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Billionaire Boss Accidental Surrogate

Billionaire Boss Accidental Surrogate

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Dani had one thought in mind when she decided to get pregnant through artificial insemination, and that was to give birth to a child and raise the child on her own, because she was tired of heartbreaks and being made a fool of, so what happens when the semen that was supposed to be given to her gets mixed up and she ends up getting herself pregnant with Luciano Miko’s semen, no other than her boss who for some reason hated to see her happy....

Chapter 1 1

Dani hurriedly finished up her work for the day and gathered up and stuff, she needed to leave the office early, she had to go to the hospital before they close up for the day, they called her earlier saying that what she ordered was ready and she was super excited to finally push start her plans, yes, she had planned this for over two years now, while saving up every penny she earned for it and it was finally time.

"Ananda, I will be going now, see you next week,"

She told her co-worker who shares the office with her. she worked as a secretary for Luciano Miko, her boss, and her worst nightmare, he was like the richest man in the whole of the state of Nevada and had a lot going well for him, he was good to other people except her, he just hated her for no reason, little wonder why he hasn't fired her yet, she got the job to start working for him right after she left uni and she has been his secretary for over five years now and in those five years his hate for her kept increasing, he made her work late night, made her go on every business and nor business trip with him and sometimes she had to spend days or weeks in his house because he couldn't work with anyone else but her, still, he hated her, she had considered quitting one time but gave it up because he was the only one that could pay as much as he was paying her for being his secretary.

Yes, Luciano pays her well, the only good part about working for her boss.

"Dani, in my office right now,"

Luciano said as he walked into the office.

"Speaking of the devil,"

Dani muttered under her breath as she quickly dropped her bag and walked fast into his office, she had been happy that he left early only for him to come back now, she just hoped whatever brought him back here won't take long because the hospital won't wait forever and she has to get it today, she won't be coming to work tomorrow and the day after, she already had it all planned out, she just hopes her crazy boss won't ruin her plans.

"You are lucky, you get the boss's attention even though you weren't originally employed as his secretary,"

Ananda said and Dani whipped her a look that suggested she was crazy and out of her mind, she would give anything in the world not to be noticed by Luciano, he hates her, humiliates her, and many more things, she is the only secretary among the numerous secretaries that works overtime the most.

"Wanna trade places?"

Dani couldn't resist asking.

"No, thanks, I will pass,"

She answered picking up her bag and walking out of the office, Dani rolled her eyes and went up to Luciano's office.


She said politely when she entered his office.

"Where are the files I asked you to print out?"

He barked and she mentally rolled her eyes, she was used to his rants and try not to let them get to her, she has been working for him for more than five years, she wasn't his main secretary or anything but he somehow disliked her to the extent of giving her all the work, yes, that was the most painful part, when she had first been employed, she had been the secretary of one of the sweetest man in the company, Peter, Luciano's one time best friend and now ex business partner, she still couldn't believe Peter did all her boss had accused him of, unfortunately, just two years after she started working here, Peter and Luciano had a major argument, Luciano accused him of squandering the company's fund, and mishandling them, not that she believed him, she thought they would fix it but then Peter left and well, back then she had thought she was going to get fired because Luciano did fire a few people who worked alongside Peter but he spared her, surprisingly, maybe he did that just to boss her around and spread his hate agenda against her.

"Dani? Are you here? Where is the file?"

He asked bringing her out of her thoughts.

"Sir, I sent it to your email because that's what you said,"

"What? You must be dumb then because I said print it out, I never said send to my mail, or you are not sensitive enough to know that I already have it in my mail?"

There he went again, that's what he said, he told her when she got to work this morning to go through the file and send it to his mail, she couldn't have forgotten so easily, he said and she quoted.

"Be done with this by the end of today and send it to my email," so what the fuck does he mean right now, she let out a low breath.

"I am sorry sir, I will have it printed out and it will be ready in fifteen minutes,"

She said.

"You should have done that before, I don't know what you come here for when it is clear you can't do a good job, you should rethink your decision to work here dummy,"

He stated without even looking at her, it wasn't his fault, not at all, it was all her fault for choosing to work with a jerk and not quitting, she hated him so much, okay not really, her boss was a hottie and had a body to die for, If 'sin' was human, he would effortlessly be the embodiment of it. That was the first word that came to mind the first time Noni had met her boss, but that quickly changed when he started treating her like shit, she just disliked him and she couldn't see herself changing that when if he is the hottest, richest bachelor in the country.

She walked out of the office, she could easily have printed it out with the printer in his office but she didn't want to be in his presence for that long and be reminded just how stupid she was when she wasn't even stupid in the first place, it was just in his head. She waited for a few more minutes after she was done printing before heading back to his office with it.

"Here it is sir, can I go now?"

She asked as she dropped the printed file on his table, he looked up at her, and their eyes collided, his deep-sea blue eyes held hers and for a moment she was lost in the beauty of his eyes, drowning in them, the man was a living, moving, walking, talking temptation, she would easily fall for his charm, all women do which is why he was very popular among women especially those glamorous models he is always pictured with, women totally out of her league.

"This is not the file I asked for."

He said bringing her out of her head, she looked back to see him frowning at her, the first thing she did was curse herself in her head, then she collected the file from him and checked, it was what he had asked for.

"This is what you asked for sure,"

She responded.

"You are sick! Why will I ask for this when the project is already a done deal? Do I look stupid to you? I asked you for the Carson project file, the fuck did you do?"

He yelled at her. She took a few steps back, this was what he asked for, she was sure, he has even sent her the Carson stuff at all.

"With all due respect sir, you haven't even sent me anything related to Carson, maybe it is the other Secretaries,"

She explained doing her ultimate best not to tell, she needed to get to the hospital, and being here arguing with her crazy boss wasn't in the schedule.

"I don't give the other Secretaries important jobs that I handle, I gave them to you!"

He responded. She just couldn't defend herself there without evidence so she brought out her phone and showed him the mail he had sent which had absolutely nothing related to Carson's project.


She said when the office remained silent after she showed him, now let's see how he is going to blame her for his fault.

"Well nothing, fix it, I need it by tomorrow,"

He said and walked out of the office.

"Wait! That's it? How am I supposed to fix it?"

She asked herself as she walked back out of the office, she would figure it out when she returns to work, for now, she was late and needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible, she took the stairs not wanting to follow him in the elevator and have him send her back to the office to fix his problem...

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