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 Billionaire's Nanny

Billionaire's Nanny

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Olivia is a young lady who is an aspiring actor, she dreams of a very good actress, but she only gets small roles. She had to quit acting as she didn't get enough money from it. Everything became bad when her mum who had always been sick, needed surgery immediately. In the quest for getting money for the surgery of her mother, Olivia who hates kids had to take a job of babysitting the children of a billionaire. Alexander an uptight man who can be tamed as an introvert as he doesn't talk much, but he's known to be very strict. He is the CEO of LBS entertainment. Olivia was thrilled to find out her boss is the CEO of an entertainment industry, to get the role of a lead actress, Olivia resolves to seduce Alex. Would she succeed?

Chapter 1 The start of problems


In a hospital.

"Doctor, what's happening?? What's wrong with my Mom?" Olivia asked the doctor that came out ,this was the fourth doctor she's been asking, no one is willing to tell her.

The doctor she asked too,.ignored her again, but she grabbed him by the wrist.

"Please tell me, what's wrong with my Mom!!" She yelled at the doctor and tears followed.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but the doctor will address you, please wait!" The Doctor uttered while he slightly pulled his wrist from Olivia grip.

"Is mom gonna be okay?" Clara Olivia's little sister asked.

Olivia pulled her sister closer with tears rushing from her eyes.

"She'll be alright " she hugged her tightly while they both cried.

After some minutes all the doctor's left the room and only one remained.

"I need to see you" the doctor said to her and that was what she's been waiting for.

"Clara, go over to Bianca's, I'll meet you there, if I don't come home tonight, use this to get something for yourself" Olivia said while squesing in some money into her sisters hands, and she watched her sister leave.

She quietly followed the Doctor to the office.

"You can sit.

"No it's fine, what's wrong with my Mom??" She asked the doctor.

"She needs urgent surgery in 10days if not she'll die " the doctor said.

"How much is the Surgery??" Olivia asked like she had the money.

"1 billion "

"1 what?? How do I get that?? Please save my mom.

"We can only save her if you pay your dues.

"Leave my office now!!

Olivia then left the office of the doctor.

"What do I do now! How do I get 1 billion?.

The ringtone of her phone interrupted her and she accepted the call.

"Hello, I have a shoot, alright, I'll be there" Olivia said.


Alex was seating on a chair like a King.

"Get me that" he ordered the maid who brought the watch he pointed to, Alex stretched out his wrist for her to put it on him.

She bowed her head while stretching out her hands to give the watch to him.

Alex gave the maid a stern look.

"Who hired this fool?" Alex growled and the maid immediately fell to the floor.

"I'm sorry sir,please forgive me!" The maid begged while still on the floor.

Mrs Jones heard the commotion she immediately rushed in.

"What happened? I Hired her, what did she do wrong?"Mrs Jones asked Alex, Alex who was a grumpy man of few words ignored the question asked by Mrs Jones he got up arranged his black designer suit, grabbed his watch.

Alex stared at the maid and frowned.

"Fire her " Alex ordered while leaving, the maid started crying profusely Mrs Jones was confused,she rushed after him.

"Alex,what really happened tell me, so that I'll educate her more next time" Mrs Jones begged Alex.

Mrs Jones,is like the Mom of Alex she took care of him since when he was Born.

"What she did wrong was that she didn't know what she did. . Alex muttered and Mrs Jones was shocked by what he said.

"What do you mean?. Mr Jones asked him but he was mute again, while leaving almost out of the mansion,he was walking really fast due to his long legs while Mrs Jones had no choice than to run after him.

"The kids they need a new Nanny " Mrs Jones changed the topic.

"Take care of that, I don't care " Alex uttered with an already grumpy face.

"When are you gonna stop and see those kids, they need you please " Mrs Jones begged.

"Stop it!! Don't make me mad, and don't you ever mention them to me" Alex warned, leaving to the garage, Sam his driver opened the car's door and he entered,while the car left the Mansion.


On set

"Keep running, run!! Run!!" The director shouted at Olivia who was trying her best to run,but the director seemed unimpressed.

"Run faster! Who hired this good for nothing extra, out !! Get her out!!" The director shouted.

"Everyone let's take a break and by then please we need another extra " the director shouted

Olivia who has been running now for 3hours felt bad.

That's the life of an extra.

Only the top stars are treated well, the extras are just rags.

Beads of sweat filled her whole body,she fell to the floor.

A man rushed to her, Olivia looked up at him.

He brought out an envelope stretching out his hands to Olivia, Olivia reached for it, collecting it .

"You're done for today!" The man Said, Olivia was not shocked.

"You should have done well" the Man added while leaving and Olivia stood up dusting the Sand off her body

"Why is it Soo light!" She muttered while opening the envelope and she counted the money,she was shocked that it wasn't even up to half of the money they originally negotiated.

"Sir!" Olivia called out to the Man who was still in sight,the Man didn't stop so she had to rush to him.

"What is it again? Just leave quietly okay!!" The man said to Olivia.

"What!! I should leave quietly? Why? Because I'm an extra??" Olivia scoffed.

"My paycheck isn't complete,why?? This isn't what we talked about, I did my job, got hurt and still you guys were not still contended, I will make sure to sue you guys" Olivia yelled and the man got somehow scared.

"Give me my remaining balance if you don't want to see the other side of me. Olivia yelled.

"What's going on there??" The director asked walking to them,the Man who was the assistant director was already shaky at the threat of Olivia.

"She's asking of her full payment,should I just give it to her??" The assistant director asked the director.

"Why should you give it to her when we'll have to hire another extra to do her job " he said to the assistant, the director then turned to Olivia.

"You really have no shame you call yourself an actor but you couldn't even act a common role, you're no actress, just quit. The director said to Olivia, Olivia's eyes became as red as blood.

"Are you angry,if you're angry leave now , you're not even needed anymore!" The director yelled at Olivia.

"Security, get this woman out of the filming site" the director fumes, The security didn't waste any more time ,they immediately rushed to Olivia pulling her out, Olivia tried to push them but they were too strong for her to handle.

"Let go of me!! I'm gonna sue you all, I'll make sure that this drama flops" Olivia shouts as she was still being pulled away.

The security got to a place and they let go of her while she fell to the ground in pain.

"Oouch!! My leg" Olivia groaned she checked and saw that she has bruise on her leg which wasn't there before,she was sure it was because of the security guards

"You guys are evil" Olivia yelled angrily while getting up,she saw a stone besides her she immediately grabbed the stone,her aim was to hit the security guards with the stone but instead the stone hits the very flashy car driving into the shot scene, Olivia eyes widened as she saw this.

She knew now that her anger had put her in trouble.

"Who did that??" The driver came out of the car looking around but Olivia hid in a corner, her heart beating really fast.

She's been taking the extras roles to pay for the hospital bill of her Mom, her Mom is very sick.

If they find her now,what if they sue her,how was she gonna pay?? Olivia was shaking profusely praying in her heart not to get caught.

Olivia was till there,she could see the driver still looking for her,as she waited she saw a dog,it was coming towards her like it wanted to bite her.

Olivia screamed and rushed out of the hiding place, the driver then saw Olivia

"I've seen the culprit, hey!! The driver shouted after Olivia who was now running away from the dog whom was pursuing her.

"Hey you stop!!" The driver yelled running after Olivia.

Olivia has phobia for dogs,she hates them since when she got bitten by a dog when she was little.

"Sam! Let's just go!" Alexander uttered looking out but he didn't see his driver.

"Where could he have gone to now!!" Alex wondered as he opened the door to his car, while he came out.

The dog continued following Olivia,she continued running and running.

As soon as she saw Alex she rushed to him climbing his body as he stood she curled on him,using her legs and hands, firmly she was unto him.

"What are you doing! Get off my body now!!" Alex shouted at her but she held on to him tightly.

"Please save me ,the dog, it's gonna bite me please, help me" Olivia begged while hugging Alex tightly she seemed really scared.

"Shhhh go away!" Alex pursued the dog and it fled.

"Please let go of me now!!" Alex said with a cold look on his face.

"It's still there" Olivia said as she still hunged up on him, Alex was so embarrassed that he was trying to push her away.

"I caught her , she's the one that threw the stone" Sam said to Alex while breathing heavily and Olivia heard this,her hands and legs which was curled to Alex's body automatically removed and Alex won, she fell to the floor.

"Oooouch" she groaned in pain. She had another bruise.

"Ooh my! I'm caught already, I don't have money, and the car looks expensive, I'll have to pretend.

"How did I get here ! Ooh my!! I need to leave now, bye, thanks for chasing the dog. Olivia said while bowing to him and Alex was confused, Olivia was leaving when she heard the sound of the police siren, she frozed.

"Why aren't you leaving again, you fraud!!" Alex said to Olivia who blinked her eyes.

I can't let the police get me , I need to leave now!! Olivia thought of what to do next.


She had to run,she took off the shoes she had on and took off with her bare legs.

"Get her now Sam!!

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