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img img Fantasy img Chronicles of the starblood inheritance.
Chronicles of the starblood inheritance.

Chronicles of the starblood inheritance.

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Starblood inheritance is a term that refers to a rare and ancient bloodline that grants access to all kind of magic ( all race magic) allowing the successors a magic that can counter the dark power of the orcish guardian deity. It is the main theme of the novel Starblood Inheritance, where the protagonist Levis-liam discovers that he has this potential in his blood and he is the last of his kin. According to the novel, starblood inheritance is a legacy from the ancient human guardian deity. Only a few chosen could inherit their power and use it to protect the realm from evil but the orcs want it now. Levis had no abilities. He was the rarest case of humans with zero affinity for human magic, a phenomenon so uncommon that some thought it impossible. Levis could not use any spell or enhancement, and he could not sense or resist magic either. He was vulnerable to any magical attack, and he had no way to protect himself. But levis-liam did not let that stop him. He was very smart and a quick learner, and he had trained his body and mind to compensate for his lack of magic. He was agile and cunning, and he knew how to take advantage of the situations and surroundings. He had never lost a fight against his elder brother calvin, even after calvin joined the army and became a soldier of the northern city. He was confident and fearless, and he did not care what anyone thought of him Levis must unlock the secrets of his starblood inheritance, and use it to save the realm from the darkness. Along the way, he will face many dangers and enemies, but he will also find allies and friends, and maybe even love. He will discover his true destiny, and he will prove to everyone that he is not a weakling, but a hero.

Chapter 1 Storm in the north

As the sun dipped toward the horizon, casting long shadows across the rugged landscape, Ryker a seasoned patrol commander, received a report from one of his soldiers. The air carried the acrid scent of smoke, and distant horns echoed through the valleys- a haunting melody that signaled danger as the soldiers reported.

The words from the soldier's mouth hung heavy in the air, and Ryker's pulse quickened.

The northwest outpost, responsible for safeguarding thirty and two villages, had seen its fair share of bloodshed. Seventeen of those villages had been raided repeatedly over the past four decades, leaving scars etched into the land and the hearts of its defenders.

Adrenaline surged through Ryker's veins as he sprinted toward the hills. His boots pounded the earth, and wind whipped past him. He needed a vantage point -a place to see beyond the immediate chaos. He fastest horses were saddled, their hooves enchanted with spells that defied exhaustion. Ryker led a small contingent of soldier, their faces grim and determined.

At the hill's crest, Ryker squinted against the fading light with a glow of enhancement from his eyes. Below, the village sprawled like a wounded beast. Homes smoldered, and the cries of the injured pierced the air. He'd witnessed this scene too many a time -first as a wide-eyed child, then as a soldier in the king's ranks. The same enemy, relentless and merciless.

Hatred bubbled within him, fueled by memories of lost friends, scorched fields, and broken families. He knew their tactics -their brutality. They were no mere raiders; they were an insidious force that gnawed at the heart of the realm.

Ryker's gaze swept the horizon. The northwest outpost lay miles away, but urgency demanded swift action. He turned to a soldier, eyes aflame. "Go," he commanded. "ride to captain Klaus. Tell him it's an emergency -a storm gathering on our doorstep. Gather every able-bodied soldier. We'll hold the line."

The soldier saluted and spurred his horse. Magic hummed in the air as he vanished into the distance, racing toward the outpost gates. Ryker watched, heart pounding, willing the sands in the hourglass to flow faster. Lives hung in a balance, and he would not falter.

The sun sank lower, casting Ryker's silhouette against the crimson sky. He clenched his fists, hatred and duty intertwining. Tonight, they would stand – against darkness, and despair. For the villagers, for the fallen and for the flame that still burned within him.

The outpost gates trembled as the messenger soldier hurtled towards them, lungs aflame with urgency. It was a well-worn rule: scream the emergency message, pierce the silence, and gain swift entry to the inner sanctum. The soldier's voice cracked as he bellowed, "reporting from Sir Ryker's patrol -we have a situation!"

Captain Klaus Laupin, leader of the northwest outpost, stood at the epicenter of chaos. His very presence radiated authority -a man forged in the crucible of battle, his veins humming with human magic. The lineage of Lyor flowed through him: eldest son of the legendary fire mage Zender Laupin and the alchemist healer Serena Liamann. But titles meant little when the world teetered on the edge of catastrophe.

The messenger's word stuck Klaus like a blow. Anger mixed with frustration took hold of him, a

mixture of emotions. His jaw clenched, and he cursed under his breath. Goblin raid -the two words that haunted their nights, gnawed at their defenses. How many times had they faced these vermin? How many lives had they lost?

"Damn it," Klaus spat, his knuckles white against the hilt of his sword. "Not again." His gaze swept the courtyard, assessing the dwindling ranks of defenders. They were stretched thin, like parchment worn by relentless storms. He needed every blade, every spark of magic.

"Robert!" Klaus called to his brother, who stood nearby. "Gather the soldiers. Half of them, and Meleona -the prodigy, the flame haired girl with eyes older than her years -she rides with us. We head for the village. We meet the goblins head-no. we don't let them feast on innocence."

But the patrol soldier, eyes wide with fear, dared to question. "Sir," he stammered, "the raiders outnumber us twentyfold. Are we marching to our doom?"

Klaus's fury flared. "We fight..." he declared. "We fight because we must. Our outpost bleeds, but we cannot empty its veins entirely. Seventy and five souls stand here -the last bastion against the tide. And yes, they call me 'brother' -Robert, Calvin and the rest of you – you are all family. But tonight, we're more than kin. We are defenders, guardians, and the last flicker of hope for those villagers."

He remembered the goblin horde he'd decimated weeks ago -their twisted forms, their hunger for destruction. Yet here they were, relentless as ever. Klaus's grip tightened on his sword. "We'll show them," he vowed. "we'll show them that even in darkest hour, Lyor's flame burns fierce"

The outpost gates swung open, torches flaring. Soldiers assembled, faces etched with resolve. Klaus ordered the messenger soldier to head towards the northern legion and seek for reinforcement. The moon watched, silent witness to their defiance. And as they rode toward the village he whispered a prayer -for the fallen, for the flame, and for the dawn that might yet break upon their blood-soaked land.

The moon hung low in the sky, casting an eerie glow over the encampment. Ryker's nerves were frayed, the passage of time gnawing at his resolve. Five hours had slipped by like elusive shadows, and still, there was no sign of a promising reinforcement. His fingers drummed impatiently against the hilt of his sword, the weight of responsibility pressing down on him.

Desperation drove Ryker from the suffocating confines of his tent. The air outside was cool, a balm for his restless spirit. And then there he was -Klaus, striding purposefully toward the camp. The metallic clank of armor echoed through the silence, and Ryker's heart leaped. Klaus, his steadfast friend, had arrived.

Klaus and Ryker shared a history knotted in blood and magic. They had been raw recruits, wide-eyed and eager, drawn together by fate's capricious hand. But where Ryker's talents lay in the art of physical combat, klaus possessed a rare affinity for human magic – the elusive light that danced on the edge of reality. The kingdom revered him as one of the few true light mages, and rumor whispered that his lineage trace back to the legendary General of Lyor.

Their gaze collided – a silent communion between brothers in arm. In that fleeting moment, Ryker felt the weight of their shared past, the battles fought side by side, the laughter and tears woven into their souls. Relief took hold of him; Klaus was here, and they would weather this storm together.

But the warmth of reunion turned to ash. Klaus's eyes held a truth Ryker dreaded. "Thirty," Klaus said, his voice edged with regret. "that's all I could muster." Thirty soldiers -barely enough to tip the scales in their favor. Ryker's jaw clenched. The kingdom's fate hung in the balance and they were outnumbered.

Klaus dismounted, his boots sinking into the dew-kissed grass. There was no time for pleasantries, no room for niceties. They stepped into the dimly lit tent; the air thick with tension. Ryker's mind raced. What strategy could they devise with so few? The tent flaps rustled, and the world outside held its breath.

Ryker's orders were swift. Him men -only five strong –would join Klaus's thirty. A desperate alliance forged in the crucible of war. Klaus led the way, his steps sure, his eyes scanning the darkness. The night swallowed them whole, and Ryker wondered if they were marching toward salvation or oblivion.

As they moved deeper into the forest, Ryker stole glances at Klaus. The man had once been a humble patrol soldier in these very woods. Now, destiny had thrust them into a battle that would define their legacy. Ryker gripped his sword, hearts pounding. Klaus's magic hummed, a beacon against the encroaching darkness.

Meanwhile, amidst the bustling streets of the northern central city, a grandiose celebration unfolded. Banners fluttered, and the air was thick with anticipation. The occasion? King leones himself had journeyed north to witness firsthand how his realm fended off the relentless invaders. His eyes, sharp and assessing scanned the defenses -the towering walls, the determined soldiers, and the glint of determination in their eyes.

But this was no mere diplomatic visit. King leones has a dire purpose: an agreement with the enigmatic Dwarf King. Siege weapons were scarce, and the war with the human kingdom of Lyvendra raged on. The fate of the realm hung in the balance, and the alliance with the dwarves was their secret card.

As the moon dipped low, casting long shadows across the cobblestone streets, a lone patrol soldier arrived at the city gates. His journey had been arduous -more than five hours since he left the remote northwest outpost. Fatigue clung to him like a second skin, yet duty propelled him forward. The king's presence demanded heightened vigilance; the emergency protocols strained to keep pace.

The soldier's heart raced as he stepped into the courtyard. General Katerine awaited him -an imposing figure with eyes that missed nothing. She was the fiercest of the five generals, having inherited her position from General Jamale. Her reputation preceded her: strict, unyielding, and bound by the code. The soldier swallowed hard, knowing that his report would be dissected, scrutinized, and judged.

Minutes stretched into eternity as he recounted the events -the skirmishes, the sacrifices, the desperate stands. Other soldiers corroborated his tale, their voice echoing off the stone walls. Finally, the message reached general Katerine's ears. She listened; her expression inscrutable. The city's safety was paramount: the ceremony could not be disrupted. She couldn't intervene directly, but her orders cut through the chaos: her elite soldiers would accompany the patrol back to the northwest outpost.

Klaus, the outpost commander, was skilled, but this situation teetered on the edge. General Katerine knew that with an elite squad at Klaus's side, they could turn the tide. The soldiers, relieved yet anxious, found solace within the city garrison. His magic overtaxed from hastening the horses' speed, hummed beneath his skin.

And so, the elite squad departed -a blur of determination and purpose. They rode hard, chasing the fading moon and raising sun. as the city's celebration continued, the soldier closed his eyes and prayed for Ryker and his other comrades.

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