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Bride in Disguise

Bride in Disguise

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Due to a conspiracy, she was forced to marry on behalf of her sister, the groom being the third son from the top-tier Windsor family. Rumors had it that Oliver was weak and sickly with an ugly appearance. However, who is this man in front of her who is so handsome that people are envious, and has a body comparable to a male model?! A subordinate reported, 'Mr.Windsor, your wife has been set up by the investors.' Oliver replied, 'Trace the funds, retaliate!' The subordinate reported again, 'Oliver, netizens are pairing your wife with a male model.' Oliver went into Natalie Watson's live broadcast room and started sending spaceship gifts like crazy, 'Sweetie, call me Darling!' Natalie Watson thought this marriage was a prison, yet he doted on her until she was in heaven. From then on, her cheating ex-boyfriend and trashy sister have to respectfully call her Aunt!"

Chapter 1 Substitute Marriage in the Windsor Family


The sky was gloomy.

Seven silver Rolls-Royce wedding cars entered the Watson family estate.

"Natalie, please marry Oliver from the Windsor family on my behalf. Adrian and I will bless you!"

Natalie looked at her step-sister Hailey's seemingly innocent and stunning face, her heart aching.

This woman had stolen her boyfriend Adrian and now used her little brother as a threat to make her marry her own fiancé!

Windsor family Oliver...

There were rumors that Oliver from the Windsor family was ugly, sick, and had a peculiar temperament.

"You promised that if I marry into their family, they will continue to provide treatment for Lucas," Natalie said, not wanting to see Hailey's disgusting face, but her brother was her most important concern.

Lucas was Natalie's biological younger brother. Half a year ago, he was diagnosed with leukemia, and the expensive cost of chemotherapy was not something Natalie, who was still in college, could afford.

If Natalie did not marry into the Windsor family as a substitute for Hailey, Lucas would soon be nothing but a lifeless body.

"I know!" Hailey impatiently pushed Natalie. The thought of the beautiful Natalie having to deal with an ugly creature like that excited her.

"Our Watson family doesn't lack money. Stop stalling, the wedding cars are waiting. If you offend the Windsor family, don't blame us for being rude to Lucas."

Natalie glanced at the Watson family mansion one last time, disappointment and mockery filling her beautiful deer-like eyes.

Ten years ago, she would have never agreed to bring Lucas back here.

This was not their home.

Natalie's heart sank as she lifted the hem of her wedding dress and stepped onto the wedding car.


The church where the wedding was held was Paykston's most famous wedding church, and today it was exclusively booked by the Windsor family, yet there were very few people present.

Natalie got off the car and saw a few dozen people in the distance staring at her with probing or mocking eyes, more so with unabashed contempt.

They looked at her as if she were an object, a joke.

Because the man she was marrying today, Oliver, although from the prestigious Windsor family, all the daughters of noble families in the city fear to marry.

"Excuse me, where is Oli... Oliver?" Natalie looked around but couldn't find any trace of the groom.

"Oliver is sick and can’t meet anyone," Charles, who escorted her to the church, replied expressionlessly, devoid of any emotions like a machine.

"So, the wedding..."

"The bride will go through it alone."

Go through the wedding alone...

Was the Windsor family intentionally humiliating her?

An unfamiliar place, unfamiliar crowd, various unkind gazes, the embarrassment of handling the wedding alone...

Everything rushed towards Natalie like a ferocious flood.

She desperately wanted to escape, but she had no choice.

For the sake of her younger brother, Natalie gathered her courage and walked towards the priest at the end of the red carpet.

Meanwhile, at All Night Manor.

In the top SVIP private room, three exceptionally handsome men sat in different corners.

Unlike the chaotic music and noise outside the bar, the music in this spacious 300-square-meter room was performed live by a band. One wall was covered by a huge, curved silver screen, on which the Windsor Family wedding was currently being displayed.

"Brother, your new wife is on the screen, why don't you take a look? She has long legs, a tiny waist, and perfect upper body proportion. I bet she will be amazing in bed!"

The man dressed in black and white had such handsome features that he captivates many people’s attention. He was surrounded by three beautiful women, one on his left and one on his right, but their seductive red lips were no match for the sexiness of his deep red lips.

"For you?"

Oliver was sitting alone on the spacious three-seater sofa, his gaze cold and emotionless.

In the mottled light and shadow, his handsome and sharp features were revealed.

Oliver had sensual thin lips, a high straight nose, and eyes resembling peach blossoms and phoenixes, portraying a half-cold, half-wild demeanor. One could say that his face was a masterpiece carved by God, capable of driving any woman insane.

As he gazed at the delicate wine glass in his hand, his movements were graceful and noble, akin to that of an emperor.

"No need to be nervous!" Isaac hastily waved his hand, after all, he was Oliver's brother-in-law.

Oliver lit a cigar and caught a glimpse of the screen out of the corner of his eye. The bride was facing the priest, her figure slim and alluring, radiating an indescribable beauty while wearing the floral wedding gown designed by Master Milan. Her tall and well-proportioned physique, slender and fair arms exposed in the air, and her perfectly elongated neck all left a lasting impression.

Her mere presence was enough to pique the interest of most men.

"Turn it off!" Oliver, however, did not belong to the majority. "It's distracting."

"Why do you care about marrying her?" Isaac obediently turned off the screen as he enjoyed a mouthful of grapes delivered to him by a beautiful woman, bewildered by the question.

"Setting aside the fact that she is the illegitimate daughter of the Watson family, she is also your dumb nephew Adrian's ex-girlfriend, a woman he discarded like a toy. In the future, you won't be able to escape the mockery of those Windsor family clowns," Oliver sneered.

Oliver was the third son of the Windsor family, born to the legitimate wife. He was supposed to hold power within the Windsor family and possess the enormous Windsor Group business empire. However, rumors of his attempted murder ten years ago and his present state of frailty and illness almost rendered him powerless.

But Oliver scorned these circumstances; he had a more powerful hidden force.

After being attacked at the age of fifteen, Oliver began to cultivate his own power. In just a decade, the RK Group rose to prominence, ranking among the top three multinational corporations globally. This was not to mention the influence he had in the dark and gray areas.

Rumors had it that someone had seen the mysterious CEO of the RK Group, an exceedingly handsome and dominant man whose identity remained unknown. No one would have thought that he was the outwardly weak, disfigured, and ugly Oliver from the Windsor family.

Isaac, on the other hand, oversaw the entertainment division of the RK Group, skillfully navigating through multiple temptations without getting caught in any.

"Just a vase," Oliver agreed to the marriage only to put his grandmother's mind at ease. He hadn't had a woman by his side for years, and his grandmother had forced one upon him.

The only thing that troubled him was that his grandmother wanted him to give her a grandson within a year! Otherwise, divorce was not an option!

Being a mere vase was acceptable, but having children was impossible!

Isaac gave a subtle look at the beautiful woman beside him and then glanced towards Oliver.

The woman stood up in excitement and swayed her body as she approached Oliver.

Not knowing how to address this most handsome and imposing man, she coyly cupped her hand to her throat and said, "Hey handsome~"

"Get lost!"

The woman didn’t even get within a meter of Oliver when his cold and low voice made her recoil.

His imposing presence frightened her, causing her to fall to the ground, her legs giving way.

She thought that if she got closer to him, he would grab her by her throat and throw her out.

"Isaac, you have a bad memory, don't you think your brother is just like you? Going around with women all day not being afraid of getting sick," sneered the man in the gray shirt.

The man raised his head slightly, revealing his handsome and impeccable features in the light.

His charm was different from Oliver's cold and domineering style, different from Isaac's wildness, but rather had a serene and elegant presence.

"Wyatt, as an old virgin yourself, do you not allow your brother to lose his virginity?"

Isaac and Wyatt started to argue back and forth.

Oliver, used to their antics, ignored them.

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