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Adorable Baby: Stop There, Daddy

Adorable Baby: Stop There, Daddy

img Romance
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She, being set up by her husband, became a laughing stock in the city and was forced to leave. Four years later, she came back with a brand-new self. Revenge was a dish better served cold. She swore to take back everything that belonged to her. He, by mistake, got himself involved in her life. He wanted to make up for her, and ended up falling in love… “Wen Shuyue, one son is enough for us. I wish we have some lovely daughters. The more, the better.”

Chapter 1 : Scheming

In a top-floor presidential suite…

Under the dim light, a man and a woman were closely intertwined on the bed, forming a picture of carnal love. The grey tie of the man and the black corset of the woman firmly knotted together. It was not difficult to see how horny they were…


Wen Shuyue crooned and feebly threw her arms around the man’s shoulders, uncontrollably taking a bite on him.

She felt painful and seemed to be on fire…

In the ecstasy, she couldn't see the man clearly. Intermittent moans poured out from her lips, adding a little lustful atmosphere to the quiet room and making the man even more out of control.

The first ray of sunshine in the morning woke the sleeping man.

He frowned and felt a bit headache. The wine he drank last night must have been drugged. He only drank a glass of the wine and was then helped to Room 606.


The woman lying beside him turned over and revealed most of her bare skin. The bruise and hickeys on her fair skin reminded him of how rude he was last night.

Looking around the messy room, He Siming suddenly recalled what he did last night.

A sneer emerged from his bright eyes. Mr. Wang was indeed a talent. What a honey trap!

He admitted the woman tasted amazing, but only a woman would by no means make him bend his principles in business.

He Siming stood up without any expression. He did not even bother to look at the woman’s appearance. He put on his clothes and slammed the door out without noticing that he had been taken to the wrong room 609 last night. “Junhan…”

When Wen Shuyue regained her senses, she found herself alone in a soft big bed. The other side had already been cold, but her body reminded her vividly how intensive it was last night.

Last night was the first anniversary of her marriage to Lu Junhan, her husband. Although they had married for a year, they never consummated their relationship due to various reasons, but last night…

Wen Shuyue subconsciously touched the bruises on her body and couldn't help smiling with happiness.

Last night, she indeed felt Lu Junhan’s love. It was so crazy that Wen Shuyue couldn't even control herself. His love was totally different from his usual gentleness, but it got her stuck in it.

When her eyes swept across the bedside, a dark ring caught her attention and arouse her suspicion.

“This is…”

Lu Junhan left it last night?

Wen Shuyue knew Lu Junhan well all the time, from when they fell in love to the days after they got married, but in her memory, Jun Han did not seem to have worn this ring.

Just as Wen Shuyue was thinking, she heard a loud rumbling before the door of the room pushed open. All of a sudden, a large number of reporters rushed in and took pictures of her.

The flashes of cameras made Wen Shuyue dazzling.

Wen Shuyue screamed in shock and subconsciously pulled up the quilt, totally at a loss for everything in front of her.


At this very moment, a low voice broke the chaos. Wen Shuyue looked up and saw her beloved husband coming towards her from the crowd. His eagle-like eyes were full of anger and darkness.

"Junhan ..."

“How dare you cheat on me and slept with another man!" ‘

Hearing this, Wen Shuyue felt her heart dropped to the bottom.

“Lu Junhan, what are talking about?” Wen Shuyue's eyes were on fire. How could her husband slander her like that in front of a bunch of reporters?

What was he thinking about?

“You didn't? So what are these bruises? Wen Shuyue, if I don’t see these in person, I even don't know you have cuckolded me!”

Lu Junhan growled, but he couldn't help feeling pleased inside his heart. It seemed the man he hired did a fantastic job. But he also felt somewhat pitiful. If it weren't for fear of Qin Wei finding trouble for him, he wouldn't mind doing this in person and "teaching" Wen Shuyue a lesson.

Wen Shuyue looked at the man with astonishment, “Junhan, what are you talking about? Last night, it was you…”

Last night, Wen Shuyue dressed up meticulously for the first anniversary of their marriage and had dinner with Lu Junhan. Unexpectedly, after three rounds of drinking, she was helped to the top floor of the hotel in a daze.

What happened afterwards ...

She thought the man last night was Lu Junhan, her husband, but now everything reminded her that she was betrayed by the man she trusted most.

Holding the quilt corner in both hands, Wen Shuyue gnashed her teeth and said, "Liu Junhan, you set me up!"

"Wen Shuyue, stop talking bullshit," Lu Junhan dumped a document in front of her with a cold face and looked dismissive, "Sign it and we're done."

Wen Shuyue looked down and suddenly saw the words "Share Transfer Document". She suddenly turned pale and refused without thinking, "That’s impossible."

The share transfer of Wen Group is the only thing left to Wen Shuyue by her father.

A year ago, when her father was seriously ill, he handed over Wen Group to her. Wen Shuyue always abided by his father's wishes and managed the company, which was on the edge of going bankrupt. However, Lu Junhan did not even let go of this inheritance.

"Lu Junhan, shame on you. For this document, you even frame your wife," Wen Shuyue said in a hoarse and cold voice.

"Wife?" Lu Junhan's eyes flickered slightly. He moved toward Wen Shuyue with his eyes touching the trace of hickeys on her body. With the voice only heard by them, he said, "What do you think I married you for? I married you because you are the only heir of the Wen family. "

Hearing this, Wen Shuyue realized she was such a pathetic fool. She was so muddle-headed when she married this hungry wolf.

Back then, Lu Junhan was poor. It was We Shuyue who helped him went into the Wen Group step by step and became a member of the upper class. And now he turned his back on her and lay a trap for the Wen family.

It was just like the cautionary tale “Farmer and Snake”! He cruelly bit the hands that fed him.

With a sullen face, Wen Shuyue even wanted to tear up the man’s hypocritical mask. But once she raised her hand, her wrist was tightly held by Lu Junhan, “Wen Shuyue, sign it.”

Suddenly, Wen Shuyue’s heart skipped a beat.

The man’s threat tore her heart apart.

“Otherwise, I’m not sure if your mum’s medical expenses will be paid on time.”

“How dare you!” Wen Shuyue furiously clenched her fist and her nails turned pale.

“Don’t forget, the Wen Group is under my control. If you sign this share transfer document, I will arrange everything for you and help you live abroad. If not, I will ask the hospital to drive your mother this afternoon!”

Wen Shuyue hesitated.

She did not dare to gamble on her mother’s life and she could not afford the worst result.

During the past year, Wen Shuyue assured all of her rights in Wen Group to Lu Junhan. Others had already taken Lu Junhan as the head of this company, but now…

Which is more important, father's legacy or mother's life?

Even if Wen Shuyue was unwilling to accept his condition, she had no other choice. She held a pen and signed her name on the document with great discomfort as if every single word took her tremendous efforts.

Seeing that the goal had been achieved, Lu Junhan turned a bit relaxed. He raised his hand and said softly to others, "It was a misunderstanding, guys. Remember, do not release a word of what happened today to anyone."

However, Wen Shuyue was not grateful for Lu Junhan's seemingly mercy. With great hatred, she stared straight at the man in front of him, "Where is the divorce agreement?"

“You really know me,” Lu Junhan sneered and quickly took out the divorce agreement he had prepared in advance, which was full of unreasonable terms and clauses.

But Wen Shuyue didn't hesitate. From the moment she knew Lu Junhan's true face, she wished she had nothing to do with him. For her, this marriage was nothing but a disgrace!

“Lu Junhan, I won’t forget today’s shame.”

I, Wen Shuyue, would repay you ten times of today’s disgrace!

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