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img img Modern img Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away!
Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away!

Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away!

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Melissa could tolerate being deceived and humiliated, but being framed was a different story. Three years of marriage was less important in her husband’s eyes than a teardrop from his other woman, Arielle. Finally, on a rainy day, she was ruthlessly abandoned. Five years later, Melissa showed up with her adorable twins. She became world-famous in the medical field. That was when her ex-husband, Everett, came crawling back, asking her to help cure Arielle... "Hey, old man, if you want to talk to my Mommy, you have to pass my test first." Melissa’s young son, Merrick, raised his chin proudly. ‘Old man?’ Everett checked himself carefully. Did he look that old? “Daddy, you really are very old..." Lindsey, Merrick’s twin sister, said with a pout.

Chapter 1 Facade

The bedroom was dimly lit, emanating a depressing aura. Melissa Sherman fell on the floor, clutching her stomach.

The pregnancy caused her discomfort. The stomach cramps were unbearable. Her face was pale as paper. She was drenched in a cold sweat.

Just then, the bedroom door flew open, and a man came into her sight.

Melissa reached out her hand, asking for help. "Honey, help me..."

However, a shiver ran down her spine when she met the man's cold, distant gaze.

"Melissa, is this what you want?" The man's voice dripped with disgust. "You played tricks and made me sleep with you. Do you think that will make me fall in love with you?"

Melissa and Everett Mayfield were engaged since childhood. Eventually, the two got married under their parents' arrangement. However, Everett didn't like her.

They were married for three years, but everyone knew her husband had no feelings for her, and she was just the nominal Mrs. Mayfield—nothing more than that. Therefore, everyone ridiculed her for three years.

Two months ago, the Mayfield Group held a banquet, and Melissa attended it as Everett's wife. Unexpectedly, she and Everett had sex that night.

Regardless of how much she explained, Everett thought it was her plot.

Melissa frantically shook her head. "No, it wasn't me. I was drunk that day. I don't know what happened... Please trust me..."

Melissa felt a piercing pain in her stomach. She stretched out her hand and held Everett's trousers in desperation. "My stomach hurts. Can you please take me to the hospital?"

"God, are you still acting?"

Everett's face turned grim when he heard the word "hospital". "Do you think you can get away with pushing Arielle downstairs and causing her miscarriage by pretending this way?"

His words were like a bolt from the blue. Melissa's eyes widened in horror.

She couldn't believe Arielle Sherman was pregnant. That meant the baby's father was...

Everett's jaw tightened. The dim light made him look regal and majestic.

He squatted down and grabbed Melissa's throat. "Melissa Sherman, you are the most disgusting woman I have ever known!" he hissed, stressing every word.

Melissa could barely breathe. She patted his hand and struggled to catch her breath. "Let... Let go of me..."

Tears streaked down her cheeks. "Honey, I didn't push her. She fell down herself. In fact, I'm also... I'm... I'm pregnant too... It is our baby..."

Everett was in a daze for a moment. Soon, he snapped out of his thoughts and glared at her.

No way! After that night, he had personally seen Melissa take contraceptives. It was impossible for her to get pregnant.

He assumed she was lying to him again.

"Even if you are really pregnant, do you think..." Everett sneered and shot her a contemptuous look. His voice dripped with sarcasm as he continued, "Do you think I'd want that bastard in your belly?"

Melissa was stunned. She looked up at him in disbelief. The blood in her body froze.

Before she could react, Everett threw her on the floor and ordered, "Throw this woman out! She is no longer a part of our family and can't be in Andeport anymore."

The bodyguards immediately grabbed Melissa and pulled her to her feet. It was raining cats and dogs, but the guards showed no mercy. They threw her out of the villa.

Melissa was wearing loose pajamas. The cold wind and rain intensified the pain in her stomach.

She braced herself from the howling winds and looked up at the gigantic villa before her.

The man she had loved with all her heart all these years had literally kicked her out of his life. She had ended up on the streets.

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