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Love comes unexpectedly. Without it being planned, let alone imagined by two people, who are in love. Such is the mystery of love. It started with the parents' arranged marriage. The ringing of love began to greet Zefki and Raceh. Their lives suddenly changed. When the two have opposite characteristics. Zefki is cold, arrogant and angry. Meanwhile, Raceh is shy and quiet. Will the power of love be able to unite them despite all their differences? Or are they just falling in love? Without wanting to build love together?

Chapter 1 Matchmaking Plan

Living amidst wealth made the Harold family one of the most respected families in Jakarta. Mr. Kenan Harold and Mrs. Clement Harold had a son, their only child, named Zefki Harold.

Zefki was a handsome man with a blend of Indonesian and American features inherited from his parents' lineages. This made him the desire of every woman, whether teenagers or an adults. At thirty, Zefki was already leading his father's property business, armed with a master's degree from a foreign university, earning his father's trust to manage the family business.

Being an only child, Zefki's demeanor appeared arrogant and self-centered. His brutal and indifferent nature piqued the curiosity of many women. Even during his school days, he was idolized by his peers, but he paid no attention to their affections, believing love and such things were mere nonsense.

Zefki believed he didn't need love; his logic and dominant mindset disconnected him from romantic feelings. Some even speculated he might be interested in same-sex relationships, but Zefki seemed indifferent to public opinions about him.

However, news of his single status reached his parents. Mrs. Clement, in particular, shed tears over her only child's unmarried status. One day, in Zefki's room, he questioned his mother's tears.

"Why are you crying, Mom? I find it strange your behavior. Crying over something abstract like that," Zefki remarked to his mother.

Taking a deep breath, Mrs. Clement wiped her tears and said, "How can I not feel sad seeing my only child still unmarried? Meanwhile, the children of our socialite friends your age are already married and having grandchildren. They are very enthusiastic about sharing their grandchildren's progress."

But Zefki remained unsympathetic.

"Forget it, Mom. Don't worry about what people say. I don't live based on their opinions, right, Mom? You're beautiful, aren't you?" Zefki hugged his mother, but Mrs. Clement persisted.

"I don't care! This year, you must get married! Period!" his mother declared.

Hearing his mother's words, Zefki burst into laughter, "Ha-ha-ha! Mom, you're being ridiculous. Who should I marry? I don't think about marriage at all, Mom. It's far from my plans. Ha-ha-ha, Mom, you're funny!" With that, Zefki walked away, ignoring his mother's words.

"Zefki, where are you going, dear?"

"I'm going to exercise, Mom. Do you want to join? Lifting weights, maybe? I'm sure you can't handle it, ha-ha-ha."

"Zefki! You're teasing Mom, aren't you?"

"I'm just joking, Mom."

"Well, go on, exercise, but remember my words," Mrs. Clement reminded him.

Zefki hummed happily, seeming not to hear his mother's words. He headed to the gym in his house, where he started his workout routine. After a satisfying weightlifting session, he moved to the swimming pool.

While he was swimming, his phone suddenly rang, interrupting his activity. Zefki stopped for a moment and answered the call.

Zefki: "Hello, who is this?"

Sutan: "I'm sorry to disturb your rest, Young Master."

Zefki: "I'm working out. Yes, go ahead, what is it?"

The call was from his assistant Sutan, who informed him about a client who wanted to meet him tomorrow morning.

Zefki: "Alright, Sutan. Please tell them I'll meet them tomorrow at 10 AM."

Then Zefki ended the call. At that moment, he sat on a chair near the pool, gazing at the blue evening sky, contemplating his mother's words.

*Ding-ding-ding.* The sound of his phone's alarm startled him. He saw that it was already 5 AM, time to wake up.

Like his daily routine, Zefki started his day with a workout. He walked to one of the rooms on the ground floor of his house and began stretching his arms and legs as a warm-up. His well-defined muscles added to his charm.

Zefki enjoyed boxing as a workout, a way to release adrenaline, considering his busy schedule. Sweat poured from his body as he punched the boxing bag quickly and precisely. After feeling satisfied, Zefki left the room and headed to his bedroom.

Passing through the kitchen, Zefki was greeted by Bik Yati, the family's trusted cook.

"Good morning, Young Master," Bik Yati greeted him.

"Morning, Bik. Is the fried rice ready?" he asked.

"It's ready, Young Master. Everything is served on the table. Oh, by the way, Mr. and Mrs. Harold left about half an hour ago."

"Why did Dad and Mom leave for the office so early?" he inquired.

"Um ... well, Young Master. They, uh, had guests at the company this morning. It seems to be an old friend of Mr. Kenan's."

"Alright, Bik. I'll go upstairs now. I want to take a shower." Zefki walked away from the kitchen and into his room.

The water pouring over Zefki's body felt refreshing. After showering, he stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel around his waist. Zefki quickly put on his office attire.

After enjoying a special breakfast of fried rice prepared by Bik Yati, Zefki went to his car garage and headed to the office at 7 AM sharp.

After a while, Zefki arrived at the office. The employees were lined up neatly from the outer lobby to the entrance.

Zefki exited the car and was greeted by his assistant, Susan.

"Good morning, Young Master."

"Morning ... what's going on? Why is everyone lining up?" he asked.

"Sorry, Young Master. It's Mr. Kenan's orders. To welcome a special client of the company. You are also required to greet the client." Assistant Sutan explained that it was all Mr. Kenan's orders.

Zefki nodded in agreement.

A line of cars was neatly parked in the office yard, indicating the client's arrival. Everyone got out of their vehicles; the guests were a married couple, Mr. Fidel and Mrs. Santi, both friends of Zefki's parents.

Zefki seemed surprised. He couldn't understand why his parents had organized such a grand welcome for Mr. Fidel and Mrs. Santi. Unbeknownst to him, his parents had a hidden agenda – they wanted Zefki to marry one of Mr. Fidel and Mrs. Santi's children.

They desperately wanted grandchildren from their only child, Zefki Harold, and they believed it was time for Zefki to settle down, given his age of thirty. Especially Mrs. Clement, who was very eager for Zefki to get married. Hence, the idea of arranging a marriage between Zefki and the child of their business associates was born.

*) Bibik is the term for a household assistant.

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