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img img Billionaires img Destined by One Night: The CEO's Pursuit
Destined by One Night: The CEO's Pursuit

Destined by One Night: The CEO's Pursuit

img Billionaires
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He is a ruthless CEO, known for his cruelty and bloodlust. She is a lost heiress, a young lady from a prominent family. Seven years ago, she was trapped in a schemed one-night stand with him. Now, she emerges as a stunning figure with triplets, vowing to exact tenfold revenge upon those who framed her. Just when she decides to make a clean break, a mysterious man appears and cages her in his embrace. With a devilish grin, he whispers, "My dear, with my children, you cannot escape my grasp even if you run to the ends of the earth!" Ms. White sneers, "I don't want a man who throws himself at me." One of her children cunningly smirks, "Mommy, it's better not to challenge Daddy anymore, your skills are still too shallow."

Chapter 1 1

In a presidential suite in Fiesta Hotel. It was very dark.

"It hurts! It hurts so much!"

Marilyn Chambers wondered if she was dreaming and why her body was so painful.

She didn't know what happened to her.

"It'll be fine in a while. Hang in there." A man's voice came near her ear. It was low and with somewhat suppressed pain.

Marilyn groaned in discomfort.

The room was so dark that the man couldn't see Marilyn's face clearly, but he could smell her sweetness.

After a long while, the man finally stopped and let out a deep breath.

That man looked at Marilyn who had fainted beside him. His vision began to blur and he fainted too.

When Marilyn opened her eyes again, it was as if her entire body had been crushed. She felt pain all over.

She sat up slowly and wondered where she was.

She remembered that she came to the fifth floor to get some files for Sandra Chambers.

"Hello? What is the room number? Where should I go?

"Room 503. Okay, I got it."

After she hung up, she found that she was at the entrance of room 511. She was about to leave.

Then the lights around her suddenly went out, and she was dragged into a room by someone.

Marilyn caught a cold today. After taking some medicine, she felt sleepy and dizzy. She was losing her consciousness.

After a long time, Marilyn gathered herself and felt someone beside her. Her eyes suddenly widened. The room was filled with a strange smell.

Shocked, Marilyn checked herself. Even if she was a fool, she could guess what had happened.

Marilyn was so scared that she was at a loss, and her whole body felt like on fire. Her mind went blank.

After sitting for less than a minute, she quickly got off the bed and put on her clothes. It was said that darkness could hide a person's weakest moments.

Marilyn was trembling uncontrollably. She bit her lips tightly, and the intense pain calmed her down.

She groped for her bag and her phone in the dark. There were two things next to her phone. She didn't think too much and put them all in her bag. Then, she stumbled out of the door while being in pain.

Marilyn returned to the Chambers family's villa in Fielddell.

With some hazy light, she saw the hickeys on her body. She was so terrified that she didn't know what to do.

Marilyn wanted to go in quietly. She didn't want anyone to know what had happened last night.

Just as she was about to open the door, she suddenly heard a voice coming from inside. Marilyn's hand stopped on the door handle. She didn't open the door. "Why did mom and Sandra wake up so early?" she wondered.

"Mom, you raised Marilyn for so many years. Now she finally became useful. Mr. Hamilton is a lustful man. He only wants virgins. Marilyn just happens to suit his taste. I didn't expect her to be worth 2 million dollars."

"I raised her till she graduated from college. All these years' efforts have been paid off today."

Hearing the conversation, Marilyn was deeply shocked and felt her heart aching badly.

"If we meet people like Mr. Hamilton again, we can send Marilyn over. She will definitely help boost the Chambers family's business. The pill I gave her last night wasn't strong enough. She only said that she had a cold, but it worked in time anyway."

Through the glass door, Marilyn could clearly see that Sandra was very proud of what she had done, and the look in her eyes was extremely vicious.

"Sandy, when she comes back later, you need to say something nice to calm her down. That idiot, she will listen to whatever we say. She has always been obedient since she was a child. We can't just raise her for twelve years in vain. We have to go step by step to get rewards from her in the future."

Marilyn would never expect that her beautiful foster mother, whom she had always admired, would become so ugly in her eyes at this moment.

"Mom, the decision that you drove to hit her back then is so good. It not only made her lose her memory but also brought her back to our home to let her make money for us." Sandra smiled evilly. Her ugly smile with her narrowed eyes was disgusting.

Marilyn was deeply shocked by this conversation. She breathed vehemently with anger. Her hand holding the door handle shook. She thought that she was an orphan brought back from the orphanage by the Chambers family. Now she knew that it wasn't true.

She wondered if her foster parents took her back because they didn't want to be in trouble.

Listening to their vicious conversation, Marilyn trembled with shock as she arched her body.

She had been obedient in the Chambers family for many years. In order to get her foster mother like her, she had lived according to her foster mother's preferences and had never been herself.

"When I bumped into her, she had already fainted. I thought she was dead, so I threw her into the trunk. I wanted to secretly take her out of the city and bury her, but I didn't expect that she would survive.

"I found out that she had lost her memory. I don't want to be involved with a crime, so your father and I lied and said that she was adopted by us from the orphanage. You can't let her know this. She was well-dressed back then and seemed to be from a rich family."

Mrs. Chambers raised her head proudly and smiled sarcastically. She thought that it was finally useful to raise Marilyn as a daughter.

Mrs. Chambers' vicious voice echoed in Marilyn's ears, causing her head to ache badly.

Marilyn felt her body in extreme pain. She looked at the increasingly bright sky and quickly ran out of the Chambers family's villa.

Marilyn ran all the way. It was still early, so there were very few pedestrians on the road.

The morning fog was thick, and the cold came, making Marilyn's body tremble.

Tears blurred her eyes, and she was immersed in grief.

The beautiful foster mother she had always respected set her up.

Her sister, whom she had always loved and protected, treated her as a tool to make money.

Her admirable foster father didn't care about her either.

Marilyn felt that her world was collapsing, and she was torn apart with despair.

Marilyn was so despondent that she couldn't feel anything else but pain.

However, it was at this moment that she ran into the road without knowing it.

A dark red sports car was speeding along the road.

In a flash, a long braking horn sounded.

Marilyn suddenly realized that she was on the road, and her eyes which were filled with tears violently contracted.

With the sound of a bang, Marilyn's body flew up and landed in a short distance. She lay motionless on the ground, her face ghastly pale. The red blood spread out slowly from the back of her head.

Her vision gradually blurred, and she vaguely saw a slender figure walking towards her.

However, she smiled in despair. She thought that it was good. In this world, there was nothing left for her to cherish.

Marilyn slowly closed her eyes, tears streaming down from the corners of her eyes.

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