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img img Romance img Babysitting The Billionaire’s Adult Son
Babysitting The Billionaire’s Adult Son

Babysitting The Billionaire’s Adult Son

img Romance
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Being rejected by one organisation to another was Melanie Watson, she graduated from the state university exactly three years ago but couldn't secure a job because of her poor diploma. She couldn't stopped job hunting because of the loan she's going to refund in few weeks time. She borrowed some money from a fiercely casino to sponsor her education and she's to refund the money in three folds. A few weeks to the allotted time, Melanie was offered a babysitting job. She hasn't met with the baby she's going to babysit before she requested a year's advance payment. How will she cope when she gets to the mansion and realise that the boy she's going to babysit is not just a boy, but Archie Gordon, a thirteen years old boy who resents his father with passion? Melanie found herself stuck between the father and son discomfort that she was going to face for the next year. How will she cope when she found herself falling in love with Alfred Gordon and she's to choose between the broken son who wants her attention and the father who wants nothing but her love?

Chapter 1 it's yet another rejection

“Melanie Watson” the director calls out the name on the file, not taking his eyes off the anxious lady in front of him.

Melanie adjust on her seat, clutching tight at her dress.

“Yes, sir,” she says, panicking as she watches the cranky man squeeze his face at her file.

She could swear she heard him sigh. The tension in the room is becoming increasing which makes Melanie's heart rise and fall at high speed.

“With this horrible credential, I don't think you can get a job as a cleaner at a bar, not to talk of securing a job here in Gordon enterprises,” the director says, flailing the credentials across to her on the table which makes Melanie’s face to falls in obvious disappointment.

Not like it was her first time getting rejected by an administrator, but this particular cull makes her heart sinks in grief.

“But... My records aren't that bad” Melanie says, trying to defend herself. Her voice comes out low which makes the director shake his head in confusion.

“Are you that nutty? Can't your stupid brain take a clue of the information I'm trying to pass? You're not competent to work for me.” The angry man yells at her, taking a napkin from the table, and dabbing the tip of his funny-looking glasses.

Melanie feels hurt by his remarks but keeps herself calm as she doesn't want to get thrown out of the company.

The embarrassment wouldn't let her live to tell the story. She stands from the seat and packs the credentials inside her handbag and turns around to leave.

“You know... It would be a waste of time trying to look for a job when you could just get yourself a rich man, settle down with him and dwell in his riches. You'll age if you insist on a job hunt with your ridiculous credentials.” the director smirked at the last line and Melanie nod her head negatively at the taunt.

“Thanks for your concern.” Melanie smiles brightly at the director, who has a seductive smile plastered on his face.

“But I would love it if you can just shut the crap you called a mouth shut and mind your business,” Melanie says shortly and stride towards the exit.

She heard the man chuckle and of course, she doesn't bother to spare him another glance.

Melanie Watson drags her feet out of the director’s office and latches her lids together as soon as she gets outside of his office. She sighs sadly and rests her back on the door. She couldn't believe she just got rejected again.

“Oh good, Lord!” She sought for the umpteenth time and adjust her dress properly. Melanie dabs her jaw with the back of her palm, stretches her neck and strides out of the company. Getting outside the company, the forenoon sun bore on her skin and she drag her feet towards the bus station. She meet no one there and she takes a sit on the lonesome bench.

“My life is a mess” she sob quietly as tears find their way out of her amber eyes.

It has been three years already since she graduated from the state university, and she was unable to secure a job since then. She was the brightest student among her colleagues and her poor performance during her final year at the university left everyone in shock.

She tried her possible best to not let the situation she was to affect her academic performance, but as God has it, she couldn't take her mind off the confrontation which left her with a bad grade. She took a loan to pay her tuition at the university, thinking she would get a good job after her graduation. As the bookworm that she was, she believes she could secure a job at a magnificent firm. But now, no organisation want to hire someone like her.

What could be more formidable, the fact that she's still paying for the loan she borrowed for her tuition or the fact that she has to provide for her single mother to sort her business? Her life is a mess...

The beeping of Melanie’s phone jots her out of her intense thought. She brings the phone out of her handbag and stares at the screen. A beautiful smile dance on her cheeks as she beholds the caller. She swipes the receive icon and place the phone on her ear.

“Hi, Kayla.” she smile brightly, the loud voice of the caller makes her forcefully remove the phone from her ear.

“Easy Kayla, I'm just out for a bit, just stay there I'm almost home.” she chuckles and hang up the car. She notice a coming bus that's coming her way and get in, as soon as the bus put to stop.


“What brought a proficient cop to my house?” Melanie inquire as she close the door behind her. Kayla rolls her eyes at her and brings down her leg from the centre table.

“Seriously, babe I've been here by myself for over two hours. Where went you?” Kayla groans and pull Melanie to sit with her on the couch.

Melanie whizz loudly and drop her bag on the table, she loosens the buckle of her heels and massage her foot.

“I learnt of a company that put out a post of Secretary, so I went there to try my luck.” Melanie mumbles and rests her back on the couch.

“Really? That's fine. So, did you get in?” Kayla asks impatiently. Her Hazel eyes bore intensively at Melanie.

“Ouch, stop gazing at me that way, I almost get a hole on my skin.” Melanie whine and Kayla hit her head.

“Tell me already, did you get the job?” she raises the question for the second time and Melanie sneer at her.

“Well, it's the same riposte that I got. No one want to employ a nincompoop like me.” Melanie reply sadly and Kayla stare at her face, feeling grief for her friend.

“But you're brilliant, Melanie. They shouldn't judge by your record alone.” Kayla groans and Melanie chuckles which makes Kayla wonder what’s funny in her speech.

“As if they'll wait for me to be on the seat for another second after going through my file.” she mocks and starts to undo her shirt button.

“Don’t lose your energy over a mere taunt, what you've passed through is more than mere comments” Kayla propels a bright smile to her.

“Yeah, right.” Melanie shrugs her shoulder. She yanks the shirt off her body and carelessly drop it on the table, leaving her in her red strapless bra.

“Old habit.” Kayla giggle. “What brought you here in the first place?” Melanie raise her eyebrows, knowing fully well that her friend would never visit her during work hours, for visiting sake.

“I came because I'm hungry.” Kayla lets out and Melanie bounces her head back and forth in affirmation.

“Speaking of old habits, I think you've gotten plenty of it to discard,” Melanie says and they both laugh at her satire.

“Do you have any food?” Kayla raise her eyebrows and Melanie nods in affirmative.

“Let me pack these stuffs inside first.” Melanie mumbles as she stands deliberately from the couch.

The short black skirt falls to her knees as soon as she get her butt off the couch. Leaving her in just her undies. She pick it up along with the others and drag her feet towards the direction that leads to her room.

Kayla shake her head sadly, seeing her friend off with her eyes glue to her back.

“She’s amazing, smiling like everything is going smoothly even when her life is tumbling down. How incredible!” Kayla sighs. She glance over at the centre table when she heard her phone makes a beep.

She takes the phone from the table and stare at the mail.

“Wow! this is faster than I thought,she's really nice.” Kayla comments at the mail. Her face lit up in excitement.

“Who is nice?” Melanie asks, coming out of the kitchen with two bowls of cereal in her hands.

“A multi billionaire post a vacant of a full time babysitter for his son. I happened to be among the first set of people who received the news.” Kayla smiles, collecting a bowl of cereal from Melanie.

“So, what's great about that?” Melanie raise her eyebrows with a slight confused look on her face.

“I’m applying for you of course, and... All done!” Kayla smirk as she click on send button. Melanie abruptly drops the bowl on the table. “What did you just said, Kayla?” Melanie inquire, not wanting to believe her friend would actually think of her of becoming a darn babysitter for some kids.

“Look Melanie, it is better to secure a job, anyone at that, than to do nothing. I've came to conclusion that you're not meant to make use of your certificate. A babysitting job has nothing to do with how great your credentials is. We all work to get money, okay? Some people do worse to get cash in their hands.” Kayla says, wiping out the balls of tears that drops from Melanie’s eyes. Just that moment, a notification pop on Kayla’s phone.

She rapidly picks up the phone and glares dagger at the screen. “What is the problem?.” Melanie ask in worries as the look on Kaylan’s face sends shiver down her spine.

“I... You got picked.” Kayla says and fresh tears build up in Melanie’s face. She let her tears fall freely on Kayla’s shoulder the moment Kayla throws herself at her in a warm hug.

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