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Alpha's Little Puppet

Alpha's Little Puppet

img Werewolf
img 5 Chapters
img Jasire Balo (JB)
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Being a puppet for the alpha isn't exactly what Ava had dreamt of, but yes, she has to be what she is without choice. Ava was sold by her father to the playboy Alpha who has a collection of sex slaves, she hopes to win his heart and he hopes to use her. Find out what twists are there to come for them.. Note: 🔞 if you don't feel comfortable with sex slaves then please don't read.

Chapter 1 1

Ava Deal stood with her head bowed at the door of the Bond-Moon park house, with her hands clasping her luggage. She couldn’t believe she was right here, and not in the safety of her home at White-Moon pack. She couldn’t believe she was here as a slave. Wait, not just any slave, but the Alpha’s sex slave.

Why had she come here? She could have easily ran away because her dad had only taken her as far as the border, with only a crisp note to accompany her. A sad smile touched her lips as she thought about it. She was really strange, calling Stallone Deal, dad after everything that had happened. The man didn’t deserve to be called dad. He was a fucking monster!

“Miss, who are you?” A man queried.

Ava blinked twice as she stared dumbly at the man. Then, his words hit her. She swallowed hard as the shame of her intentions hit her like a bag of bricks. It was too late to leave now.

“I have an appointment with Alpha Jax,” She said quietly.

She watched him pull his black jacket close to him like he was cold, which wasn’t normal with the weather they were presently in. The man licked his lips, standing straighter than was remotely possible.

“Come with me,” He said briskly.

Ava closed her eyes for a split second. The moment she stepped foot in the pack house, everything she ever hoped for, dreamt off, and lived for would be thrown into the wind. This would be her prison from today onward. She could only pray that the Alpha was kind.

She dragged her luggage into the pack house, trailing behind the man who walked so quickly like he was in a hurry.

“Wait here,” He ordered, without looking back.

Ava grounded to a halt, and watched him go to the door below the staircase. She zoned out once more, thinking about her mother, Amy. What would her plight be now? Her father would practically torture her so much that she would lose all her hopes to live. Why did the moon goddess pair her mother with such a monster? It was not right.

Nothing was right actually. It wasn’t her presence in this room or the fact that things can go worse from here. It was nothing. She dropped the bag finally, her hand throbbing in relief, then she sat on it. She felt so weak and incredibly tired.

If only her mother could be brave? If only she could fight Stallone Deal off with her chest puffed up, then none of these would be happening. It almost felt like her mother enjoyed being tortured and oppressed. But, actually, it was Avery Deal being weak. She practically had no backbone. None, whatsoever!

Ava sighed as she looked around, not picking any designs because her heart and soul were far from here. Why didn’t the moon goddess bless them with better resources and partners? It was so insane being stuck in this awful way when you served someone with your whole heart. It was just not right.

She blinked away the tears that threatened to suffocate her. It was no use crying. In a couple of minutes, her whole world would be turning on its head. And, if her Alpha was a moody son of a bitch, then she’d really need to have her wits around her. She had to be strong.

She sat up stronger, like doing this would actually manifest that inner strength. It did not. She only felt her muscles crying for some sort of relief. How long was she going to sit here? She hoped not for so long, because she didn’t wish to develop muscle cranks.

She twirled around the box, a zip sound glitzed to the air. Her eyes were rooting on the glass door once more, as she contemplated giving it a run. She facepalmed herself at her stupidity, why could she not be decisive for once? She’d had her chance and she blew it, surely the pack warriors would become alert if she were to do such a thing. It was too risky to do, and she didn’t have the strength to run wildly if it came down to it.

Ava’s nostrils flared as she picked a woodsy scent. Without turning, she felt her stomach flutter, unleashing butterflies up her throat. A cold sweat dropped down her skin, and then with dry lips, as she turned sideways. Her brown eyes caught the stranger’s dark ones.

She pushed herself to her feet by a force greater than her. Her legs moved rapidly to him. Everything inside of her was screaming one word, mate!

Her hands lounged forward, hoping to engulf him in a mouth-watering kiss, only for him to push her on the floor. She stared at him confused, and her wolf whimpered in pain.

“In the Bond-Moon pack, you do not touch your Alpha until he tells you to!” He snapped coldly.

Ava stared at him, like he was crazy. Maybe he didn’t know they were mates. That was surely the case. Without thinking, she held his hand in hers. It was so cold to the touch.

“Alpha, I’m your mate!” She said desperately, willing him to understand who she was to him.

He pulled his hands away, like she was disgusting. Then, he leaned forward, their eyes meeting like electric currents. She wanted nothing more than for him to claim her.

“I would say this once! I really hope you pay attention. I do not have a mate!” He turned his back on her. “Get your things to the first room upstairs. Your work would start soon, slave.” He said arrogantly.

Ava wasn’t sure she was still breathing. For a second she had thought being his mate will be her breakthrough. This was too much! In one sentence, he’d put her in her place. She looked at him with renewed hate. Why couldn’t she be happy for once? The Alpha neither rejected or accepted her, she wasn’t sure which was worse.

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