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Dreaming Of You

Dreaming Of You

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Ivy Luo is ordinary and optimistic. She drops out of school, works hard, and raises the child for her sister. She goes to a job interview at a grand hotel, but she feels uncomfortable as if having been drugged. Then she runs into a room wanting to calm down herself with water, where she meets this handsome and rich man Edgar. Attracted by his handsome appearance, she takes the initiative and has a one-night stand with him. Later, she finds that he is considerate to her and she loves him back. When his ex-girlfriend comes back, he refuses her resolutely, because he finds that he has fallen in love with Ivy Luo. Would the couple be happy together?

Chapter 1 do you have a room

Ivy Luo wore a simple white cotton dress with her long curly hair. It was simple and elegant. She wore light make-up, with a white handbag in her hand and a pair of black high-heeled shoes, which made her look like a fairy.

Although she was not the most beautiful appearance, she had exquisite facial features and was outstanding, which made people feel so good. She was not stunning, but she was attractive. Just one of the very few women who had a unique temperament and breathtaking beauty.

The man sitting across from Ivy Luo was shocked. He didn't expect that the woman would introduce such a beautiful woman to him!

Casting an indifferent glance at the man in front of her who didn't care much about his clothes, Ivy Luo got more and more indignant. In fact, she came here for a blind date with her good friend Celine Zhao, but when she arrived at the appointed place, Celine Zhao stood her up.

She was in a bad mood today anyway. Her elder sister got married and divorced, and less than one year she left her baby to Ivy Luo. In order to make a living out of school and go out to work, Ivy had to rely on her elder sister's child in Celine's family. She had no choice but to live a poor life.

The moment Ivy Luo saw this man, she finally understood why Celine Zhao stood her up. Obviously, Celine wanted Ivy to do her a favor to turn this man down.

At the thought of this, Ivy raised the corners of her mouth and said coquettishly, "Hey, Mr. Ji, you are slobbering!"

Mr. Ji smiled awkwardly. He touched his eye sockets on the bridge of his nose and said, "I'm really sorry, Miss Zhao, I made a mistake"

Miss Zhao?! Yes, she was mistaken for Celine!

With a weird smile on her face, Ivy Luo said, "Mr. Ji, do you have a crush on me?"

Mr. Ji nodded!

Ivy Luo flipped her hair and said, "Well, if so, Mr. Ji, do you have a room?"

"Yes, of course! I have a villa! "

"Oh, really? But I like tile roofed houses! "

The man was shocked!

"Mr. Ji, do you have a car?"

"Yes, of course. I have a BWM."

"Oh, but I've always been brainless. I like bike, two tires! "

The man was speechless!

"Mr. Ji, are you still a virgin?"

The man glared at her!

"Well, it doesn't matter. No matter what kind of man you are, I don't care, because the man I have dated is still waiting for my call!"

The man sprang to his feet and pointed her nose . "Are you"

Ivy smiled enchantingly, "Hey, do you want to scold me for being shameless? I'm tired. How about asking your mistresses to come out to play mahjong!

The man lowered his head in a guilty instant and immediately took the decent briefcase. "Well, Miss Zhao, I have something else to do!"

Then he turned around and left.

Ivy leaned back lazily, arched an eyebrow and shouted at the man who was about to go out, "Mr. Ji, don't forget to pay the bill, or I don't want to visit you for your debt!"

The man stopped and squinted at the coffee in front of Ivy. His eyes flashed. He took out a hundred dollar from his wallet, patted it on the bar counter, turned around and left.

She raised her chin and glanced at the man's back! Did he want to date her? No way!

Then, Ivy stood up and was ready to leave. But when she looked down at the cup of coffee in front of her, she pulled her mouth and raised her head to drink it.

Fine! It was bought with money, and it was a crime to waste money!

However How did the coffee taste? Is it weird?

Ivy wiped her mouth casually. Whatever! I have to go for an interview today!

Thinking of that, she left the coffee shop on her high heels!

It was a sunny day. Ivy strode to the bus station. The destination she was going to for interviewing today was a five-star hotel

As for her, she didn't have a good education background, and she also didn't have a rich and powerful background. Thus she could only go to a hotel, and apply for a job as a waiter.

On her way to the hotel, Ivy felt very hot. At first, she thought it was because the temperature in the bus was too high.

But after getting out of the car and walking on the road, she still had such feelings, and it was stronger and stronger.

Shaking her head, Ivy clenched her teeth and decided to come to the hotel to get today's interview anyway!

Despite the uncomfortable feeling, she held on and walked into the hotel.

After getting on the elevator, the irritable feeling on her became stronger and stronger. She felt uncomfortable all over, If Ivy still knew nothing about what was wrong with her at the moment, she couldn’t be more stupid!

She really wanted to slap herself, 'Damn, you greedy woman!' Well, she was drugged by that damn man. At the same time, she thought, fortunately, she was here far away from that man. If this happened to the stupid Celine, she would have been harmed by that man!

"Ding Dong", the elevator door opened.

At the moment, the only thought in her mind was not the interview, but to find an empty room immediately and take a cold shower in the bathroom!

This was what she thought, and she did it as well.

With her confused consciousness increasing and her mind increasingly out of control, she picked up a room at random. She picked a random room and taking a steel wire from the trash can by her side, and drew it out while she was shivering.

Then she walked towards the door lock of the room in front of her and the door was opened!

Ivy smiled and thought, 'Fortunately, I learned how to unlock the door from Mr. Wang.'.

Ivy pushed the door and came in

The decoration was luxurious, high-end and stunning.

However, Ivy didn't pay much attention to it.

She leaned against the wall and the sofa. She heard a noise of water from the bathroom and frowned. Was there someone in there?

Shit! How unlucky it is!

The effect of the drug was getting stronger and stronger. Some part of her body began to feel sick and she couldn't care much about it.

So she staggered forward and knocked at the door

"Hey! Could you please let me into the bathroom? "

Nobody answered!

Ivy was very embarrassed!

Then she knocked at the door again

"Hey, did the man inside die? "Come out, please. I want to use your washroom. "


Two minutes later


The door was opened!

Then, she saw a man in a black bathrobe slowly coming out. He was so handsome. Nobody who had seen him could deny this.

She didn't know whether it was because of the drug's effect or something else. The moment she saw the man, she was stunned

He had deep eyes, bushy eyebrows, big eyes and attractive features. His unruly expression and inherent dignity attracted her a lot!

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