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Billionaire's Love Trap

Billionaire's Love Trap

img Romance
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"I want you to touch me there," she said with excitement and desire in her voice. He noticed how much she wanted him, but he got up and pushed her hand away. "You know I never have sex with the same woman more than once," he said firmly. She pleaded with him, desperately longing for him to be intimate with her. "Please, just one last time," she begged. He smirked and set his own rules. "Okay, but this time it will be from a different position," he said. He was a heartless man who used women for his own pleasure. He was famous, wealthy, and had a lot of experience with sex. Many women desired him, but he only used them for his own satisfaction. However, everything changed when he unexpectedly fell deeply in love with a virgin who wanted nothing but revenge against him. It doesn’t matter how much she hates him;he wants her so he gets her!

Chapter 1 1

*Dr. Ace Dawson Pov*

It was a regular day in my life, working with typical patients. Nothing interesting was happening. When I was ready to leave, I called my assistant nurse over. "Come here for a moment," I said.

She knocked politely and entered. "Yes, Dr. ."

Without looking at her, I started packing my papers. "Is there anyone else here?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yes, sir. Two people: Mrs. Selena and a new patient."

Feeling annoyed and exhausted, as it was late and I hadn't taken a break since early morning, I sighed and said, "Okay, let her in."

Selena, a patient of mine with strong sexual desires, entered the room without permission, as she often did. I sat in my chair and motioned for her to sit down. But it was clear she didn't come for a regular checkup. Her flushed cheeks gave away her intentions. She looked incredibly horny.

I raised my head, watching her closely. "Not here," I said firmly. "Not now. I've told you before that I don't sleep with the same woman more than once."

She pouted and moved provocatively on my lap. "But I want you so much," she huskily replied. "Please, just one more time. I'm not feeling well." She pleaded, hoping to turn me on, but she was mistaken. No woman could arouse me. I was in control of my own desires.

I gently pushed her away and said, "Go to the bed. I hope you're genuinely unwell and not just here for sex, because I won't engage in that with you. Understood?" I raised an eyebrow, warning her.

With a wide smile, she nodded and hurriedly went to the examination bed, removing all her clothes. She behaved like a sexually eager person craving intense penetration, seeking rough sex to calm her desires. I smirked arrogantly at her actions towards my body.

I approached and sat between her legs on the chair. She was naked, except for her G-string. I moved aside the string with my finger and lightly touched her private area.

Stepping back, I chuckled teasingly. "Alright, there's nothing wrong. You just need a real man to fulfill your needs."

She cleared her throat, raising her eyebrows. "What?" she gasped. "You're not going to continue?"

I shook my head. "No. There's no need. I'll write you a prescription..." I was about to continue, but she grabbed my arm to stop me and grabbed hold of my penis.

"I need you, please," she whispered, licking my earlobe.

I pushed her down, making her kneel. I unzipped my pants and motioned for her to proceed. She pulled out my penis from my underwear and began to give me oral pleasure with her tongue. I took control of her head by gripping her hair and started thrusting.

"Touch yourself for me," I commanded her in a husky voice. Many people enjoy being commanded and dominated by a strong man. Every woman has her own submissive side.

I pulled her up and flipped her onto the bed, positioning her with her buttocks raised. I touched her anus. "I'm going to have anal sex with you because I don't repeat penetration in the same way. Are you ready for that?" I whispered in her ear, warming her neck with my breath while pinching her nipples.

She nodded and moaned, "Yes, please, fuck me."

I moved my fingers to her wet vagina, thrusting a few times. Then I grabbed some lubricant and applied it to her anus. Fortunately, I didn't need to stretch it much. It was evident she had experienced this before and desired the sensation of my large penis inside her backside.

Yes, she couldn't get enough of me, just like any of my other patients. It wasn't because of my 10-inch or wide size; it was the way I pleased them that made them return. To truly satisfy a woman and be in control, a man must understand her weaknesses and desires, both physically and emotionally. And I was that kind of man.

I didn't spend much time preparing her. She was already wet and eager, and her loud moans could have scared away other patients. Thankfully, I was tired and wanted to finish quickly. I still had another patient waiting, a new one. I always treated my new patients with respect. I wasn't going to risk my reputation as the best gynecologist for a quick sexual encounter. No way.

I inserted the tip of my penis into her, causing her to cry out in pain. After waiting a few seconds, I pushed it in further. She was already filled with me, but... this wasn't how I played the game. If she decided to seduce me and initiate this, I would end it the way I wanted: rough and intense until the end.

She made sounds as I put my whole penis inside. I started to thrust in deep, but slowly. "Oh, please, give me more," she begged while licking her lips. I gently bit her ear, which was a sensitive spot for her, and thrust deeper while squeezing her butt.

"Do you like it?" I asked, moving my tongue down her back, making her arch it.

She panted. "Yes, I do. Please..."

I thrust harder and rougher. I tapped her butt once. "Do you like this?" I asked.

She nodded. I tapped her butt again. "Say, 'Yes, daddy.'" I squeezed her nipples roughly.

She screamed. "Daddy, please give me more."

I grabbed a toy penis from the desk and put it in her vagina, making her jump. "Oh my God...please..." She begged, but I didn't listen. I never force any of them. I knew she wanted more and was ready to give it to her.

"Come for me. Come for daddy. Now!" I thrust my penis in her anus while pushing the toy in her vagina at the same time.

"I'm coming," she screamed, but before she could, I pulled out and had her drink all of my semen. I couldn't have any stains on my clothes yet. I still had one more patient waiting.

She swallowed all of my semen and licked her lips seductively. She came closer to kiss me, but I turned my head away. "No kisses, no love. Get dressed and leave. I'm still working." I spoke sternly, and she left quickly, feeling upset. But I didn't care. I have never cared for her or any other patient.

I fixed my clothes and called my assistant nurse to let the last patient come in.

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