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Alpha Caellum.

Alpha Caellum.

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Naledi’s family was destroyed by the Cosa Nostra Mafia group - also known as the Italian pack. She escaped alone as a child and was trafficked by the Yakuza Mafia pack. She soon learns to take care of herself in the dark world of crime and becomes a hired assassin under the pack that trafficked her - burning with a thirst for revenge for her murdered pack. Things take another turn when she escapes being raped by the Alpha, leaving him half dead and runs away with a bounty on her head. She travels to another territory where she steals from the pack leader and is made to work for five years as an assassin to repay her debt. On the final day of her service, Naledi is forced to attend a mating ball, where she meets Alpha Caellum - The head of the Cosa Nostra pack, her enemy’s son, and more importantly, her mate. Another little detail? Alpha Caellum can’t be rejected.

Chapter 1 The worst son in the history of werewolves!


One bullet, one gun, one dead body and I will be free.

I stood at the top of the tallest building in New York with my sniper gun as I targeted my last kill for the Russian Mafia - The Bravta pack.

The last job that would make me a free woman after five years of paying back the debt I owed from stealing from their organisation.

Dressed in a black assemble, I set my gun target down to a building, a hotel room with an open window, a hundred miles from where I was.

I could see the old fool that I was supposed to kill. He was one of the most despicable people to have crossed planet Earth; A human with the guts of an animal.

He was the latest shitbag I couldn’t be more honoured to get the privilege to kill. His name was Clifford Right. A politician and one of the stupidest humans I have heard of - Because believe me, you’ve got to be the most foolish human on earth to think you could cross the Russian pack and go scott-free.

Other than the fact he was running for president, he owned a big underground sporting ring where he launders money made from the women and children he trafficked out of the country.

When Alpha Volkov gave me his portfolio, I was more than happy to do this as my last gig for him. I studied him for the longest time, and when he climbed on his flavour of the night, ready to satisfy his primal urges, I pulled the trigger.

I never missed a shot.

I watched as the bullet silently left my sniper gun and found its way to the hotel room, entering through his back and hitting his heart. I didn’t need to confirm his death.

The Russian pack rented out a building to enable me to perform my job tonight. For a second, enjoyed the look of horror on the woman’s face, who was now stained with the blood of that shitbag.

She’ll have a long time explaining how that happened.

Without further ado, I packed up my gun and went downstairs. I had exactly three minutes to get out before the police arrived.

I got downstairs and like always, a car was ready to take me. After showing his card, I got to the backseat, and he handed me a phone before starting the engine.

“Hello.” I breathed a sigh of relief when we passed the ambulance that rushed through the streets, alongside the police that followed right after.

“Attai.” I heard the voice of my employer, or should I say, Ex-employer. “You’ve done a wonderful job once again.” His tone was light, “It breaks my heart that you have refused to be a part of us.”

“A deal is a deal,” I stated, my voice taut.

“Don’t get macho on me, baby.” I hated when he called me that. “If you are not going to join us, you should at least honour my invitation to tonight’s ball.” He made a mock-distress tone. “I can’t be seen walking around alone, you know.”

“Alpha Volkov,” I said in a wary tone but he cut me off.

“Until the next three hours, you are bound to me. No excuses. Meet me at the ball, darling. Don’t keep me waiting.” With that, he turned off the line and I angrily punched the air.

I didn’t like the idea of going to a darned ball with clueless humans, wolves and terrorists crawling the area. I was still trying to maintain a low profile and the last thing I wanted was to mess up the life I created away from the Yakuza pack.

The car dropped me off in the middle of the night rush and I hailed a taxi to the hotel I boarded. I was going to the darned mating ball. Yay me.


I hated crowds but I loved the anonymity that came with them.

I walked into the darned ball, dressed in a short gown that left little to the imagination. My eyes scanned the area as I looked for my ex-employer.

Tonight, I went by the name Linda Smirnov. A name prepared by the Russian mafia to protect my identity. Soon enough, I sighted Alpha Volkov. The head of the Russian Mafia and pack - My ex-employer.

He was surrounded by a few other criminals I couldn’t be bothered to mention, so I decided to look around for some time. Occasions like these were where I gathered information.

While others were looking for their mates and making valuable connections, I dug for information about the Italian pack - My sworn enemy. I joined a couple of women drinking by the bar area when I heard them talk about the Italians.

“I heard he is coming to today’s ball.” One of the women said in excitement. “I’ve heard he looks heavenly and his wolf is the most powerful in the century.”

My eyes perked at that. They were wolves. Interesting.

“I thought he was old.” I cut in, surprising them. “The Alpha of the Italian pack. I have heard that he is old and gritty.”

The second woman vehemently shook her head. “Of course not. Alpha Caellum is not old. He is young, handsome and powerful. If only I could get my hands on him.”

“Caellum?” I asked in confusion.

“Yes! Haven’t you heard? He took over the throne as the Alpha of the Italian pack a few years ago, throwing down his father’s reign with a war in the headquarters.”

I was glad I came here. “Overthrowing his father? He must be the worst son in the history of werewolves.” I said with a smirk, but they were silent.

I met the gaze of the gossiping women and they were filled with fear. Borderline horrified. “What is wrong with you?” I said and that was when I felt it.

The presence of someone beside me. The sudden silence in the ball. And the excitedness of my wolf who urged me to turn around.

I turned around and I couldn’t believe it. There he was, easily towering over me with his brown eyes, and ticking jaws. His smell was heavenly and it took a lot to withhold from devouring him.

He seemed angry. Like I have said something wrong. The entire people looked pitifully at me. I hated that. “Who are you?” I asked despite knowing exactly what he was to me.

“Alpha Caellum.” His tone was taut and impatient. He placed his hand in his pockets. “The worst son in the history of werewolves.”

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