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Binded By Love

Binded By Love

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The very day she came back into her home country, she heard the most absurd news. "Your sister is getting married with Mr. Stephenson". "What did you say?" She couldn't believe it. At the engagement party, she was shocked to see her sister getting engaged to her fiancé. "Daniel, remember this, I dumped you! Did you hear that? I dumped you, not the other way round." ..... Who could have guessed that after being betrayed by her fiancé and sister and being labelled as a home wrecker, someone would still want to marry her? "Don't you want to get revenge on your fiancé for what he did?" Nathan Clemon asked Hilda. "What has that got to do with you?" She snapped back. "It has got everything to do with me. I am the only person who could help you achieve that whiles giving you the happiness that any woman would wish in this world." ...... Would Hilda accept his marriage proposal? And even if she did, would she be happy? Join me as we get to know about the twists and turns on how things would end up

Chapter 1 First Chapter

Kotoka international airport was hustling and bustling with tourists going in and out of the airport.

Hilda got of the plane slowly, as she breathe in the fresh air of the very country she had been out of for two years.

She was in a fur coat which was rustling in the wind as she walked. With smiles on her face, she exited the airport.

She hailed a taxi, told the driver to drop her off at the Stephenson Group. As she got off, she walked into the office with her luggage in tow.

Upon arriving, the receptionist was shocked to see her. "Miss Hilda, you are back".

Hilda replied with a calm tone "Yes, is Daniel in his office?"

The receptionist was shocked then she said "He is already at the hotel where the engagement is supposed to take place."

"Engagement?" Hilda asked.

"Yes, the engagement between Daniel and your sister."

With a blank expression she asked. "My sister and Daniel?.... Which hotel?"

The receptionist hesitated for a while for she thought she had said something wrong but after a moment, she shook her head and thought otherwise then mentioned the name of the hotel. "The Golden Tulip Hotel."

Hilda walked out of the office expressionlessly as she stared blankly at nothing in particular in front of her. She hailed a taxi as soon as she got out of the office and headed for the Golden Tulip Hotel.

As soon as she got down, she saw pictures of her step - sister and Daniel who happened to be her boyfriend plastered everywhere.

With a sense of deprecation, she entered the hotel and headed for the top floor where the engagement was taking place.

It was supposed to be their fourth anniversary. Two years ago, she left for America to further her studies. When she was done, she rushed back in a hurry to surprise her boyfriend who happens to be Daniel.

But immediately she came back, she was the one who was rather surprised. Her boyfriend of four years is getting engaged to her step - sister.

As she got to the top floor, she heard the sound of soothing paino music coming from the ball room. Taking a few deep breath and a few steps, she was met with the sight of her sister hugging Daniel.

Carmen was smiling as she was in a rosy red ball dress with pearls. She was greeting the guest together with Daniel.

As today happens to be their engagement, they were the stars of the night.

Still standing at the doorway, Hilda watched as Carmen blushed after Daniel whispered something into her ears.

With face red with rage, Hilda took few steps in. With a turn of her face, Carmen noticed her sister from the corner of her eyes. Colour drained from her face as she gripped Daniel's arm tightly.

Daniel also saw Hilda. Stunned for a moment, he patted Carmen's hand and gave her a comforting smile before walking towards Hilda.

Daniel spoke up first. "Hilda, you are back and even here for our engagement. Thanks for making time".

Hilda was filled with rage as she listened to what Daniel was saying. "Your engagement? Danny aren't you feeling sorry? You cheated on me. We have been dating for four years! And you Carmen, are you that thirsty for men that you even go after your sister's boyfriend? What happened to all the men out there? How dare you..."

Not waiting for Hilda to finish, She was met by her slap from behind her. "You unfilial daughter."

Hilda held her throbbing cheek, turned around to see who slapped her. "Mom..." She was heartbroken.

"Don't call me that you unfilial daughter. I don't have a daughter like you. Today is your sister's engagement and instead of blessing her, you are here to cause trouble. You are doing this on purpose right?" Mrs Adams gritted her teeth and glared at Hilda.

"But Mom, what are you saying? Daniel is my boyfriend." Hilda said.

"Who is your boyfriend? Tell me. Daniel is your brother - in - law. Do you want to take him too? Since young, you have been taking everything that belongs to Carmen and now you are targeting her boyfriend too? Tell me."

"Haha..." Cracking a laugh, Hilda looked at her mom who was twisting the facts then looked at Daniel and asked "Who is your girlfriend Daniel? Tell her."

Frowning, Daniel looked flustered not knowing how to answer, he looked at Hilda. A grip of his arm sobered him up then he replied. "Sorry, but the person I love has been Carmen and it always will be."

Feelings her heart tighten, Hilda replied "Remember this Daniel, I'm the one dumping you not the other way around. Remember this day."

Trying her best not to shed tears in front of them, Hilda turned around with a lot of self control to not tearing them apart and blessed them. " Hoping you spend the rest of your lives today as husband and wife forever till death do you apart and even in the after life."

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