and heartbroken as she had literally given up opportunities and risk her career just for him,she felt stupid and humiliated. In the middle of her depressed state,she gave herself to a stranger. As fate would have it, someone close to her also came back into her life and it further made her question about why he disappeared in the first place, but it didn't change that he is there to comfort her, slowly and gradually she started to get over what has happened but found it difficult to move forward with someone else, afraid of being betrayed again. Will she forget her past and learn to love and trust again?

Chapter 1 DELIVERY

“ding dong” Rosaline gently patted her leg on the ground,

she checked the time on her watch that fits perfectly around her wrist. She rang the doorbell again and could hear faint footsteps coming from the other side of the door.

The door was pushed opened from the inside, through a small gap, a middle aged woman

peeped as she scans Roseline from head to toe.

“Cake delivery” rose said whilst raising the package in her

hand. The woman nodded. She seems to be a guest in this place as Roseline has

come here a few times and this was not usually the person she meets .

The door opens again and another woman stepped outside, Rose smiled and greeted “ good morning Mrs wright “

“morning Rose, thanks for delivering the cake on short.notice” the woman with blonde hair of shoulder length said she reached out to

take the package before passing rose the money who nodded with a smile after

counting it . Before the woman went inside the house, she said “also Bella’s

birthday party is this evening , she went shopping with her father for

decorations, she told me to tell you not to miss it “

“I won’t miss it”

Rose let out a long sigh , she’s had along day, helping her mum in the bakery going on her morning shifts in a fancy restaurant and helping

her mum make deliveries, she also had classes to attend to but that isn’t until

noon and this is just 11:00 so she has one hour left before she heads for

college. She’s in her second year of university.

She started walking on the side of the road, humming a she walks. The neighborhood she lived in was a big one so basically she

didn’t know everyone who lives here but it didn’t change that she still knows her way around considering she makes deliveries. That’s right, she still has

one more thing to deliver.

Picking up the pace, rose half ran across the street as she

took three turns with a small bag in her hand trying her best not ruin the content. The young girl didn’t want to waste anytime. Finally, she stopped in

front of house, rose would have made use of her bike but she had recently just sent it for repairs.

A small gate was preventing her from going further in, she sighed and tried to catch her breath. Before pushing the gate that was luckily

left opened.

Just when she was about to open the door , someone who is older than her mum opened the door with a wide smile plastered on her face. She

looked to have been expecting Roseline.

“I was starting to think you would arrive late” the woman said

Rose immediately apologized “ sorry Mrs Thompson ,I got caught up in the middle of

something and my bike isn’t with me so it made me extra slow today “.

Camila Thompson, the older woman nodded her head in understanding before glancing at her hand that held the bag

“Oh..” rose said in realization her hand stretching the bag

in front of her, indicating for the woman to take it from her . Camila took it

but instead of taking in the entire bag, reached inside and took out a donut that was neatly packaged before returning the bag back to rose who looked confused.

“ You came later than usual and Kai already left so give it to him when you get to school “

“ alright Have a good day Mrs Thompson” saying this rose immediately left the

residence and headed for her mum’s bakery where the cakes and snacks were in full a transparent glass display, customers filled the shop .

The bell let out a ding as soon as Roseline pushed the door opened, she went to the back where the kitchen is also where she presumes her mum would be as someone’s already helping her at the front.

“Hey mum” she greeted before kissing the woman on the cheek,.whose clothes is partially covered in flour and hand covered in dough “ did you manage to deliver everything?” Lilah asked her daughter who, from the corner of her eyes saw rose packing up snacks in a small container

Rose responded with” of course I did, I always do” the young woman noticed her mum staring at the small bag in on the counter and she quickly clarified “I need to give this to Kai when I reach school “ .

Lilah nodded with a smile” alright the have fun and make sure to call me if you’d be late so I can go and pick up Tyler “

“ I will , but I do need to attend Bella’s party later this

evening but nonetheless…” rose shrugged her shoulders leaving her words hanging.

Rose rushed out of the store and ran towards the bus stop, she checked the time and it was just 11:30.

Taking the bus means it would be a fifteen to twenty minutes drive, and rose wanted to arrive there ahead of time so

she wouldn’t be the center of attention if she were to come late not that it has happened before.

On her way she freed her brown hair that has been held together by the rubber band. Her usually long hair was cut to rest on her

shoulder but still shorter than Mrs wright’s hair. She wore a black jeans trouser and a long sleeved baggy top ,she didn’t apply makeup because it isn’t particularly necessary.


Rose stepped out of the class along with the other students who attended the class along with her. She was accompanied by one of them who sighed in exhaustion "if we had spent a few more minutes in that class,I'm bound to fall asleep for sure".

In response,rose chuckled then responded "you were already sleeping,your luckily you sat in the middle of the class and the students at the front were blocking you otherwise you've gotten punished by the teacher"

The girl shrugged in a ' I don't care ' manner then responded "but I wasn't got and you can't deny that the class was extra boring today,I can't wait to go my bedroom and sleep" .the girl yawned again to emphasize her words which made rose chuckled.

"Just don't oversleep and forget to do your project, remember we are having the same class again tomorrow" rose reminded,she still head the small bag in her hand,for some reason she hasn't seen the person she's been looking for and it's somewhat getting annoying, she's been holding onto this since morning and she still hasn't seen any signs of him.

As if on cue the girl beside her suddenly said "I happened to notice you are not with Kai today "

"What's that supposed to mean?" Rose questioned while still scanning the place,they were almost at the entrance of the building. The girl sighed and replied" you two are always together, like the perfect couple "

"there's nothing between us ,why can't you all get that?"rose was growing tired of this already and though it's their own thoughts,it gets annoying when they have the wrong impression about what goes on in her life.

The girl giggled "in that case , it's your loss, he's got everything the looks, intelligence and many more.."

Irritated rose curtly said "if you like him that much,go ahead and ask him out,I'm sure he will say yes,you are beautiful" the young woman said it but even she doubts Kai was going to give out a positive reply,he gives off a cold demeanor and impression that no one should come near him. And rose wasn't lieing the girl beside her was indeed beautiful.

"nooo,I like him but I don't want to be embarrassed by him" she looked around her and immediately said "bye now,the devil is here " and with that she ran off. Evidently confused,rose turned to look at the other side only to see the 'devil ' the other woman was referring to

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