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A Second Chance With The Hidden Billionaire

A Second Chance With The Hidden Billionaire

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Claudia often criticizes her life situation. She grew up living with her grandmother and her younger brother. She studies hard to secure a good job for her family’s future. She always thought of marrying someone rich or well-to-do, a life that she can live with certainty every day. She met Marcus de Santis, a construction worker - tall, sturdy, handsome, and close to her family. He even stole her first kiss! When he began to court her, Claudia almost forgot what she was dreaming about. Until she accidentally met Martin Lawson. Due to a confused mind, she chose Martin, a perfect prince. But what if regret is all she feels since they got together? How can she mend the hearts that have been broken? And what if, one day, she discovers that Marcus de Santis is not just an ordinary person, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family has remained a secret?

Chapter 1 Prologue


He stood up, still sweaty, panting and catching his breath as he rose from lying next to me. He didn’t even glance at me as I carefully pulled the blanket to cover my tired body. I tried to get up. Despite the drowsiness pulling at me, I couldn’t lie down and rest. Every day, every hour, every minute mattered to me. Because a life hung in the balance.

When I sat down, I winced. I felt a sudden pain between my legs. It really hurt for the first time. I bit my lip.

It’s gone. I’ve lost it. I’ve guarded my property for twenty-five years. I promised to only give myself to the man I love and who loves me. Tears welled up in my eyes. I tried not to show weakness to this man. I flinched when he threw me a piece of paper. I glanced at it.

“I doubled the amount,” he said while still zipping his pants. I knew he was looking at me. Even if I wanted to look back at him, I couldn’t. I felt embarrassed because I had debased myself. I blinked back my tears, accompanied by a pang in my chest. He smirked, “Surprisingly, you were a virgin! How come a gold-digger slut was still a virgin until now? Well, a few minutes ago…” I keenly felt the anger and disgust in his voice. I kept my head down to avoid his scrutinizing eyes.

I couldn’t move. A pang of pain shot through my chest. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect him to say that right in front of me. He had changed. He was no longer Marcus I knew. Every word he uttered felt like sharp thorns digging into my heart.

It hurt. So much. I felt so down. But whatever he said, I would accept it with closed eyes. I needed his money.

He walked to pick up and put on his shirt lying on the couch. I remained silent and kept still. I would change once he left. After putting on his shoes, I heard him sigh. I was still bowed down, so I clearly saw his feet gradually approaching me. He stopped in front of me, slid his finger under my chin, and lifted my face to face him.

He smirked, “If I had known that I would taste you in this way, I would have told you long ago that I’m rich.” He whispered. His eyes narrowed. He tilted his head. “I wasted my time with you. You’re just nothing but an ambitious gold-digger filthy slut. At least, you’re beautiful. My payment was still worth it.” And he callously dropped my face.

I bit my lip. My hands clenched. I swallowed my saliva to suppress any sobs. I didn’t want him to mock me further if he saw me cry.

He picked up and wore his suit. He went straight to the door but stopped and looked back at me. I felt my body shiver. I felt...humiliated. “I hate you, Claudia. I hate you so much. Thanks for let me f*****g you.” I felt the pain in his tone. I straightened up as he forcefully closed the door.

Tears streamed down from my eyes. I hugged myself. I felt so dirty, my hands trembling. I looked at the check in front of me, and my tears flowed even more.

Why? Why is this happening in my life? Am I such a terrible person? I hurt him. Yes, I hurt him, but I didn’t want that. I hope he forgives me. Even now, I still hope. Foolish as it may be. He left when I finally realized I love him. I love him.

I still love him.

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