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Claimed -Diary Of A white Wolf

Claimed -Diary Of A white Wolf

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I know what you are thinking! That this is a beautiful Lycan Love story. I am exactly not in the right mood to tell you how absolutely wrong you are. Beautiful? It's not a word I am sure is related to me. Love? I am not entirely sure if I can say I have ever experienced that. Lycan? I have not even been given the luck of being that. What can I even really say I am? Even I lack the right answer to this question. All I know is that right now, I am wrapped around Jacob's back as he runs through the thick forest, blood trickling down my face, his heart beating so fast like it's about to burst open, and am sure he is probably praying to the mother goddess that we do not get caught as he runs with me on his back. Me? Oh well! I am just wrapped around him with him holding unto my hands and legs to avoid my falling off his back, almost lifeless, with no desire to live a second more. The blood? Oh don't worry, as much as I wish for it to be mine, it isn't mine. It belongs to the Alpha's slayer, Paul, I think that was his name, Paul. The one who was asked to kill me by our Alpha, but just before he would do me the honor, Jacob arrived and slit his throat with his bare claws, before Paul could slit mine, spilling Paul's blood all over me and everything around. I know you're probably wondering who Jacob is?. Oh well, he is the only relative life has left me with, my cousin. Oh! You must also be wondering who I am to cause the Alpha to want me dead, causing all these ruckus? Well, I wish you never asked, you know why? Because I am a nobody. Someone not worth knowing at all, but let's grant you the courtesy of regretting why you asked who I am, at least before fate would hopefully grant me the gift of death. I am Number 28. No. That is not the name my mother gave me, it is my identity in the pack I come from. I am a Doulos, meaning Slave. No, I am not a slave actually, I am a slave of slaves. Slaves are permitted to keep their birth names, but Doulos, we are identified by numbers, worst than slaves, servants to slaves. We are the lowest rank of shame in the pack, and I, I am one of them, No. 28. I may have been free once, a noble perhaps, but that may have happened while I was in my mother's womb, and my father was still alive. But everything changed the day I was born. I was told my father died in battle the day I was born while disobeying the Alpha and leading a thousand plus of the packs finest soldiers to death. No one really talks about him, not even my mother while she was alive, but due to his disobedience, I and my mother were declared Doulos from the minute I was born and thrown into slavery. She was Number 27. You're probably also wondering why 'was'?. Well, that's because she died 5 years ago when I was 15 from a web of conspiracies in the pack. Okay, I have evaded your main question for too long. I know what you're really wondering and seeking answers to, is why my cousin is running through the thick forest right now, with me tied to his back as he runs away from our pack? Well, it all began two weeks ago, on the night of the full moon when our Luna was celebrating her birthday. Doulos never look up from the ground or ever dare to stare a slave talk more of a noble in the eye. Well, that day was my unlucky day, because I stumbled with the serving tray as I was exiting the celebration hall, and in the process, I looked into the eyes of our future Alpha as he was entering the hall, and I heard him pronounce the word 'Mate' almost inaudibly. Mate! A word I know what it means but never believed I'd have one. A word that ruined the last shred of my pack life completely. A word I never want to hear again! My birth name is Ianna Evar, and this is my story beginning from two weeks ago!

Chapter 1 Mate!

“… happening.”

“What?” she asks almost jumping out of her skin as she turns to look at the one speaking to her. Number 39. Number 39 was talking to her and she has no idea what she had said. Head bowed as was always the case, “What did you say?”

Eyes on the one in front of her. “Are you okay, Number 28?”

Nodding her head, “I am fine.” She says going to where the trays of delicacies have been arranged on the table awaiting the Doulos to take them to the main hall where the celebration was happening and serve them to the guest and pack members. Usually, the Doulos are never allowed anywhere near pack members, not to mention serving them. The Doulos serve the slaves who serve the pack members and everyone else.

But today was a different occasion. Today, their Luna was celebrating her birthday, and thus, the entire pack was overcrowded with not just pack members, but many other visiting guest and members even nobles and royalties of other packs. Everywhere was filled up, and the only way to serve everyone, was to pick some of the Doulos to also join in serving the guest.

Number 28, Ianna Evar, she had been picked last week as one of the Doulos who will join in serving the guest in the hall. That was not the problem, the problem is that ever since last night when it began to rain, she has been feeling antsy without quite knowing why. No, it was not her wolf, she would at least have one reason to be happy in this pathetic world if the Mother Goddess had at least thought it wise to bless her with a wolf. But no, she was wolf-less. So why has she been restless all through last night and today. She had barely caught any sleep last night, tossing back on forth on the floor where she slept, until at last it was morning.

And today, when she rose up with everyone else, she was still as restless as the night before.

“You did not blink an eye last night.” Number 39 says coming to stand next to her. “Shall I mention how that had made even me unable to sleep? My wolf kept pacing in my mind, as if waiting for you to attack us, no matter how many times I told her you had no wolf.”

Picking up a tray. “I will stay far away from you tonight so you can have your sleep. I apologize for that.” Ianna says beginning to walk away.

Number 39 follows her with her own tray in her hand. Still staring at Number 28 who was in front of her. “Are you sick?” sha asks hurrying to go and catch up with her that they were now walking next to each other.

“I think I may be.” Ianna answers.

“Have you visited Jamari?”

“She had no time to attend to me, she was attending to a slave.”

Rolling her eyes even when she knew no one would see her act of annoyance. “And again, they consider themselves more important than us to even spare you a minute. The Mother Goddess –

“Does not care whatever happens to you. Now hurry up and serve the people inside or I will have your skin yet again peeled from your bones.” Came the voice of the controller of Doulos from a distance, causing them to swiften their steps.

Soon, they arrived at the hall where the celebration was happening, and yet again for perhaps the hundredth time that day, she had that weird feeling in the pit of her stomach again as she stepped into the hall. The hall had a smell, a pleasant one, one that soothed her insides as if everything in the entire world was alright. Today was the first time she was entering the main hall, so perhaps the hall has always had this smell. It will only last some minutes until she was out of the hall and then her uneasiness will return again. It was almost as if her body wanted her to remain in the hall.

“Number 28!” Number 39 calls out silently when she saw her standing over a pack member with the tray in her hand for more than two minutes without making any attempt to begin serving. “Number 28.” She calls out again.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Number 28 turns to the direction of the voice that was calling out to her.

“Start serving.” Number 39 says nodding towards the tray in her hand. Looking down at the tray in her hand, Number 28 quickly lowers her head again as was expected, and begins to serve.

The hall was buzzing loud with all forms of sounds and lights. Everyone was specially dressed today in a way they have never been, causing even the air to be filled with all sorts of smells, one could never really tell whether it was the fragrance from different perfumes and oils people had taken extra expenses at spraying, or it was from the dishes. They were clanks of glasses, laughter, merriment, music, and everything. Was one to talk about the lavishing meals enough to eat and to spare, but none haven’t yet been offered to the Doulos all day.

Number 28 sighs just as she laid down her last plate of soup in front of a female pack member, her head still lowered. And then came that smell again, much more strongly this time, as if to swallow her up, and out of practice Number 28 draws a deep breathe of the air as if to lock up enough to help her uneasiness later. She was still sucking in the air when a noble pushed her from the back, causing her to fall to the floor and erupting a jeering laughter from everyone around.

“Bloody Doulos.” He says spitting on her body. Everyone around laughs again.

Rushing to her feet, Number 28 begins to hurry out of the hall. It was in her bit to escape the hall that she failed to see the person heading in her direction who was engrossed in a conversation with another. And before she could stop herself, she bumped into this person, stumbling backwards and almost falling. She really should have never been selected to join in serving today, Number 28 thought to herself as she takes a deep breathe preparing herself mentally for the blows and insult that will follow her bumping into a pack member.

She lowers her head more and gets on her knees, readying herself to begin her apology which obviously will stand no chance of acceptance. If it will earn her anything at all, it will be more abuses or brutality. “I apologize – “she was stopped by the sound of people all around her gasping.

“How dare she!” came the murmur from some of the people around.

Slowly, she was not supposed to look up, but her curiosity will not let her be, so slowly, she begins to look up at who exactly she may have bumped into. Two things happen all at once as her eyes finally land on the figure in front of her.

First, it was the way her stomach sinks the moment her eyes look into his and everything cell in her system dilated. Second, that smell, he was the source of that smell that has been consoling her all day in this hall, and now, with him this close, it was as though everything in the world was perfect. And just as her lips curl into a smile, something she was not quite sure she has ever done in her life; she heard him utter that not so strange word to her face.


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