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THE VAMPIRE QUEEN "she's a vampire bearing a werewolf child will kill her"Dr. Huston yelled ~~synposis~~ Allison and Jackson lobe each other so much but can't be together because of the 100 century fluid between the vampires and werewolves . What will happen when the king of the vampire line aka Allison dad find out about them will there love for each other win this war or be consumed by it.

Chapter 1 What should I do

King Daniel sat on the couch,his eyes closed remembering Sofia

He clenched his hands on the arm of the chair picturing a rough image.

"Why did u have to go?"he muttered to himself

King Daniel,leader of the vampires,line of the greatest vampires ever known to humans. He lost his wife at war and since then the memory has haunted him to date.

His daughter Allison, the apple of his eyes is the only thing keeping him from going after the werewolves that caused the death of Sofia.

~~flash back~~

"Your majesty her highness wants to speak to u"a guard said to Daniel

"Let her in"Daniel said to the knight,he followed suit and opened to door for her to step in

Other kings also vampire leaders surrounded the meeting table all stood to welcome her Highness.

"I have a plan to stop the werewolves"she said immediately she stepped in.

"U can use my magic to cast a spell to reduce or if possible weaken them"she continued

Smoke filled the room in an instant,coughs were heard outside coming from the door way ...,the seized

"They are trying to burn us to Tue ground"one if the vampire said

"We don't have much time I must do this"she said looking at Daniel face knowing very well he wouldn't agree.

"Doing that will drain all the magic from u,u... May.. Not ...."he stammered

"Ur majesty no off once but her highness is one of the greatness witch of her coven"another vampire said

"I promise to be careful"Sofia said

"I will return to u matter, what I always do I promise just promise me if I don't u will protect Allison,she must not know the wickedness of this world"she continued as tears began to drop from her eyes rolling down her cheek

~~flash back ended ~~

"Ahh"Daniel yelled as he held a vase on the mirror

"You promised its been 20 years ,promised me"he kept yelling

Now guard started to his room to see what was the commotion

" Father please stop"Allison yelled has the guard broke the door down

"She promised to return to us "he muttered as he hugged her

"All because of the werewolves,they ruined my life,our life".

Lucia stood there watching as the man she married 15 years ago still mourns his dead wife her best friend.

"My love"she said moving close to him

"That's why u are the ruthless werewolf slayer we hunt them and kill them"she said trying to raise his ego

"Your Highness with all due respect this is not the time for that"Allison said trying to be polite

"No ur mother is right and I'll start with that Lucas pack"Daniel said reaching forth for his sword

"I hear he's crowning his heir in two weeks wouldn't mind if I attend"he continued,wiring a mischievous smile on his face

"That's the man I married,all hale king Daniel,slayer of werewolves"Lucia said

"Hall"the few guards standing by the shouted

They repeated this up to five times

"Will u stop this ,ur is absurd"Allison yelled

"Both of u leave now"said said pointing to the guards

"Yes my princess"

They left immediately

"What is ur problem don't u know that he needs time to rest"she yelled at Lucia

"Young Lady"Lucia yelled back at her

"That's princess Allison to u"Allison said pointing her finger at her ,she turned her back to leave

"Allison that's not your mother u are yelling at"the king spoke

Allison just kept moving to the door,she had more important things to deal with at that moment

"Allison"the king yelled again,this time she halted

"She's not my mother"she said slamming the door

"I have to warn Jackson"Allison thought as she paced the halls looking confused

"What will I do now"she thought aloud


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